Build a Food Recipe App like BigOven

Since mobile app development has got the revolutionary changes in each industry, people tend to the services that they can avail from their smartphones. The On-demand Food Recipe App Development is one of the consequences of the mobile app revolution. Earlier & to date, people tended to their home’s oldies to learn their authentic cooking styles and dishes. But now, digitalization has taken over the traditional methods to learn cooking as many apps are there ready to use on the App Store & Play Store. With plenty of recipes right from authentic to modern foods, the apps assist every cook newbie or expert.

BigOven, Yummly, SideChef, Food Network in the Kitchen, etc.are some of the best examples of successful food recipe mobile applications for Android & iOS users. If you read their reviews on the respective Stores, you will find how people are embracing such innovation. The Food Recipe Mobile App Development has made cooking activity easy for even newbies. This innovation is so much useful for amateur chefs, as they can get to try their hands on different cuisines with these culinary apps.

How to begin an on-demand Food Recipe App like BigOven?

Okay, so we had a quick glimpse of such apps from users' perspectives, how much these food recipe apps are being useful to cooking nazi for their daily, occasionally, or even for special cookery. Now, what about the culinary entrepreneurs? How do they Develop an On-Demand Food Recipe App? How do they generate revenue from such investment? Do they develop such an app to help folk as a social service? What is their motive to Develop an On-demand Food Recipe App?

Focusing on the question How to Develop an On-Demand Food Recipe App like BigOven, we could find the ultimate answer to all these questions. So, let’s dive in-depth to get the answer bit by bit subsequently.

On-Demand Food Recipe App Development

Market Analysis

The app development is not so cheap, so when you are going to invest your hard-earned money, it is better to understand the market scenario. Before hiring an on-demand app development company to develop your food recipe app, dive into the market opportunity for startups. Market Analysis involves some aspects that will ease your quest to develop an efficient food recipe app. Moreover, it gives you an idea of how to build out of the box app.

Dimensions of Market Analysis

Company: Numerous types of recipe apps are there for different purposes. Clear the vision and mission to develop your food recipe app. Plan the long and short term strategies, what to include in the app, and what not to. Think over how you would stand ahead of your competitors.

Customers/Users: Defining your target audience is crucial before you start the app development. Deeply research the kind of customers, their demographics, their habits, their locations, their likes & dislikes, their spending power, and their needs. The common mistake entrepreneurs do consider their shareholders as customers, and that is not the right way for business success. Focus on the right customer, bring you potential revenue in terms of your investment.

Competitors: You will find a lot of similar applications already deployed on the Android & iOS platforms having the same target audience. To take them over, you need to bring unparalleled features to attract the audience on your app. To come up with a unique idea from your competitors, you should analyze their apps thoroughly.

Explore Features & Functionality

Once you are done with Market Research on Food Recipe apps, discover features and app functionality that not only give users simple food recipes menu but something exclusive that hook them on your application over other apps. The Ideal Food Recipe App, BigOven has the most engageable and simple features apart from the usual user profile, search, recipes library, social media, etc. Moreover, the BigOven Food recipe app offers in-depth instructions without making it too complicated concisely and simply that even newbie can also easily cook using their recipes.

BigOven’s unique Features

350,000+ Food Recipes sorted by categories

Meal planning functionality even for a week’s cooking

Grocery list based on the recipe

Snapshots own food recipe

Handy Recipe Searches

Add recipe simply using templates

Use up Leftovers

Seasonal meals recipes

On-Demand Food Recipe App Development

Pick a viable Business Model

The most important factor to think over when launching an app startup as only a great user-base won’t get you earned profit. It does matter the most when your goal is to develop a successful app startup, figuring out an app monetization strategy is critical, but often overlooked. To prevent the same thing happening to your Food recipe app startup, we are here clarifying how you can monetize your recipe app and can generate a wholesome revenue.

Most of the famous food recipe apps like BIgOven, Yummly, Food Network In The Kitchen are having a Free with in-app purchase business model. Such a model, let the users use limited features free and encourage them to become customers by offering a purchase to avail advanced functionality, shop for groceries on their app, etc. They keep the price affordable that people get induced to make a purchase.

Other simple ways to generate revenue from the app are:

Paid Apps



In-app Affiliate Marketing to sell third-party products to your audience

Technology Stack: Crucial ingredients for a savory recipe app

Technologies to your on-demand food recipe app are like some crucial ingredients without which it is impossible to develop your culinary application. Moreover, if you decide to hire a Mobile App Development Company or developers, it would be easy for them to focus and turn your dream app into reality. So, here are the key tech-stack you need to decide about:

Platforms to deploy: Android, iOS, etc., based on the target audience research

Type of application: Native, Hybrid, or Cross-platform

Frontend technologies to design the UI/UX

Backend Technologies (programming languages) to write the code of the application

Other third-party APIs:

To enhance the performance of the application, developers advise integrating third-party APIs (Apps) that lets users access the app seamlessly. Many APIs are there to choose as per the necessities of the app these are separately built apps. These can integrate into any app.

For recipe data and recipe search integration, you can opt for an app having a great recipe database like Yummly, Spoonacular Recipes, BigOve, Food2FOrk, etc

List of ingredients management integration Edamam Nutrition Analysis, Spoonacular Ingredients and Nutrition

Autocomplete Search engine and suggestion

Social sites authentication for quick login with

Payment getaways to make any purchase online

Push notification to notify users about offers or new updates

APIs are useful for application as their integration reduces the time of app development and enhances users’ engagement. However, these APIs can be paid or free plus, their access also varies between devices.

On-Demand Food Recipe App Development

Hire Mobile App Developers

After deciding all the crucial aspects related to the Food Recipe app, you need to hire professional Mobile App Developers. Let’s have a look at the members you will require in a team of developers.

Requirement/Business Analyst

Project Manager

Frontend Developer & UI/UX Designer

Backend Developer (Programmer)

Quality Analyst/ App Taster

Wrap Up

The cost to develop such an app may vary, based on the App platforms, technology stack, other APIs integrations, app features, developers’ geolocation, and so on. We will surely analyst each factor of the cost to develop the food recipe app in our upcoming blog. If you have any idea to discuss, connect us online, or fill the form on the website & submit, our manager will get back to you in a minute.

Thanks for reading so far. I hope you like it and have got the answer to how you can set up to develop an on-demand food recipe app like BigOven. Now when you have reached till here, I have some tips to decorate the app same as the food dish requires at the time of plating:

Use GIF, animations, or videos if you can to make your food recipe app more kitchen-friendly and easy-to-learn

Keep multi-devices in mind at the time of designing the app to make it look perfect on any device

Give users an option to share their favorite or tried recipe on their social sites.

Another tip for a user-friendly app, give an option to customize the ingredients & recipe according to their taste.

Integrate a nutrition table with each recipe, showing nutrition align with the dish.

Provide a perfect kitchen timer and shopping list.

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