Develop a Music Streaming App like Spotify

Since there is an increasing demand for mobile apps, it has changed the culture of approach towards the market to conduct business. The attitude of people towards music has evolved in recent times, and the market has also developed to a significant extent. Therefore, coming up with new music apps have become prominent amongst the developers.

When it comes to music, it doesn’t mean that you offer the same kind of music to people. With on-demand Music Streaming App Development, you can create a music streaming app like Spotify that provides all types of diversified music to the people. So, you must go through this article that focuses on all the aspects that are vital for you to consider before you make an application like Spotify.

Also, before you get started the project with your Music Streaming Mobile App Development Company, ensure that you hire Music Application Developers who are brilliant at their work. So, let's get into the various aspects that highly impact the on-demand Music Streaming App Development:

Identify the need for streaming music

When it comes to offering music services to your audience, you can focus on providing radio or online music streaming options to them. Well, this is exactly how people listen to good quality and easily accessible music online. However, there are many more things to know when it comes to listening to music online on Smartphones.

When people are on phone calls or conferences, it becomes difficult for them to hear music as they are on a call. With the music industry growing at a rapid pace, it is expected that about 2.81 billion will be downloading apps. Moreover, the majority will be listening to music online by the year 2025. Furthermore, according to a report, it is likely that the music app market will reach about $17.50 billion in the future.

About 14 percent of people are opting for subscriptions to listen to music during their leisure times. And this is the exact reason why you must choose to create a Music Streaming app like Spotify and get into the market.

Key features required to develop a Music App like Spotify

Easy User Registration and authentication

User account login/sign-up

Offline availability

Social sharing


Cloud data storage

Search Option and Navigation

Library with albums and songs

Users' personalized playlists

Music Recommendations


In-app Messages

Additional features required to develop a Music App like Spotify

Event calendar

Privacy Settings

Allow users to upload music


Live Streaming


Music Streaming Mobile App Development Company

How many types of music streaming apps are available?

When music streaming services are taken into consideration, it can be classified into two types: Radio and on-demand. When Radio streaming is considered, it has a music directory from where the DJ picks a couple of songs. People are very much aware of this streaming and the DJ plays, which he or she thinks the people will like.

However, when it comes to on-demand music app services, it is an app where users can listen to the music that they want. Moreover, they can also share the same with their friends and family. They can also add the songs to their favorites. When we talk about Radio, it is something that people can hear it without subscribing too.

On the other hand, most of the on-demand apps require a subscription. And hence, an On-Demand App Development Company makes huge revenues out of their business. Well, here is how the monetization scheme to create a Music Streaming app like Spotify looks like:

Revenue Model required for a Music Streaming App like Spotify

According to a recent report, it can be seen that the music has become one of the prominent elements in the entertainment industry across the world. Everyone has an app on their smartphone that they use it to listen and groove to the music.

So in the case, if you want to develop a music app like Spotify, you must monetize it to make a good amount of money out of it. Well, there are two best ways you can generate revenue out of your music streaming application:

In-app Advertisements: Offering free accesses to the users for streaming music; however, add advertisements after every song that they are listening to.

Subscription-based models: To let your listeners to listen to the music without any interruption of ads, you can charge lump sum from them, per month or package wise as a subscription charge. This is a sort of monetization strategy for a music streaming app.

How does a Music Streaming App like Spotify work?

The apps like Spotify, offering the best service to their loyal customers who can stream music online and groove it, you need to know the insights before creating an app. You can have a look at the inner logics that Spotify use so, that you can implement such aspects in your app too:

Spotify uses numerous servers to store its music.

Spotify tries to find millions of servers for the music according to the audience’s liking and makes it available on their devices.

The concept that Spotify uses is advantageous when it comes to hitting the servers, requesting the audience to download tracks or scores.

Technology stack required to develop a Music App like Spotify

For real-time processing and data management: Kafka software

For Python integration and model-based tests: GraphWalker

To stream music that is Cloud-based: Amazon S3

For platform infrastructure: Dataproc

To build UI(user interface) for desktop application: Chromium embedded framework

For web application development: Bootstrap

Proxy server and open-source HTTP: Nginx

For Windows/Mac clients: C++

For the Android music streaming app: Java

And for the iOS music streaming app: Objective-C

Music Streaming Mobile App Development Company

UI/UX design required to make an application like Spotify

The User Interface of the app is something that decides the fate of the app in the future. The users will judge the app based on the first experience that they are having using the app. You will have to form the structure of the app that has to be clean, sensible, and consistent. Simplicity is the key to success, so keep the design of the app simple.

Furthermore, make sure that you offer high-quality visuality to the audience. At last, you can also create a feedback section, so that users can comment about their experience using the app that you have created. And hence, ensure to Hire Mobile App Developers and UI/UX designers with great project backgrounds.

Licensing required to make an application like Spotify

When you have to develop a music app like Spotify, licensing is something that might become a challenging task for you. You may have to pay royalties to the composers or the ones who own the record label. Moreover, in order to do so, you can opt for the public performance license that is offered by the licensing companies. For example, you need a permit from ASCAP, SESAC, or BMI in the USA to launch a music app.

Music Streaming Mobile App Development Company

How much does it cost for developing a Music App like Spotify?

Well, just like any other on-demand mobile app, the cost to develop a Music App like Spotify comprise of multiple different aspects. These aspects decide the overall cost that will be needed for the app development, maintenance, and regular upgradation. A few of these aspects include the platforms for the app, app features (both must-have and additional), the stack of technologies, app complexity, app design, and app size.

The cost further involves hiring the mobile app developers, designers and other team members that are required. Well, this further depends upon where these people are located and how much they charge per hour. Depending upon the development hours and charges, based on the country they belong to impacts the overall cost a lot. For example:

When it comes to India, the cost of hiring developers and designers is around $10 to $80 per hour. Developers and designers of the USA or Canada cost about $50 to $250 per hour. In Western Europe, the cost is $30 to$170 per hour. The developers of Eastern Europe cost around $25 to $150 per hour and the developers in Australia cost around $50 to $150 per hour

Overall, on average, it costs around $20000 to $35000 depending upon the above mention aspects and your choice of tech-stack and features, etc.


Music is something that relaxes an individual’s stress and tensions in life. And hence, creating a music streaming app that offers music streaming services to the audience is a remarkable idea. Moreover, make sure that you keep your app user-friendly and appealing so that people can get the best experience using the app. The best way to do the same is to hire mobile app development company with expertise and a great portfolio base. Also, don't forget to keep your app updated to sustain the users by giving them an ultra-smooth experience of the app.

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