Indoor Plants Delivery App Development

We live in an era where everything is contaminated, from the air we breathe to the water we drink. Especially when you are living in a metropolitan area, you encounter air pollution everyday. But the point is the pollution is not just outside, it is in the places you go be it “work” or “Home”. So how do you make your “Workspace” or “home” live? Ever wonder how you can make it pleasant and therapeutic? Well, nothing much just by adding indoor plants.

Many studies have shown that indoor plants boost mood, increase productivity, reduce stress and increase creativity. Clean indoor air is a thing now and many people are opting for this. Not only does it look good and is a classic way to decorate your home or workspace but when we get in touch with this little piece of nature helps reduce stress.

So, are you someone related to the nursery business or an indoor plant-focused entrepreneur? Are you looking out for ways to build an online marketplace for your nursery? Planning to build an On-demand indoor plant delivery app? Then you should not miss out on an opportunity to get into the indoor plant delivery industry.

On-demand App Development will increase chunks of revenues and maintain all your deliveries automatically. With the right and innovative solutions, you can develop your own indoor plant delivery application. Stick to this blog until the end to know how indoor plants delivery app development works.

Benefits of indoor plant delivery app

Based on some relevant studies, it suggests that in the past few years, the demand for indoor plants has skyrocketed . Especially among millennials, they just love the idea of indoor gardening.

If we start pointing out how you will benefit from plants’ delivery applications then, we would say, there are hundreds of benefits of developing one for your business.Check out the list of benefits it will bring to your plantation or nursery business.

The first and foremost benefit of building a plant delivery mobile application is that it will help you manage deliveries digitally.

You can create a bigger customer base by creating an online marketplace. You can reach out to potential customers as well as you can cover offline customers along with the online ones. This will help you with increasing brand visibility and brand awareness both at the same time.

The other thing you can not miss out is a significant rise in revenue generation in your nursery and plantation business.

The target audience is never limited so with better marketing strategies you can target corporate spaces as well. Large commercial buildings are made of synthetic materials and colors which reduces air circulation. That is why they choose indoor plants to reduce in house toxics and to improve air quality.

Interior designers choose to add house plants in their decoration segments to create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. People love creating small green space in their houses, it looks way better rather than just looking at brick and mortar.

If you aren’t still convinced then we have a market analysis report that highlights the growth of the global indoor plants market. According to a report, the Global “Indoor plants market” is expected to reach a value of $ 500 million at the end of 2020. Surprising right?

Build Plants Delivery Mobile Application

Features to consider to create plants delivery application

Registration and login:

The most important feature to integrate into your plant delivery system is Registration. Your users can fill up basic information about themselves to sign up. However, that is a lengthy process and users don’t like to wait. To conquer that issue you can integrate social media login/signup system.

Search option:

Your users can search the plant type they want from the list of plants in the application. You can also add soil, fertilizers, customized pebbles, decorative or handpainted pots, and seeds in the list.

Types of plants:

You can differentiate types of plants in order, for example, Gardening plants, Office plants, decorative plants, miniature plants, Air purifying plants, low maintenance plants, aromatic plants, and many more plant types. Your users don’t have to waste their time to find what they need and you give them a seamless experience.

Plant Care instruction:

This particular feature in your plant delivery app can be very useful and engaging. You can add a note about each plant stating how much heat, air, and soil it will take.

Offers and discounts:

You can run time to time offers and discounts in your plant application. Such as buy one and get one free, free shipping on special occasions, miniature plants gift sets and you can also create a “Green gift pack” as well. Since people have become more aware of the environment these gift packs are in trend.

Payment gateway:

You can give various payment options in your plant delivery plant application. However, about 80% of online users favor online payment so don’t forget to integrate online payment options.

GPS tracking:

If you want to give your users an amazing experience then you must add GPS tracking in your application. GPS will track the plant delivery process and your users can see it via geolocation.

Build Plants Delivery Mobile Application

How much does it cost to develop a plant delivery app?

There are many aspects that affect the final cost of your app development project. Plant delivery app development cost varies on the plant delivery app development company you choose, the location of that particular company, hourly charge, complexity, the platform you launch your app on (iOS, Android), UI/UX design-visuals, App infrastructure, technology stack, and maintenance. It will depend on whether you hire mobile app developers or mobile app development company.

However, if we keep all the factors in check the average and basic plant delivery application can cost you $15,000 depending upon your requirements and preferences.

Technology stack

So, you know the benefits, features, and cost of developing a plant delivery application so now is the time you know what technology you can choose for your application development.




Google Maps AI

Proximity Beacon AI

Google location services API

MySQL Database



Google Maps API

Apple Mapkit

Core Location API


MySQL Database

Moreover, you can ask your development company about which technology is best for your app development.


We have tried to cover all the aspects of developing a plant delivery application, and we hope it helped you. Don’t forget to give extra attention to the design and visuals of your application. Since that is the first thing where your users are going to interact with. Hence, don't neglect the aesthetics and picture gallery of plants.

The biggest benefit you get in the online nursery business is that it is still growing and there are not many competitors in the market. Hence, it is the best time to enter the market and create new possibilities for your business.

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Sanjay Kidecha