Cost to develop an app like AnyList

Since technology is booming in each sector, every business is growing and grocery business is no exception. But going to the market and buying groceries is a tiresome job and no one remembers buying groceries every now and then because of their busy schedules.

So, to conquer that issue technology provides us with on-demand grocery shopping list apps like Anylist. And people are already loving the idea of Grocery shopping list delivery app. If you have an app idea to make an app like Anylist, we have created a step-by-step guide for you so you can gain a full understanding of how the grocery list app works?

Business model

Anylist is an online grocery store that allows you to create a grocery shopping list, you can create a list and share it with your friends and family. Not only you can create and share the list, but you can also refer to the list when you go out for a grocery shopping. They have also provided a solution for organizational meal planning in their recipe feature. You can also import recipes from other websites.

Anylist is a freemium version of an application and they call it Anylist Complete in which you can use basic features for free and then you have to pay for premium features. So, if you want to use the premium version you have to pay $9.99 per year which is super affordable and everyone can afford it.

Anylist complete provides full-fledged access to mac or pc via the web. Besides that, you can also get access to features like import recipes, meal planning calendar, use anylist on your apple watch, adding photos with the list, etc.

How is AnyList different from Other Grocery Delivery app?

Anylist is a unique exception in On-demand App Development unlike any other grocery delivery mobile app. Anylist doesn’t just provide a variety of groceries at your door-step but it helps you make a list of the required grocery list and add recipes. You can easily add items and edit the grocery list category wise, for example, dairy, meat, veggies, fruits, etc.

You can also share the grocery list and recipes to your friends and family, it has this unique feature that highlights the frequent grocery items that you buy regularly. Most online grocery delivery apps don't provide this feature.

You can also make your own customized grocery list and refer it to your local store.

Grocery Shopping List Delivery App Development

Unique Features of AnyList

Every grocery app differs from each but Anylist works very differently from any other online grocery apps. Anylist is not only a grocery shopping app, but it’s also unique real-time features that allow users to create location-based reminders, customized item lists, add recipes, etc. So, if you are willing to develop a grocery delivery app like Anylist, check out the basic features.

Let’s delve into the must-have features to build an on-demand grocery delivery app.

Create Organised Lists

You can create all your grocery list according to the recipes or according to your local shopping to organize your tiresome grocery shopping experience.

Share lists of groceries and recipes

You can share your up to date grocery list or your own recipe with the help of this feature. You can stay synchronized by sharing it with your friends and family members, any changes you make in the list will automatically occur to everyone you shared.

Customized grocery list

You can easily reorder the list of your categories in your app and you can add or remove items from the list. You can modify the list according to your requirements.

Easily add notes to the list

The most interesting feature of Anylist is you can add notes to the items you want for example you can add a note about quantity, flavor, etc.

Recipes - Share and create

You can create your own recipes to plan your meal and share it with the people you want. Again any changes you make in your meal planning will appear to the people you share anything. You can also send personal recipes via email.

Import recipes

You can directly post recipes from your favorite website or blogs into Anyllist so you have the access to read it whenever you want and plan your meal accordingly.

Mindful Meal planning

The best feature of Anylist is Mindful Meal planning calendar. You can shop your groceries according to your meal planning schedule.

Anylist complete

Anylist complete is a list of advanced features that you can access after upgrading it to the premium version. It is quite affordable so any customer can use it and it provides advanced features like Organize list with folders, get reminders, list protection, personalized look with themes, etc.

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Grocery Shopping List Delivery App Development

Development Process

When you develop an app for the grocery shopping list you must know the development process from scratch so there are no queries. To develop such an app you can either Hire Mobile App Developers or outsource it. Let’s take how Mobile app developers will do the job.

We can conclude that in simple steps.

1. SOW document

The first step is to prepare an SOW document your Mobile App Development Company will prepare it with all the essential features you want in your application. You can choose only basic features for instance and then the development company will proceed.

2. Outlines and Deadline

After preparing documents you will know about the output, the output will be an overall mock frame of your entire production process. This feature will allow you to see the outline of your app and you’ll know where the performance graph is going up and where it goes down.

3. Design the Wireframes

After creating outlines and deadlines of the whole process your grocery delivery app developer will go through, the designer team will create a wireframe of your application which will give you a clear idea of how your app will look at the end.

4. Backend development

Once the designing and wireframing of your application are done and you approve the design, the developers will take over the sprint by starting the development process. They will connect the database and manage the UI/UX interfaces.

5. Quality Analysis

When your app is ready to launch, the Quality Analysis specialists will ensure every little detail of your application. Which covers the tiniest bug to the quality of your application.

6. Deployment or Launch

Once your application passes through the quality analysis process, you can finally launch it on the chosen platforms. Android and iOS platforms have their respective processes that can be taken charge by the developers.

Grocery Shopping List Delivery App Development

Required Team to Develop this App

To create a robust Grocery shopping list application you will need a skilled and educated multi-tasker force team that will be as mentioned below:

Business Analyst

The business analyst is the most important professional you will need for your grocery shopping list app development process. The business analyst will supervise your app from scratch.

UI/UX Designer

Since you are developing a grocery shopping list application you should go for a simple and user-friendly design. The UI/UX designer will make sure your app design is engaging and innovative enough to keep your users hooked to the application.

Software Engineer

A software engineer will provide all the solutions you needed for your app development process of the respective platform you choose. Software Engineer is the key element of your application you can't prepare an application without them.

QA Engineer

QA engineer plays a vital role in your app development process, for example, if your developer or designer makes a mistake QA specialist will always keep an eye on it and keep it in a flow before you launch your app in the market.

Project Manager

Last but not least the Project manager will keep track of how the development process is going on. The project manager will keep you updated at what stage your project complies and will take care of the whole project steps.

Cost to Develop an App like AnyList

The cost of developing the grocery shopping list application according to the features, functionalities, and platforms you choose will vary. You can hire a developer or hire a professional mobile app developers company that you can totally rely on.

Developing mobile applications on a particular platform has an enormous impact on cost estimation. You can choose ios, android or web app ( for instance) will increase your budget. So, if you don't want to invest such an amount, you can choose a cross-platform app development process where your mobile app developers will build an app that can run on all respective platforms.

So, keeping all the factors in check, the development process for your grocery shopping list app can cost you $10,000 to $30,000 in total.


As we discussed earlier, grocery shopping is not limited to just buying goods it has evolved to do much more than just buying stuff. So, if you think you have any app ideas like this or you want to develop an app like this on your terms with a team of core members, you can connect with us.

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