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Technology is now ruling this world, especially in terms of the Mobile App Development sector. Everything is just a matter of clicks, in fact in our pockets, via mobile apps. No doubt, mobile apps are making our life easier and more convenient. That is why businesses can increase their sales with the use of Mobile App Development. Among the most profitable online businesses, On-demand Flower delivery app development is one of the growing m-commerce businesses.

Sending flowers to show love and affection never goes out of trend. But the way of sending flowers is transforming day-by-day. Now, you need not post or send a delivery person instead you can select, customize, and send flowers to your loved ones with a few taps on your mobile screens. With flower delivery mobile apps like 1800Flowers, you can even book flowers in advance or send a personalized note along with it.

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If you don’t have a mobile app for your flower delivery business, then you should think about developing one. To develop a flower delivery mobile app like 1800Flowers, you must ensure to hire On-demand app developers who are professionals. Furthermore, you should depend on the aspects of Florist App Development, these aspects comprise of the top platforms, flower delivery app features, technology stack, app types, and more.

In-depth knowledge and market analysis is required to get started your app development with any Flower delivery app development company. Without any delay, let’s focus on the crucial aspects of Florist App Development:

Which are the best Flower Delivery Platforms in the Market?

Before diving deep into the details, you should be well aware of your market and existing brands in the field. Below listed are a few crucial ones:


With Amazon’s Prime subscription, you can send fresh flowers from various brands to anyone without any shipping cost. It's notable that these perks are given to Amazon Prime members only.


This flower delivery company tries to work beyond perfection. Hence, their arrangements of flowers last beyond a week.


Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD) is more than 100 years old company. After placing the order, FTD searches in the network of local florists and gives the respective order to a flower shop that is nearest to the delivery point.

Farmgirl Flowers:

This flower delivery company is popular for its uniqueness in arrangements. Also, two bouquets will never look alike if the arrangement is made by Farmgirl Flowers.


ProFlowers is one of the companies that are known for the ‘fresh-from-the-field’ flowers. Additionally, they provide the same day delivery option, which is a great feature for instant gifting.

Various Flower Delivery Applications in Market

Aggregator App:

As the name suggests, it is an online platform that aggregates all the florist shops, and vendors under one roof. In this type of apps, customers can find the vendors nearest to their location offering the best deals on flowers. Such type of Florist App Development does not have their inventory. A certain commission is charged from the vendors to register on the app.

Dedicated App:

This type of Florist App Development is done specifically for a particular brand or business firm to operate its functionalities. In such flower delivery applications, users are connected to a particular brand. Also, the entire process from receiving orders to delivering orders is completely monitored by the company itself.

Florist App Development

Push-notification Types in Florist App Development

Mass push notification:

It informs your customers and users about the recent offers announced by your shop.

User-based notification:

With this notification feature, company owners can share whatever message they want to share with their old, new, active, and inactive users.

Discount notification:

It allows you to send a coupon code to your loyal customers or to attract new users.

Cart based notification:

This compels the user to buy the items in their cart by sending notifications.

Product-based notification:

This notification is sent to users informing them about the flowers which they were looking for earlier but couldn’t find it.

Must-add Features to Build flower delivery application like 1800Flowers

User Panel Features


Cashless payment

Order history

Track your order

View flower listing or arrangements

Apply filters

Place orders

Update basket

Admin Panel Features

Login or Sign-up

Check new delivery

Receive payments

Manage fleet


Marketing management

Order management

Driver management

Additional Delivery App Features


Fresh arrivals and trending options

Customized notes

Occasion based category

Delivery options

Advanced Features to Build flower delivery application like 1800Flowers

Social Login & Sign up: This allows the user to create an account on your app. You can also integrate social media login to make signing up easy and quick.

Customized Flowers & Gift Sets: It enables users to customize and order for budget-friendly arrangement.

Real-Time Tracking: This enables the user to track their order at every stage.

Order Replacement: This option is used when the order received by the customer is not in proper condition.

CMS and CRM Integration: With CMS integration, operating functions like sending notifications can be done effortlessly. Adding the CRM, strengthens your relationship with the customer.

Inventory Management: It keeps a record of orders received and delivered.

In-App Call/Chat feature: This allows users to interact with the owner or delivery agent.

Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support: This eliminates any type of geographical restriction. Your flower delivery application should support various languages and should accept different currencies.

Loyalty Program: Rewards and great offers attract more audiences to your flower delivery app like 1800Flowers.

Florist App Development

Revenue Making Opportunities with Florist App Development

There is no doubt that virtual reality, mobile apps, and the Internet of things are transforming the system of buying and selling things. Nowadays, it is easier to order a flower bouquet from a mobile app rather than visiting different flower shops and spending a lot of time.

Consequently, it has become a billion-dollar business to make an app like 1800Flowers. Moreover, if you own a user-friendly app like Uber for Flowers delivery app, then only you will be able to retain impressive returns of your investment. According to a recent report by IBIS, the florist industry has generated around $800 million in revenue for the last five years.

Moreover, it is expected to increase in the future as well. Also, if your flower business doesn’t have a flower delivery mobile app, then you should know the fact that your competitors are making more money than you.

Tech Stack required to Build flower delivery application like 1800Flowers

A mobile application is not that easy as it looks on the surface especially when it comes to Build a flower delivery application like 1800Flowers. A lot is happening behind the scenes to develop an app with extraordinary features. To develop an exceptional app like Uber for Flowers delivery app for your business, you should know about the agile technology stack.

Below-listed are some important points you must consider while you make an app like 1800Flowers:

CSS3 and Bootstrap can be used for developing the front end while Python and JavaScript for intuitive interface. Moreover, AngularJS can be used for the back end.

For the Android platform, Java will be used. When it comes to the iOS platform, Swift can be used as the programming language during Florist App Development.

To keep spammers away while you make an app like 1800Flowers, developers use Google sign in or Facebook SDK

Postgres, HBase, MongoDB, or Cassandra can be used by developers for database management.

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Florist App Development

Cost to develop Flower Delivery App like 1800Flowers

When it comes to the flower delivery app development cost, it is pivoted on the below-listed aspects. The overall cost to develop flower delivery app like 1800Flowers gets impacted with the minor or major change in these aspects:

Flower delivery app features (including must-have, additional, and advanced)

The type of the development platform (which could be iOS or Android or both)

Connectivity of the flower delivery app with your Website

Front-end development

Technology stack

Back-end app development cost

UI/UX development cost

Development team costs as per their hourly fees and their specific location. For example, developers who are based in the US/UK charge about $70-$250 an hour. However, developers who are based in Eastern Europe charge $50 to $150 an hour. And similarly, with other countries, it varies.

The overall cost to develop flower delivery apps like 1800Flowers in a country such as India comes out to be around $6,000 to $20,000. Furthermore, the cost can be estimated by simply figuring out the aspects and their respective costs.


In this scenario, having a mobile app for your business is the need of the hour. To get real quick responses, entrepreneurs are switching from websites and Facebook pages to mobile applications. Moreover, these flower delivery mobile apps not only make their order and payment process easy, but also allows them to customize the arrangements as per their wish. So, this is the right time to step into the market. Hire a team of professionals, and develop an app for your flower company.

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