Buy & Sell Used Car App Development

Do you know why the automobile industry is rapidly developing like never before and is continuing to grow more nowadays? As technology has matured, it has changed every aspect of our lives and that is why the automobile industry has widened its wings by reaching higher levels.

Since the Mobile app technology has broken down, it has changed the automobile industry faster than anything because the number of cars in the cities is continuously rising, so if you are a used car dealer and you want to expand your business we’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to develop a buy & sell used car application like autolist and we’re going to discuss app features and steps to develop such an app with the help on-demand app development.

Business revenue model to make an app like Autolist

Because of the large data set availability, it will implement the most insightful buyer intelligence data to users and the capability to provide market glassiness will also develop a proper understanding so buyers can have more research tools.

Moreover just developing an app for your buy & sell used car business won’t be enough, you should also take care of the revenue production that will make significant money. Let’s discover some revenue models that can earn you well.


You can add an advertisement space in your application, all the dealers who want to sell a car can display it here. So, you can charge some bucks in return.

Offers & discounts

You can avail of some engaging offers to your initial customers, for example, you can publish the offer like free maintenance services, free car accessories on certain purchases, etc.


You can also allow memberships to your loyal customers, it could be monthly or yearly. The membership fees can again generate good revenue as customers always lookout for membership offers.

Features of buy & sell used car mobile app

If you want to make an app like autolist, You should know that it consists of 3 different models, Admin panel, Dealer panel, and User panel and it’s better to gain an understanding of how it works from the user’s point of view.

Social media login/signup

This feature helps your user to have a hassle-free registration, they can use the desired social media account to register such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google mail id.

Push notification

Push notification is a very important feature in your buy & sell used car app development, your customers can be reminded of offers, appointments, and payments, etc.

Push notifications always work as a wonder in order to engage your application.

In-app messaging

This feature helps customers instantly get in touch with the sellers they are dealing with and know the best price offered for the product they choose.


If you wish to sell a car, you can take 5 to 6 pictures of your car covering every detail of your car so that the buyer can have a complete idea of what you sell and then they can decide accordingly.

Comparing Cars

This is the most important feature you must include, customers can compare cars and choose the best offers that the maximum value of their money.

Features of Admin panel

Manage Car listing

With the support of this feature, admin can manage the various car listing and give in-depth information about the car type, model type, etc.

Track sales & marketing

This is the most beneficial feature of the buy & sell used car application, this will let admin manage all the sales figures of every trading that happens through your application.

Add & Remove Car

Admin can add the new car list and delete the sold-out cars in the add & remove car segment, also the admin can add & remove the discount rates from the car list.

Payment management

From the number of cars sold to cut or add commission on the particular car, admin can manage the payment section as well as keep an eye on every transaction that happens through this feature.

Offers & discounts

Customers always look out for offers & discounts because they believe it will bring them good profit so, admin can provide various offers related to the car business. For example, free services for loyal customers, free car accessories for the first 10 buyers, etc.

Push Notification

Every application should include this feature, it's a small feature doing big wonders when it comes to keeping your users hooked to the app. Admin can send notifications to the users about the new car lists, offers, etc.

Manage Dealers Account

With the help of this feature, admin can manage the dealer's account you trade with, admin can add new as well as delete existing dealer account.

Features of Dealer panel


The car dealers can register themselves with the Registration feature, it can be either social media registration or email/SMS registration.

Add & Remove Car

Car dealers can add or remove an existing car from the car list. It helps them to accommodate multiple options for buying and selling used cars.

Manage Price

The amazing feature of your buy & sell used car dealer app development is that they can manage price. They can also manage discount offers along with the increasing demand for a particular car. They can increase or decrease the price according to the demand.

Car Services

Dealers can accommodate other services along with the purchase, such as free cost evaluation, free 6 months maintenance, etc.

So, these are the crucial features, if you want to add additional features you can do it according to your business model and requirements. The automobile industry transformation has enabled customers to select the best model by reviewing car types, price comparisons, viewing pictures and many more so they don’t have to visit the car dealers or sellers anymore and hence the demand for developing an app for car dealers and used car sellers has also increased.

Cost to develop Buy & Sell Used Car App

Development process to build an app for car dealers and car sellers

There is some development process to go through before you understand anything else. Let’s see what it is.

Step1: After having a mobile app idea, you can analyze whether you want to build an app or you want to resolve the problem like successful entrepreneurs.

Step2: You can layout the flow, features, and functionalities you want in your app by wireframing it. It will give you the overall idea of how your app will look.

Step3: From the wireframe you prepared, you would be able to identify the core features. So, you can use only core features for instance and then after deploying the application you can add more in the update.

Step4: Design & visuals are the very first thing your users are gonna interact with hence, keep an eye on every little detail you want.

Step5: Hire an experienced developer or app development company that has a power-packed team that will be looking after all your queries from wireframing to deployment and maintenance process.

Technology stack

For Front End Development:

Swift, Java, CSS, Bootstrap

Backend Development:

Javascript, Ruby, Angular JS, Python

Push notification:, Twilio


Ios & Android

Payment integration:

Google pay, Paypal, Card payment options (Credit/Debit)

Real-time analytics:

Hadoop, IBM, Cisco

Cost to develop Buy & Sell Used Car App

Cost to develop buy & sell used car app

So, if we conclude the cost to develop buy & sell used car app like autolist, It varies according to the features, functionalities, platforms (Android, iOS), hourly charge of the particular company, geolocation of the company you hire for your application and many more elements you choose. Moreover, it is advisable to hire a professional mobile app developer, it is not only convenient but you can rely on the company for future updates, changes, and maintenance.

So, depending on the mentioned factors the development process for individual platforms can cost you $10,000 to $30,000 in total for a feature-rich app like Autolist.

(Please note: The price mentioned here is based on basic functionalities and features, it may vary based on your requirements and your business model.)


With the extreme rise in smartphone users, Millennials has become even smarter with the choices of application they download henceforth, you should take care of every little detail of your application. So, don’t forget to get on the nerve of every market breakdown to overcome your contestants.

Moreover, developing an app would definitely help you get potential customers if you use the right sources and skilled multi-tasker force.

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