Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App Development

With the increased competition in business, people are looking for better ways to make their business grow. One aspect that is crucial for any business in the present time is, having an app for that business. People have understood the importance of this aspect and implemented this idea into their respective businesses. From a grocery store owner to a large scale company, everyone has a digital presence in the form of a mobile application.

When it comes to traveling, it is also not away from this digital reform. Individual businesses have proved that having a mobile application can make an exponential growth in the business. Travell companies are investing in Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App Development to make more revenue out of their ventures. Moreover, it’s not difficult to make an application like Wanderu if you understand the why, what, how behind it. Also, in this article, we will go into a deep analysis of the development of the Bus-Ticket Booking Mobile Application. So let’s start:

The Reason behind the Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Enhancement

If you take a look at app stores, you'll get numerous applications that present there for this purpose. Also, the app development industry has seen an increase in demand over the last few years. Moreover, the reason behind this increment is the fact that these apps provide convenience to both, the user and owner of the business. Moreover, the Bus-Ticket Booking Mobile Application provides ease for customers to book tickets online.

Also, this further allows the user to save time and money. Not just that, the whole process is designed to provide you with the best suitable outcome possible. The on-demand app development will take your business to the next level that your customers can know about the availability of seats on their preferred route with the help of advanced features of the app.

Moreover, users will be able to also check out the pricing along with it. Also, there are numerous other features as well that'll provide you with the best possible experience. Furthermore, all these facts are the reason why there has been a rise in mobile apps for online ticket booking.

How to Develop a Bus Ticket Booking App like Wanderu?

You can't just jump into the execution of the process of Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App Development. Well, you need to have clarity about certain crucial and additional aspects. Here is a quick look into the same:

Planning: This step involves the basic concept/sketch/plan of your Bus-Ticket Booking Mobile Application. You can think of numerous elements to offer and things you can skip at this stage. Planning also involves checking out what’s trending in the market and what are you planning to offer that will actually make a difference in people’s lives. Are you trying to solve an issue for the masses? Are you planning a better product that is not there yet in the market?

Visualizing: This is where you decide how your Bus-Ticket Booking Mobile Application is going to look and feel. App design and interface are two important things, which must be kept as per how your users will want to have them. Are you providing something different to them?

Execution: At this stage, the things you've decided in the first two steps implemented. Also, this is the most demanding in terms of money and time. Furthermore, this step will also call for deciding your team who will do the execution for you. Are you going to hire Mobile App Developers or freelancers? Or are you need to hire a Mobile App Development Company? How are you planning to choose one between them?

BETA: This is basically the part where you test if your Bus-Ticket Booking Mobile Application is working fine or not. Furthermore, this step will decide future user experience.

App Launch and marketing: If you have followed every step in a precise manner, this is going to be easy for you. After all the work you did, you have to launch your app. However, it’s crucial that you plan an MVP and getting it tested with a few known and trustable early adopters. They will help you with their honest feedback about the Bus-Ticket Booking Mobile Application. Also, this will further act as a pre-marketing strategy for your app. You can then focus on social and traditional marketing once the final app is made.

Make an application like Wanderu

Chart for Real-time Seating to Make an App like Wanderu

This is an extremely useful feature that is being introduced in more and more apps of this type. Let's get into a deep analysis of the various elements of the real-time seating chart to make an application like Wanderu:

Managing co-traveler

If you are someone who travels a lot with their friends and family, this is the option for you. With this option, the ticket booking app stores all the required data of co-traveler, like your family and friends. Also, you can use this data next time you are making a reservation. Moreover, with the feature, you don't need to go through all the hassle of filling details of each member every time, the app will autofill the information for you.

Bookings while on- the- go

This feature is a mutual benefit type of feature to be included in the ticket booking app. Also, with this, the app owners can access things like traveling route, the preferred seat of customers. Moreover, with access to all this data, the app owner can book seats on their behalf.

Online payment system

The online payment system is a feature that is not limited to bus ticket booking applications only. Also, you can see the option of online payment in almost every app you have on your phone. Well, this is a very handy feature to have for a Bus Ticket Booking App development Company. Also, you can pay for your ticket online, you don't have to go to any reservation center.

Real-time tracking location

Calling the bus driver every time, to know the location of the bus, is quite irritating. Also, with the option of real-time tracking, you can view the live location of the bus without contacting anyone. Moreover, this saves you as well as the driver’s time considerably.

Make an application like Wanderu

Crucial Features to Make an application like Wanderu

App Features for the Admin


Manage profile


User management

Promotion management

Travel agency/operators management

Billing management for Travel agency/operators

Transaction management

Voucher management

Customer reviews, ratings, and feedback

Refund & cancellations management

Commission management

Ticket type management

Cloud storage

Sharing and points

Custom dashboard


Brand owner management

Business partners management

Live bus tracking

Integration of Payment gateway

CMS and CRM integration

Email marketing and SMS's

Ads managemen

User permission management


App Features for a Customer





Resultant transport Company

Fare calculator

View package information

Select seat



Online payment

Payment modes

Ticket Cancelation

Varieties of filters

Ticket types


Request refund & track them

Reschedule booking/ticket

Customer support

Bus detail

Graphical Seat map

Ticket verification via QR code

Multicurrency support

Deals or offers or vouchers

Social promotion

Loyalty points


Notification or updates

Booking confirmation via SMS or email

At-home Ticket delivery

An automated reminder of ticket/bus booking

Print & download Ticket

Send ticket copy through Email

Manage wallet and Trips

Track location

Manage profile

Security Assured

App Features for the Travel Agency/Operator


Manage your profile

Dashboard with details like Seat graph, refund, booking, and revenue



Sales summary

Live bus tracking

Ticket booking management

Real-time attendance of passengers

Manage pilgrim packages

Customer reviews, feedback, and ratings

Management of bus routes

Management of Bus Booking

Notification & alerts

Home delivery of the bus ticket to the customer

Ticket scanning

Technology Stack to Make an application like Wanderu

Database: Cassandra, MongoDB, Hbase, Mail Chimp Integration, Postgress

Mobile OS: Android and IOS

SMS, Voice as well as Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo

Payments modes: Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Net Banking, EWallets

Push Notifications: Push.io, Twilio

Real-time Analytics: BigData, Hadoop, Cisco, Spark, Apache Flink, IBM

Integration of third-party API: Cabs, Hotel

Cloud Environment: Google, AWS, Azure

Cost to Develop Bus Ticket Booking App

Well, like other apps, bus ticket booking applications also have several deciding factors for the development cost. Let's take a look at these factors and how they alter the Bus Ticket Booking App development Cost.

Platforms for Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App Development

The first and most important deciding factor of the Bus Ticket Booking App development Cost is the platform. Also, if you want your app to be present on only a single platform, that will cost you comparatively lesser. On the other hand, the increase in the number of platforms means you have to pay more. Well, you can also opt for multiple platforms or cross-platform options if you wish, which will definitely add to the cost to build a Bus Booking App like Wanderu.

Online payment option

Are you looking forward to your ticket booking app to have the option of online payment for the ticket booking? Well, that will add on to the overall cost to Develop Bus Ticket Booking App. Also, with the increased competition, you certainly can't miss this option in your ticket booking app.

Ticket validation

This is a pretty handy feature to have, in your ticket booking app, for the driver. The ticket validation feature allows the driver to scan and validate the ticket shown by the customer. Although, if you want to save the cost to Develop Bus Ticket Booking App, you can skip this feature.

Crucial or advanced Features to Develop a Bus Ticket Booking App

This is easy to understand, the number of features (i.e. crucial or advanced) you add to the ticket booking app is directly proportional to the cost. Also, you can save money by keeping the app minimal that is keeping only the basic features.

Furthermore, if you assign the development work to a well-known firm, the estimated cost of your app will be around $15000. Also, as discussed in the last point, if you add more features, you'll have to pay more. Moreover, it can even go up to $35000 as well, depending upon the technology stack you will consider using. Apart from the above, it also matters where the developers or designers or testers, etc., are located.

Well, this is because not every country has the same amount they charge for Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App Development. Also, the team members that will execute your bus-ticket booking mobile application and their charges per hour also impact the cost.


If you have a business in the concerned field, you should go for investing in an app. Also, as discussed earlier, having an app makes the entire thing easier for both, the owner and the users of the app. Also, talking about the cost of the app, you can manage that on your own. Moreover, having a Bus-Ticket Booking Mobile Application can make your business grow considerably.

Furthermore, all you have to consider is the right features, technology, development team or freelancers, the understanding of the development process, etc. And you are more than good to get begun with the execution of your own app.

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