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In the current times, we have an app for almost anything. From shopping for clothes to purchasing medicine, you just name a thing, and it'll be at your doorstep. Similarly, when it comes to flowers and gifts, they are the perfect way of showing affection. With the development of smartphone technology, businesses have also grown considerably, and gifting businesses are impacted too. This is mainly because now you can reach more customers and deliver to more places if you opt to develop Bouquets & Gifts App and use it wisely. Also, instead of waiting for a customer to show up at the store, taking this step to fulfilling their need via an app is a win-win situation for both parties.

The flower and gift delivery app development service has made it possible to deliver bouquets or gifts on-demand wherever one needs them. Furthermore, they save time, especially for those who can't personally visit any store due to jobs or other responsibilities. The most beautiful aspect of this Flowers & Gift on-demand app development is the customization part. This allows the customer to personalize the gifts according to their liking. They can add thoughtful notes, send gifts and the flowers, and make their special someone's day by tapping on their smartphone.

So if you think you have to build a Bouquets delivery app like Resal and reach a wider audience, the below guide is the first step towards that. But, before you jump on to the flower delivery app guide, it is in your favor to acknowledge yourself with the mobile app development processes in detail. Here is the index for your easy reference.

1. A Guide on Lean Canvas Model;

2. How to Prepare a Product Requirement Document and its importance;

3. Importance of Wireframe in Product development;

4. A complete guide on selection of technology stack for startups;

5. How prototyping helps businesses?

6. A handbook to select development company for startups;

7. A detailed guide on project management & delivery milestones;

8. Role of Quality assurance in product development;

9. Importance of User testing;

10. Know where you should deploy your project?

11. How Feedback and product iteration make a difference in product development?

12. What is the variation in the cost? What factors affect the variation?

13. Why is a Good design the ultimate thing in the project?

Identify the need to make an app like Resal.

Investing in a flower and gift delivery app won't be a good step until you answer this question about why that is going to be great for your business. If we talk about the floral trade industry, it is proliferating. Now, it is mainly due to an expanded reach to a broader customer base. Moreover, the florists are opting for the online mode for conducting business. Not only has the floral industry become more appealing but acquired a global appearance, which it lacked before.

Adding a mobile app to your flower-business will increase the prospects of getting new customers. Also, it will increase the buying probability of existing ones. Furthermore, to come up with a good concept of an app requires understanding the issues your targeted users had been facing. Can you come up with some good-enough Flower Delivery app design with a better UI and easy navigation? Or can you come up with features that can make it more user-friendly than any other similar app in the market? What is that people need when it comes to gifting? Answering these questions will help you in:

1. Preparing a prototype or MVP for user testing and feedback so you can prepare a final product with improvisations.

2. You will know who your customer base is and what they lack when it comes to the service part in this gifting field.

3. What locations are there with no Flower Delivery app services? Can you cover those areas with your app?

4. Can you promise assurance when it comes to quality Flower Delivery app services? And can you provide what your competitors aren't providing yet to the users with their Flower and gift Delivery apps? And so on...

Now, to answer these above-listed queries, you must opt for proper market research and stats.

Statistics and Market Analysis

If we check the stats, then the global floral trade industry's value is $104, 825, 000, 000, and the average sales per florist-shop in the US annually is $322, 331. The flowers that the US imports from other countries for sale are around 80% and 79% of the customers are women, with men being about 21%. According to a report, in 2019, the florist industry generated revenue of 60 million US dollars.

Moreover, according to a report by IBPS, in the last 5 years, it has engrossed about 800 million US dollars. The figures speak volumes about this industry's scope and gravity, which is only going to increase with time. So, if you wish to make a name in this field and develop a Flower Delivery Mobile App like Resal, you must do the homework. It would be best if you put plenty of time into getting as many details about your customer's needs. Also, you must come up with a solid idea/concept of building this app.

Monetize your Flowers & Gifts App – Revenue generation

On-demand apps can be an excellent source for generating additional revenue, and you must figure out a way to make money out of it. This is the only way to grow your Flowers & Gifts business and sustain it in the marketplace. Moreover, there are many strategies that one can employ in doing so:

1. In-app Advertising

You can affiliate with third-parties and display their advertisements on your app in a non-disruptive way. This way, you can charge a certain amount of commission on each order that is placed through your ad. This will help keep the app free, which means more people will download it.

2. Discounts and Offers

Discounts and offers are a great way of satisfying both the seller and the customer. Seasonal discounts can help in increasing the overall sales and can be highly profitable for the business. These also attract customers, and the word of a discount spreads like fire, especially during the festive season.

3. Customized Gifts

Customization is a costly affair and also requires extra effort on the part of the seller. Personalized gifts are charged extra and can be incorporated with the order placed for flowers. These can include customized mugs, printed t-shirts, bottles, frames, and even pillows.

4. Featured Listing

The app's prime purpose is to boost sales, and feature listing can help you in doing that. This will help the customers locate the store quickly, and it will also appear on the search list. The featured listing of the store will not only give it priority over other ads but also provide the maximum display.

Types of Bouquets and Gifts Apps

If you're thinking of expanding your business through an app, then you have two options.

Dedicated App

A dedicated app is developed solely for a single brand or store and takes orders only for that specific store. These apps offer a more personalized and easy interface for the customers as they can make purchases from their favorite store directly.. The provision of apps also ensures less competition as there is only one store to choose from. Moreover, a personal app can cost you more and, at the same time, is more beneficial for the business.

Aggregator App

This is a collective platform for multiple florists and vendors where the customers can find the florists near their lives. This is not a personalized platform for any specific store and might charge a certain amount for the orders that are placed through the app. These are more customer-friendly as they allow them to choose from a multitude of stores with the best discounts and offers. When there are so many options to choose from, it can be difficult for some dealers to get customers if their prices are high or they are not offering discounts as attractive as other sellers.

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Must-have and Advanced Features for a Flowers and Gifts App

Log-in and Sign-up

This is a mandatory feature for an app as it allows the sellers to deliver a more personalized experience to their customers. Registration on the app is vital. It lets the customer set up an account on the app where addresses, email, phone numbers, and other important information can be saved. This feature also helps the seller keep the customer updated with the latest offers, discounts, and what's new in the store.

Order Placement

With this feature, the customer should place orders directly without much hassle, and even if he doesn't have an account.

Customization Feature

This is another crucial feature in the app that allows the personalization of gifts and bouquets. This will also help in increasing sales and let the customers give a personal touch to their orders. Also, this creates a better user experience and engages the customer even more.

Replacement Feature

Sometimes the flowers might not withstand the entire process of packaging to deliver. And in such cases, the customer might not be satisfied. The order replacement option is essential as it builds a mutual trust bond between the seller and the customer. The customer should contact the store quickly, and by showing proof of the issue, get a replacement for the same.

Chatbot and Contact

This is a great way of providing instant assistance to the customer while also limiting human labor. Suppose you don't want too many people to be occupied with customers' simple queries. In that case, you can use a chatbot that has automated responses for fundamental questions regarding the delivery, order placement, and tracking of the package.

Chatbots can also be used to assist in making choices or suggesting products according to the customers' demands. If a chatbot is unable to respond to any query, the customer should contact the store via call or live chat.

CMS and CRM Integration

A content management tool can come in very handy for the person administering the app. This will allow the admin to create, edit, and remove content and manage the app better.

A Customer Relation Management system helps in understanding the customers better. It keeps track of the customer information, queries, feedback, and other data in an organized way. This way, it can help in making the services better and more personalized.

Payment and Tracking

The payment modes should be safe and convenient, and the option for tracking their package should also be provided. Always use secure payment gateways to protect the data of the customers. Moreover, look forward to providing timely updates on the order. All these features ensure that the customer would use the app again and won't hesitate or feel worried about the order's status.

Technology stack to Develop Flowers & Gifts App

Real-time analytics: Flink, Storm, etc.

Navigation: Via Google Map

Push Notifications:Twilio and

Platform: iOS, Android and Web

Cloud environment: AWS, Google, Azure, etc.

Database: MongoDB, Postgres, Cassandra, and HBase

Payments: e-wallets, Netbanking, PayPal, etc.

Working of an on-demand Flowers and Gifts App

Many app developers can provide you with a custom-made app that will fulfill all your business requirements. The app needs to have specific functions that facilitate a dynamic interface between the customer and the service provider.

The first step is registering on the app and making an account. Here the customer can add all the personal information such as email address, phone number, home address, etc. and gain access to all the services.

After registration, the customer can browse through the items that are being sold on the app. They can also customize the bouquet by adding gifts such as personalized t-shirts and mugs. Also, they can add a note to the person they intend to buy the flowers for.

Once they have selected the items they want to purchase, they can add it to the cart and place their order. When this step is reached, a notification will be sent to both the service provider and the customer. It carries details of the order and where it will be delivered.

Now the next stage is that of making the payment. The customer can choose their desired mode of payment and finalize the order.

At this stage, tracking and delivery of the order happen. The customer can stay updated with the location of their package. Now, this can be done through the app until the delivery agent delivers it.

Once the product is delivered, this process is followed by a feedback step. A customer shares his/her reviews about a product or service that he/she received.

Cost to Develop an app like Resal

Many factors decide how much a Flowers and Gift App will cost. It consists of the type of app, whether simple, moderate, or complex, how advanced the features and functionalities are. It further involves points such as the brand value of the developer partner and the developing team's geographical location. Other factors include the platform on which the app would be developed, UI/UX development, Front and Back end development, etc.

Developers in India would charge a considerably low rate as compared to those from the US or Europe. Mostly, apps are not developed by a single person but an entire team. A primary team will mostly have a project manager, a programmer, and a UI/UX designer. However, for better user experience and a more high-end app, you might need to hire mobile app developers who are experts. All these factors greatly influence the variation in the cost of an app.

Mock-Drill Test

The biggest mistake a business can make is directly launching the app without going through the beta testing phase. The procedure is quite simple and also engages the users. After the developers are done testing the app, they will employ a certain number of beta testers. Now, these people are actual users. And these people will now give their feedback about the app after using it for some time. This way, bugs can be detected, and significant improvements can be introduced by considering their opinions.

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Launch and Marketing

This requires a proper pre-launch strategy, so when your app is launched, it creates some noise in the market. Also, it prompts the users to download it. The marketing part should be initiated when your app is in the developmental phase. Moreover, by the time it's ready, people already know about it. Platforms such as email-marketing, social-media can make the app an overnight success if tackled timely in the right manner. Also, you can reach out to influencers, create blogs, and upload videos on YouTube. These things can be used to enhance your overall marketing strategy.


The addition of a Flowers and Gifts Delivery App to your business can be a wonderful decision if you want to expand your customer base. Apps not only increase the online presence and visibility of a business, but they also improve sales. They do this by making the entire procedure of selling and buying more accessible and convenient. The business can be managed better as apps provide a very organized interface for the service providers. Moreover, it's not a necessity just for the sellers, but for the customers and even they enjoy looking at flowers from the comfort of their homes.

If there is any confusion or if there’s something we missed to mention, feel free to contact us directly. Talk to our experts and get the best possible Flowers and Gifts Delivery App solution delivered.

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