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App development has become a really big sector and people are earning millions for their unique ideas of apps. Talking about apps, nowadays, there is an app available for almost everything you can think of. One of the safe ideas is to make an app like AccuWeather. This is because there are no tons available when it comes to this niche. Moreover, when it comes to existing weather apps, most of them are not built according to the users’ convenience.

And hence, they are lacking certain elements that you can include & develop Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile App, which will perform better for users. Furthermore, there are a few names that come to mind when you think of weather mobile app development. If you are wishful to develop a successful weather app, first & foremost you will need to hire Weather App Development Company.

So, in this article, we will take a look at the aspects of weather forecast mobile app development. These aspects comprise of must-have functionalities, technology, app types, benefits, the estimated cost of an app, etc. Apart from that, you must ensure to hire Mobile App Developers that have expertise in On-demand app development.

Moreover, this is how your idea will be executed into a successful weather forecast mobile app development. Without talking any further, let’s dive into it:

Various Types of Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile Apps

Many types of Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile Apps exist when it comes to online app stores. So, let's take a look at some of the most commonly used weather forecast mobile apps:

Climate Apps

Climate apps show the current climate around the globe.

These mobile apps also show a change in the climate.

Climate apps further have features through which you can see sea level, gravity field, air temperature, percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide, and other such things.

Forecast Apps

The most common weather app used by most of us

Works by detecting your current location using GPS.

Forecast apps show forecast based on days, weeks and even hours.

Forecast apps are usually free of cost.

Image of changes

Least used kind of weather app at the moment.

It is used basically for educational and entertainment purposes.

This type of app shows the change in climate over a period of time, be it an hour, weeks, months or even years.

Develop Weather Mobile App like AccuWeather

Do you have an idea good enough to build a Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile App?

'Yes' it is worth investing your time and money in developing a weather app if your idea is worthy. If you keep in mind the important aspects of a weather app and other things you can be successful. There are also many other things on which the success of your weather app depends. A few crucial ones are discussed below:

1. Find the need to Build a Weather Forecast Alerts App like AccuWeather

Finding the actual need is the root cause of developing things that make a difference at a mass level. So, if you are clear with your idea to develop Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile App, you can start well. Furthermore, try to come up with lesser-known and unique ideas regarding the development of your app. Even if your weather app idea is not unique then at least your idea should be good enough to indulge the users. Also, you should make your Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile App better from your competitors.

2. Targeted Audience and Market Analysis

Analyzing who you will be serving with your Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile App is also the biggest thing in business. You need to have clarity about the targeted audience for your app, so you can reach them better. Moreover, the clarity of what works in the market also can help you with many aspects of your app development. Further, this way, you can provide accurate service through your Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile App to the users.

3. Monetization Model required to Develop Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile App

How will you make money out of your app is also an extremely important factor to consider. Most of the mobile apps out there are earning using multiple business models. They are either doing it by enabling ads or they are making the user pay for a premium membership to use the premium app features. Furthermore, keep in mind that you can't make the user pay for the app just by assuring to disable the ads. You must have the option of offering exclusive features with paid membership. And hence, figuring out a good revenue model before you develop Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile App is crucial.

Must-have Features required to Build a Weather Forecast Alerts App like AccuWeather

Rain predictions:This is one of the most common and used weather forecast app features. People don't want to get stuck anywhere just because of rain. Moreover, people who have to travel to a long distance destination require this feature the most. And hence, is a must-have feature in any type of weather app.

Wind predictions:This feature is the same as rain predictions; the only difference is that it is not used that much by the general public. Moreover, this feature is extremely helpful for sailors, paragliders, and people who are related to such sports. They can’t think of flying or sailing when wind is not best-suited.

Time of sunrise and sunset:This feature might not be of great use on a daily basis, however, it can be useful in many situations.

Tools required in the App like AccuWeather to Gather Accurate Weather Forecasting Data

If you want to create a weather app for iOS & Android devices people will look to use, it needs to be accurate. People won't just trust an application that can't perform the basic features it offers. Moreover, the way weather apps provide us data is using weather APIs. Some of the most common weather APIs to build a Weather Forecast Alerts App like AccuWeather are:

1. DarkSky

This API was earlier known as forecast. DarkSky can be used by the application developer to gather information regarding climate forecasts. The information provided is in the form of a weekly forecast by hour/day. Furthermore, this API allows access to historical data, precise accuracy, severe weather alerts & multi-language support.

2. Weather Underground

Powered by weather channel accurate weather forecast, this API is a reliable one to make an app like AccuWeather. This API offers support to 80 major languages of the world. Furthermore, this API can be used to retrieve data such as astronomical data, satellite thumbnails, historical data, etc. It further involves data like dynamic radar images and severe climate alerts.

3. OpenWeather Map

This API is different from the other two APIs above, which can be utilized to make an app like AccuWeather. Developers can use the API to gather current weather data for more than 200,000 cities around the globe. Furthermore, this API offers:

Historical climate information for over a period of 5 years

UV index with historical records

Information on air pollution, comprising of wind, clouds, temperatures, etc

Develop Weather Mobile App like AccuWeather

An Estimate of Cost to Build a Weather Forecast Alerts App like AccuWeather

The actual time required to create a weather app for iOS & Android devices

The cost charged by the weather app developer as per where he/she is located and hours of operation

Weather app developers’ qualification

Technologies required to build a Weather Forecast Alerts App like AccuWeather

Advanced functionalities for Weather Mobile App Development and more.

If you are willing to develop your own weather app that falls under the basic 'utility apps' it'll cost you around $1000-2000. Keep in mind that basic Weather Mobile Apps don't offer much in terms of features. So, if you are looking for a customized design that matches what you want the app to be, it'll cost around $30000. Hence, the overall application making cost might go up or down as per the above-discussed aspects


Considering what we have discussed above, to develop Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile App has more things than we can think of considering. So, whether you are running an already established company or you are new in weather app development, you can try it. Furthermore, the success of your Weather Forecast & Alert Mobile App is dependent directly on your app ideas and efforts you put in.

Moreover, ensure that you keep everything in check when it comes to upgradations and trends in the industry. This way, you will be able to provide your audience with the best possible services and dominate the entire industry.

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