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Ever wondered how annoying it is to struggle for a free parking space? As the population is increasing in leaps and bounds, the number of cars is also sky-rocketing, and that is causing all the dilemma of finding the parking spot. But what if we tell you that you can create a solution for that? How profitable would it be to create an app that can find you the “Right” parking space?

It just doesn’t stop here, finding where you parked your car after coming back can be one of the hassle tasks too. Just imagine finding your car from thousands of more cars!! Whoaa!! Difficult job, isn’t it?

If we look at the statistics, drivers around the world spend almost 20 hours a year finding the parking spot.

Well, luckily thanks to the IT industry that it has provided a solution for the same. Parking mobile app development has made a whir in the app market, henceforth we decided to come up with a step by step guide on how to develop a parking app like ParkMe.

Develop a Parking App like ParkMe

How does the Parking app work? (The feature set)

Since you are going to develop an app like ParkMe, you should first know how that works. First and foremost thing is list out features and functionalities of the user’s app in simple steps. Parking app has very basic features that follow something like this,

Search the spot

The person using the parking mobile app can search for the parking space he likes via geolocation tracking.

Variety of parking spots

When the users search for a parking space, they can filter out a variety of parking spots by Price, car type, space the car will cover, and more.

Reserve option

Users can also book a parking slot in advance and then when they reach the parking space, the slot is empty and they can get access to the booked parking space.

Payment option

Since integrating different types of payment options is very important, your parking management application should have that too. The users should be able to pay however they like. You can integrate Cash and Online payment options.


This particular feature is very effective and can engage your users with the help of a geolocation tracking system your customers can drive through the parking lot. And with the same feature, the driver can find his car from the thousand other cars.


Then lastly the user can park the car on the given slot.

Business model

The success ratio of such apps is proof that these on-demand services are actually helping people. And to everyone’s surprise, the demands are already high. Let’s take “ParkMe'' as an example. According to Forbes report, “ParkMe has raised $8.3 million US dollars from the leading investors and the usage of the app has grown 6,000 transactions per week to 16,000 transactions per week in the year of 2018.

As a matter of fact, if you’re wondering if there are already successful Parking applications in the market and whether or not there is a room for your new app? Well, the answer is yes.

Despite having 3 to 4 successful Parking applications, cities across the globe still struggle with the parking issue and you can get that cover by making a robust Parking space application. Follow the techniques mentioned below and you’ll know.

Collaborating with Service providers & big organizations

You can partner with businesses that provide Parking management solutions by creating a parking management system or software. Partnering with big organizations can also be beneficial as they don’t like wasting their time finding the “Spot”.

Partnering with cities across the country

If you wish to retain more users to your Parking management application then you can choose this option. You can partner with cities that ensure improvised urban infrastructure and diminishing noise pollution.

Collaborating with shopping centers and arcades

The most beneficial partnership can be this one, you get an ocean full of users in this particular section. When it comes to such huge sectors, it gets almost impossible to manage the traffic of all the people hitting the malls and arcades. People see reserving a parking spot facility as Cherry on the cake.

Develop a Parking App like ParkMe

Advanced features

Along with the basic ones integrate other features in the updates. However, you can launch an app with the basic features as well but if your ultimate goal is to gain more customers, you can integrate some advanced features to make it look and feel better. Below is the list of advanced features you can look up to before developing a robust Parking management Application.

1. Map

With the help of map integration, your users can see the traffic in real-time data. This is a brilliant way to engage users as well as giving them the convenience of choosing the appropriate route.

2. Select cities

You should also integrate with choosing different cities. It gives a big relief to people who travel often outside the city.

3. Push notifications

A great way to attract your users is by building a strong Push notification system. You can notify your users about the empty or full parking slot, application update, offers, and discounts, etc.

4. Waiting

In this feature, the user can create a history of wherever he/she has parked the car, and then they can select the most frequent spots. However, that spot can be taken. So, what waiting feature does is it is gonna remind the user when the space is available.

There are more advanced feature lists that can go on and on, but it is advisable to start with the basic features and then gradually move further.

How much does it cost to develop an application like ParkMe?

Even though it’s not possible to estimate the cost of developing any application. The cost of developing an app has humongous variations due to affecting factors. Let’s check the list of factors.

Location-based & Hourly charge




Backend infrastructure & App administration


Ongoing maintenance, app promotions, marketing, advertising, improved versions, updates, and future-proofing is what it takes to stay in your business for the long run and keep the users intact and that costs about 20% of the cost of mobile app development. Developing an app for a parking management system can cost you starting from $18,000 to depending upon your requirements and preference.

Summing Up

I think I have tried to cover everything I could and I hope it was helpful to kickstart your Parking management system. If you go through all the things i have mentioned and implement the same you will be able to build something meaningful. But don’t forget that the final result will be dependent on your innovative way of thinking and the development team you choose.

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Sanjay Kidecha