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Now, TikTok has become a sensation when it comes to providing entertainment to users through videos. With millions of subscribers using this app, it has become a trend for everyone to register themselves in the app. People, across all the nations, are spending many hours creating or watching TikTok videos and passing their time. The unexpected success of the app has led many users to research on how to create an app like TikTok.

Well, this is also because apps like TikTok are generating huge revenues at the moment. So, we have covered workaround, features, technologies, market analysis, creation of MVP (Minimum Viable Product), revenue model, and the cost of creating an app like TikTok, and more information in the article. And so, if you are looking forward to develop A Music Video App Like TikTok, keep on reading to understand all the aspects in detail.

How does an Application like TikTok Work?

TikTok is a platform that gives access to users to watch, creates, and shares videos on other social platforms. It allows users to create videos and upload them to the app. You can edit the videos as the app offers editing effects and many more features.

It is the best platform to showcase your talent and share valuable knowledge with the people across the world. Moreover, you can set live wallpapers on your profile as a DP by changing the default settings. Here are some quick facts about TikTok that you should know before starting an app development similar to this app:

It has about 500 million subscribers across the world.

In the year 2019, there were about 33 million users downloaded the app in the first quarter.

About 56 percent of the users are men, the rest are females.

Users spend about 52 minutes on the app daily.

It is available across 155 countries, allowing users to download and install the app on their smartphones.

Below are some basic steps that will help you get started with the Video Editing App Development and using it for your benefit. Also, when it comes to On-demand app development, you must invest in a company or hire mobile app developers who are skilled professionals.

Cost to Make an Application Like TikTok

Market research and analysis to develop a Music Video App like TikTok

Before you develop a music video app like TikTok, you need to research more about the current market situation. This involves the users that you need to target. Make sure that you go through the demographics of the market before coming up with a strategy to create an app like TikTok. You should know the behavioral pattern of the market that you are targeting.

Moreover, you must know what’s trending in that specific region, before you Build Video Making and Sharing App like TikTok. On-demand app development like TikTok based on people’s expectations and liking.

Creating MVPs (Minimum Viable Product)

On-demand app development is a challenging task. A plenty of options are available in the market that might confuse to a certain extent. And in such a condition, the best solution is to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). With the Minimum Viable Product, you can easily evaluate users’ perspectives and can collect feedback from them.

Also, you will be able to implement their opinions while creating or updating the application. when it comes to development cost, ideally, app developers charge you per hour that they have spent in the development of the app.

Cost to Make an Application Like TikTok

Features required to Develop a Music Video App like TikTok

Must-have Features to make an app like TikTok

Simple user interface: A simple UI makes every operation easy on the app for users.

Upload videos: This involves selecting the videos and uploading them on the users’ profiles.

Log in and sign up: This is essential, so people can post whatever content they have on their TikTok account.

Edit profile: This involves the editing of the users’ profile related stuff like display picture, their bio, and more.

Video editing: This feature lets the user to flip or speed-up their videos, and more editing options to make their videos better.

Notifications: This feature of the app, notifies the user when other users like or comment on their post and receive an update about new trends.

Filters & effects: As we all are aware, this feature is required to enhance the overall look of the videos or content.

A few other must-include features are, Make hearts currency, Admin panel, Hearts & commenting, Sharing, etc.

Additional Features to create an app like TikTok

Location-based content

Live video streaming

Real-time analytics

AR filters

Video preview before the registration

Express tools


Social feature

How to make money from the app? - Revenue Generation

Once you have researched the market and got to know the demands of the people, you must know how to generate revenue from the app that you have created. You can opt for fundraising campaigns to attract investors to raise funds for you. Moreover, you can also choose advertising campaigns and include features like CPC (Cost per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mile), and CPA (Cost Per Action) to generate income from the app.

Cooperation with the development team

After completing the analysis of the market and coming up with a concrete strategy to earn money from the app, you will have to get in touch with the efficient app developers to create an app. It includes business analysis that defining the scope of the product, coming up with the features that you want to add in the app, setting business priorities, creating a workflow, considering monetization strategies, identifying user roles, and designing the concept of the app.

Here are a few people, in which you must invest, depending upon your app’s requirements:

Database Experts

QA Experts

Android Developer, iOS Developer

Back-end Developer

Delivery Manager

A Project Manager

UI/UX Designer

Video Editing App Development

When you are into the process of Video Editing App Development, your main purpose should be to attract many users socially. You can add relevant keywords, post appealing screenshots, create a spectacular app icon, and write an engaging description for your app. Moreover, this overall procedure has been termed as ASO i.e. App Store Optimization.

For increasing the engagement factor in your app, you can use smart banners and create an effective content marketing campaign. You can also opt for paid advertising campaigns to promote your app on various social media platforms.

Technology Stack required to Develop a Music Video App like TikTok

Database: Mongo DB, Postgress, Cassandra, Mail Chimp Integration, HBase

For emails: Mandrill

Cloud Environment: AWS

Phone, SMS and Voice Verification: Twilio, Nexmo

Back-end development: Node.js

For Database Management: Datastax

Real-Time Analytics: Spark Streaming, Azure Stream Analytics, and Apache Flink

For Powerful programming: GWT

For the iOS platform: Swift

For the Android platform: Kotlin

Media Server Configuration: HTTPS, RTMP & HTTP

Payments: Paypal& Braintree, e-Wallet, Stripe

Push Notifications:, Twilio

Video or audio Transcoding: FFMPEG and Amazon elastic transcoder

Universal Operating System: Debian

Cloud Storage: Amazon S3 and Azure

Other than the above technologies that are required to make an app like TikTok are, Content Delivery Networks (CDSs), and Player configuration, also crucial.

Cost to Make an Application Like TikTok

Cost to Make an Application like TikTok

Now, that you would have gathered most of the information that is required to create an app, you need to determine the final cost using the information. The overall cost to develop a mobile application like TikTok will be around $20,350 to $92,700. It is based on the features both (must-have and advanced if any), complexity, size, design, platform, etc., that you include to make an app like TikTok.

If you consider the time taken to create the app, the music video app development cost might be less or more. It basically depends on the compensation given to the developers as per where they are located and hours of operation.


Creating an app like TikTok is quite easy, however, all the above-discussed factors should be taken into consideration. As the world of social media is evolving day by day, you need to make sure that you know all the mechanisms to create an app and to obtain a good ROI out of it. Since, startups around such platforms, which are always evolving because of the ever-changing technologies, it requires better preparations and a check on what is relevant to the users.

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