Cost to Outsource App Development in India

With the development in the information technologies and app development market in India, you can now outsource your app development requirements from the companies offering such services. Some pros and cons are associated with it that you will have to assess by researching the market. As the app development industry is growing, you will come across many companies that are offering such services.

And hence, for you to know which company you should outsource for your requirements to, you must have to learn the essential aspects that will help you to make a decision. You must be having specific questions in mind while approaching a Mobile App Development Company to collaborate with. Unless you are getting an appropriate answer to all the questions, you shouldn't work or Hire Mobile App Developers

So at first, identify your requirements, know what to look for in the companies, and then make any decision. Here is an in-depth guide on how to calculate Outsourced Application Development Cost:

Mobile App Development Outsourcing services in India

How much does it Cost to Outsource App Development in India?

Based on the location, the cost of outsourcing Mobile App Development will range between $25,000 to about $100,000. If you consider all the complexities and the scope of outsourcing the mobile app development services, you can keep your budget restricted from about $20,000 to $50,000.

If you want to opt for multiple features, then keep your budget opened from $100,000 to $200,000, so that you can pay the outsourcing companies for what they deserve. For example, you can look at the below prices to get an idea of how much it would cost for you to opt for the outsourcing services:

Real Estate Apps – about $12,000 to $15,000

Messaging Apps – about $20,000 to $70,000

Home Service Apps - about $10,000 to $50,000

Grocery Delivery Apps - about $10,000 to $50,000

Dating Apps – about $15,000 to $80,000

City Guide Apps – about $15,000 to $40,000

Liquor Delivery Apps - about $10,000 to $50,000

Salon Appointment Booking Apps - about $10,000 to $30,000

Food Delivery Apps - about $10,000 to $50,000

Networking Apps – about $25,000 and more

Yoga & Meditation Apps - about $15,000 to $80,000

Banking/Payment Apps – about $40,000 to $70,000

Taxi Booking Apps – about $15,000 to $90,000

So, now you must have an idea of how much it would cost you to opt for the outsourcing services that are offering by many companies. Further, you can take a look at the hourly rates that these companies charge you to develop mobile apps.

Hourly rates as per the location of the Company

Well, it would be helpful if you keep in mind that these figures are derived by taking an average from all the charges that every service provider offers. You can get to know the exact rates when you get in touch with a service provider personally.

India, Asia: Most of the companies in the Indian subcontinent or any other Asian countries charge about $18 to $25 to develop an application for Apple and Android phones.

North America: The companies based out in North America charge about $150 per hour to develop an application that supports Apple's framework. For all the apps that are designed for Android users, they charge about $170 per hour.

Australia: The companies that are situated in Australia, charge about $110 per hour to develop an application for iOS and Android platforms.

United Kingdom, EU: The companies located in the United Kingdom and EU, charge about $70 per hour to create an application that supports both the Apple and Android platforms.

South America: The companies in this region charge about $50 per hour for developing applications that are suitable for Apple phones, and about $40 per hour for all the Android phones.

Eastern Europe: The companies charge about $35 per hour to develop an application for both Apple and Android framework.

Once you have determined the accurate project details and description, you can get in touch with the development company from any of these countries or continents. Discuss with them about including all the features that you want in your mobile app. As you can expect now, how much it would cost you to outsource the development services, you can pay a specific advance to them when confirming the agreement.

Mobile App Development Outsourcing services in India

Things to keep in mind before you outsource the application development

When you are collaborating with any company for outsourcing your requirements, many things are taken into consideration. You will have to determine their mode of communication if you are contacting any remote developers. What are the mediums they use to communicate? What time do they work on? How long it will take them to develop an app?

Remember, a good app software development company will explain all these questions to you. They will further ensure that they will take accountability and responsibility to deliver the product on time. They will also try to flag any potential risks that are involved in developing an app. Moreover, they will also give you the appropriate solution to your needs. So, make sure that you choose the right company for collaboration and outsource your works to them.

Procedures and Supervision

Once you have collaborated with a company, your work doesn't end here. It is just the beginning. You will have to review their app development outsourcing processes and what are the stages involved in it. Moreover, coming up with certain steps that will help you to draft an effective strategy. These steps will ensure the best decision while you are looking forward to outsource app Development Company:

Discovery: You will have to communicate your goals, motives, objectives of developing the app, the deadlines that they have to adhere to, and the terms associated with it.

Scoping and Evaluation: You will have to include all the features and specifications that you want to add in the app, its capabilities, and mock-ups.

Development: At this stage, the company will be developing the app by using the right tech-stack according to platforms, based on the requirements that you have provided them.

Controls, Risk mitigations, and Production: Once the app is developed, the company will run diagnostics and perform the tests, putting the right controls in place. They will also mitigate the risks involved. Once everything settled in place, they will be assisting you in launching the application in the market.

Moreover, before you are looking for the right companies to develop an app, you must have to determine the following things:

The drawbacks of outsourcing

The detailed analysis of the technical aspects involved

The hourly bids that the companies have requested for

If an independent developer will be able to develop the app. Or you will need a group of developers to work on it.

Performing regular checks and updates

Whether the app comprises essential features and an appealing user-interface.

What are the risks involved?

When it comes to the risk of outsourcing the app development services of your company, the main threat that is identified by the experts in the quality. When you are compensating a specific amount to the company to outsource your project, it should be of adequate quality. Moreover, your efforts and time should not be wasted.

So, in such cases, ensure to have proper control. Also, keep a check on the performance via reports received from the company. Moreover, to make sure that the company delivers the right app to you that match your expectations, you will have to regularly check the codes that they are implementing. Also, keep an eye on the platform that they are using to develop your app.

Mobile App Development Outsourcing services in India

How to come up with an efficient plan when you outsource application development?

You will also have to examine that the app they are developing serves the purpose and meets the goals that you have set. Here are certain steps that will help you to come up with an effective plan while outsourcing:

First of all, determine the application objectives

Assess the risks involved in outsourcing the app development services

Research appropriately about the market conditions and companies

Interview the developers and identify their strengths and weaknesses

Have an effective project plan in place that must include a backup plan

Schedule weekly calls with the developers and address their issues or concerns

Perform regular tests before launching the product in the market

Release the app in the market

Above-given are some best tips that will help you outsource a trustworthy app development services for your app. Besides, make sure that you have a proper NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in place.


Mobile App Development Outsourcing services are booming in today's market, as the demands for the developers has increased simultaneously. When you want to outsource app development services, choose the right company that can match your expectations. They should be able to meet your requirements at ease. You can also get in touch with an expert who can help you in collaborating with the potential outsource app development company.

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