Cost to build a weather app like arabia weather

It is not possible to predict the weather by just looking at it. But, you can get accurate information and prediction of weather by clicking on a weather app icon on your smartphone. Do you agree? Well, you do! This has become possible with the use of the Internet and technology. With advancements in technology, the weather mobile apps such as ArabiaWeather provide users accurate forecasts and alert them.

Furthermore, these weather mobile apps let users know about the weather conditions in advance. With the necessary features integrated in it, a weather mobile app makes the users prepared for weather-related challenges in the future. So, if you want to make an app like ArabiaWeather then you must be worried about knowing its overall cost.

To develop & launch your weather app you will need to hire Weather App Development Company which provides you an on-demand development solution that will further impact the overall cost. However, prior to getting into the details of Weather App Development Cost, you should know its features and benefits which are also play a significant part in the cost estimation.

Make an app like ArabiaWeather

Various Features Impacting the Cost to Develop a Weather Mobile Application

While developing an amazing weather mobile app, you should choose the right functionalities and features for your app. Moreover, as per the number of features used, the cost to build an App like ArabiaWeather will fluctuate. Equipping extra and advanced functions will raise the overall Weather App Development Cost. Here are a few crucial weather app features to make an app like ArabiaWeather:

Push notifications:This is an important feature that alerts app users about weather conditions. It works on the latest weather forecast. Furthermore, this reminds users to carry an umbrella in case of rain or protect themselves from sunstroke.

Climate map:This feature is used to show global climate change. It is necessary to update this feature regularly to maintain its usefulness. In case of budget constraints, you can skip this feature in the initial version of your app. But, integrating it later to attract more people towards the app is highly recommended.

Weather forecast:This important feature shows the prediction for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly forecast along with present conditions of weather. Of course, ‘real-feel’ temperature can be an awesome additional feature.

Sunrise, Sunset, and Moonrise time:This feature shows the day’s length. Also, to make it more appealing, you can even add moonrise time.

Sunrise, Sunset, and Moonrise time:This feature shows the day’s length. Also, to make it more appealing, you can even add moonrise time.

Predictions of wind:This is another important feature especially for paragliders, windsurfers, etc. Moreover, this may also help regular users while they are looking to go out on weekends.

Predictions of rain:This feature indicates the percent possibility of rain, along with cloudy and very-cloudy indicators.

Additional Features to Make an app like ArabiaWeather

Humidity level:However, this feature has no significant role, but the users may check the humidity level during the monsoon or snowfall.

Appealing visuals:Appealing weather visualizations can attract people to your app. Stunning visualizations integrated with the map allows the users to check the weather data.

Time-lapse:This is an educative feature that enables users to know the changing moods of the weather. Also, it helps users to go through the historical changes in the weather across the different countries of the world.

UV level and visibility: Majorly used during summers, this feature displays the sun’s UV radiation level on the world’s map by Solar UV index. Moreover, the visibility feature is generally used by the drivers to check visibility before going out.

Make an app like ArabiaWeather

How is Weather Mobile App Development Beneficial?

A weather app like ArabiaWeather integrated with amazing features is useful for various sectors. Mentioned below are some crucial benefits of the app:

Weather apps like ArabiaWeather send alerts on time. People can prepare themselves for disasters and any possible calamities. Moreover, your app can integrate advanced warning options to make it more efficient.

Weather-forecasting via apps saves a lot of time. Users need not tune into the TV or radio to know weather conditions.

The weather apps are linked directly with the satellite-based weather data. And hence, they assist governmental organizations to send warning signals in advance.

Weather apps like ArabiaWeather help both the aviation and transportation industries by providing them real-time weather data. Aviation companies may change their route if they get an accurate prediction of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Moreover, the logistics sector also benefit from weather forecast and saves their consignment.

These apps benefit the travel and tourism industry as well. Customized weather apps are even useful in military operations.

Farming wholly depends on weather conditions. The forecast may help farmers decide the right time to harvest the crop yield.

Make an app like ArabiaWeather

How much does it Cost to Develop a Weather Mobile Application like ArabiaWeather?

The cost to build a weather app like ArabiaWeather is pivoted on different aspects and it changes as per the change that happens with these constraints. The most crucial of these are app’s complexity, size, the technology used, and the number of features to be integrated. Apart from that, a few other aspects that constraints the cost are as follows:

1. Weather App Developers’ rate

The hourly rate of developers varies from region to region. For instance, US-based weather application developers charge around $150 per hour. However, Indian weather application developers charge only $25 to $30 per hour.

Well, look at the difference in the cost charged here in these two countries. Hence, you seriously have to keep the rate of an app developer in consideration and their location on check. You can save a lot of money that too by getting an application created, which has the required quality.

2. Duration of the development of Weather app like ArabiaWeather

The duration of development depends upon the number of features integrated into the app. It takes more time to develop and test a feature-rich app. Greater the number of features, greater will be its development time. This means more development time, more will be the development cost.

3. The complexity of the Weather app like ArabiaWeather

The level of complexity decides the app’s cost as a complex app is costlier than a basic app. Adding innovative features increases the duration of development and in turn, it increases the cost of app development.

4. Development platform used for Weather app development

The weather apps can be developed for Android, iOS, and even cross-platform. Interestingly, developing an app for the Android platform is a bit costlier than the iOS platform. It is so because the Android platform has many devices and it needs to be tested on all the devices that enhance the time & cost.

5. Design of the Weather application

UX/UI design plays an important role while you make an app like ArabiaWeather. So, a part of the total budget of Weather App Development Cost should be kept reserved for the same. Well, it will help with the design of the application better.

6. Security of the Weather app

It’s one of the primary concerns while considering the factors impacting the cost to build a weather app like ArabiaWeather. To maintain the privacy and security of your Weather app like ArabiaWeather, you must assign some budget for security measures. Now, depending upon what security measure you are going to use for the app, the overall Weather App Development Cost will change accordingly.

In the end, keeping all the above-given factors in mind, a feature-rich app can cost approximately $30,000. If you consider opting for advanced features or technologies that are newest, it might cost more than $40,000. So, choose the accurate measures, at first. Once done, move to create an estimation of the cost to build an app like ArabiaWeather. Lastly, start to work on your app’s execution and don’t forget to keep the maintenance and marketing cost in mind.


With time, weather apps like ArabiaWeather have gained much popularity. To help your app gain more momentum, you need to hire a team of experienced developers. Furthermore, it will help you to develop one of the best applications in the market in 2020. You may also integrate your business with the latest technologies at optimum costs.

Moreover, the cost to develop a weather mobile application, if spent well, can actually create a product that can dominate the entire market. In 2020, it’s all about creating something out of the lane. So, ensure to invest in correct measures and find a team that will derive results for you in the long run.

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