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The logistics market is seeing a growth across the globe. Rapid growth of the Ecommerce industry is one of the leading factors responsible for the growth of the logistics industry.

So, why not cash in on the opportunity?

You already have a successful example of Uber freight and Convoy to give you the assurance that there is definitely need of more such applications in the logistics and transportation industry. The supply is still short as compared to demand.

Small industrial units and houses still find it difficult to find trucking companies to move their goods from one place to another. Hence, an opportunity for you to make an app like uber for trucking and provide a platform for trucking business and customers to capitalize on the growing market.

Have you already started to make plans of a mobile app for your logistics business? Before you hire a mobile app development company for your project you need to know the approximate trucking application development cost.

The cost to make an app like Convoy will depend on multiple factors such as the number of features you implement in the app, platforms on which you are planning to launch the app, the average experience of the developers’ team, geographical location of the developers/development team and much more.

Let’s tell you some of the basic and advanced features to have in your on demand trucking app to make it a successful one!

On-demand Trucking App Development Cost

Features of a Shippers’ App

Registration & Login

It is the basic feature for both shippers and truckers app. If you are planning to provide services for individuals and businesses, we recommend you to enable registration and login via social media or Email. Much to your clients’ delight, this will make the process quicker and smoother.

List of Vehicles

In Uber for trucks app, carriers choose to accept a cargo based on its location, vehicles and shipment destination etc. However, for carriers to choose, shippers should be given a choice to select their cargo based on its size and weight.

Vehicle Booking

People usually book a taxi when they have to leave immediately. But in the case of cargo shopping people usually plan in advance. To avoid situations where you have to cancel shipment requests due to unavailability of an appropriate vehicle, you implement an option to book the vehicle in advance.

Alerts & Reminders

Alerts and reminders are always a saviour in today’s busy schedule. Forgetting about your shipment can disrupt entire schedule. Reminders and alerts can save a lot of mismanagement for both parties.

Vehicle Tracking

The vehicle tracking feature can be implemented by accessing truck driver’s location via their phone’s GPS. If shippers can track the location of their cargo in real time then they can be rest assured about safe delivery of their cargo.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrating a payment gateway will give users the option to pay directly from the app. You need to take into consideration multiple things before choosing a payment gateway. If you don’t have the technical know-how, you can definitely ask your on demand app development company.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews option is always a good idea. It will help you monitor your carriers as wrong partners can cost you clients, reputation and money too.

Features of a Carriers’ App

Registration & Login

The registration process will be different depending on the carrier you choose - own fleet or private carriers. There is always the option of email registration or social media login but you can also provide each carrier with personal login and password after you have approved them.

Shipment Details

Before accepting a shipment request, a carrier should be able to see all the information related to a cargo such as dimensions, type, weight, pick up/drop off locations and date & time of pickup/delivery.

Sorting & Filters

Even shipment details should be sortable if there are multiple options for the carriers to choose from. Carriers should be able to filter by date, type of cargo and pickup/drop off location.

Request Management

Carriers should have the option to cancel an order in case of accidental acceptance or change in circumstances.

Route Tracking & Optimization

This feature cannot be considered a must-have but it helps carriers while making deliveries. If you track vehicle route in real time and adjust routes as per hindrances ahead then it will enhance the services you provide.

Proof of Delivery

When a delivery is complete, the carrier might have to provide proof of delivery. With this feature they can upload a photo or document.

cost to develop a Trucking app like Convoy

Admin Panel Features

Let’s clarify that admin panel is not a separate app. It is a web page from where the owner can monitor and manage their business. It will need the following features:


This is where you can see pending as well as completed orders. Moreover, data on shippers, carriers and vehicles are all visible here.

Billing Management

Easily verify and approve the invoices that come through the application

Driver Monitoring

Monitor each driver’s activities such as their location, their stops, time duration of those steps and pending orders

Vehicle Monitoring

You can know a vehicle’s condition, speed, stops, location and fuel consumption.

Advanced Features

Live Chat

The live chat feature will enable app users to get in touch with your customer care representatives for their queries. When it comes to small and medium scale businesses hiring freight services, it is important for both parties to stay in touch with the marketplace. The live chat feature will help you achieve that.

NFC & QR Code Reader

Implementing the QR code feature will eliminate the possibility of a mix up in cargos. Moreover, NFC can be used for proof of delivery.

Multiple Languages Support

Even if you are operating in a single country, there are chances that all shippers don’t speak the same language. The multiple languages support feature will increase the convenience of customers.

We hope that by now you are clear how the estimation of on demand trucking app development project is done.

Trucking app like Convoy

On Demand Trucking App Development Cost

As discussed earlier the development cost of an application like Convoy depends on multiple factors.

The approximate time to develop a similar app is 4 months and the approximate cost ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. Again the time and price estimates are quite rough as the actual number will depend on the number of features and platform of your application.

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