Cost to Develop Ticket Booking App like Stubhub

There is literally no one in this world who doesn’t like a movie-going experience. To forget about everything else and focus on a 2.5 hours long movie is a great way to kill time. Movies today have shifted diametrically and are showing the real world through a different lens. And what's more interesting is that you can sit back and relax while forgetting everything else in the world.

In our country, there is a high ratio of cinema lovers and thus there also comes a major requirement to Develop A Ticket Booking App like Stubhub. The introduction of this type of application will reduce the hassle of standing in line to get the ticket for your favorite movie.

Why are ticket booking apps so popular?

As discussed before, today everyone follows a very rigorous and hectic lifestyle. In this busy lifestyle, it becomes rather more complicated to go out and book tickets for the screening of your favorite movies in advance. But with ticket booking apps everything seems crease-free. For the ticket booking app development all we have to do is reduce the waiting time of all movie buffs and buy them some extra time to just check out the list of most- awaited movies, new releases along with the ticket availability. Thanks to the expansion of various social media handles that now it has become easy for people to keep a tab about their favorite filmography.

Now, the main question that arises here is how to develop the app? What are the different features that it should have? What is the list of research that one should do before developing the app? It is true that before developing any application the one major step that has to be undertaken is market research. One has to always look for the current market scenario, response of the users towards the various competitor apps and so on.

The overall agenda of a ticket booking app is to relieve you from the physical and mental stress amid the hectic schedule of life. In the present scenario, people are used to doing everything online. The movie ticket booking application development company has also spread throughout itself to the era of smartphones, and thus the number of apps developed to support the process has also seen a great hike.

ticket booking application development cost

Let us now look at the major features to be followed for the same.

1. Registration: This is the most basic step for any app. All the users can start by providing necessary details like mobile number, email id, password, and name.

2. Log-in: After filling in the details, the particular user can log in through the landing screen. The ticket booking app development cost can be recovered when there is a huge demand for the app by expanding the users-base. For better and fast results, you can hire on-demand developers and get optimum results in no time.

3. Location and homepage: The third most important feature in the app shall be location and homepage. The users will be asked to provide their location with the help of GPS, and then shall reach the homepage. The homepage shall consist of deals, offers, a list of movies major settings, and others.

4. Show listings and bookings the show: Through the show listings page, the user can search by entering keywords, check language, ratings of the movie, and so on. Then the user can book the ticket by clicking on the book show option and proceed further to make payment.

Other features that should be stacked in the admin panel are as follows:

Login and dashboard: The app admin shall log in and then check all the stats for business performances.

Managing Users and Shows: To Make an app like Stubhub one has to pay attention to the detail to manage users and shows. The admin panel shall have access to manage user lists, active and new users. The admin can also manage the show category, ongoing format, time, and language.

Managing Earnings: To Only admin shall have access to this page and can discreetly manage the earnings and delete the percentage of commission.

Push notifications: The admin can send push notifications to the users informing them about the new offer, show timings, and other updates.

Scanning the ticket: This feature will help the ticket collector to scan the QR code of the ticket booked online.

Advance Features

Apart from the usual features sometimes it is even better to try on some additional features for your ticket booking app. By integrating these advanced features on the app, the users will definitely get high leverage over the other apps. The advanced features that should be included in the app are:

Integrated Calendar: This feature will help the users to manage their schedules and help them prepare for the advance booking.

Smart search: This feature will show the user suggestions based on user history and make the nearby options available.

Visual media: This will help in making the app look more lucrative and shall have photos and videos related to product details.

Cloud storage and customer support: While the cloud storage can store immense data, customer support can easily assist the user while booking a ticket.

Apart from all the above-mentioned points, while developing the app one has to make its platform compatible. To integrate the above features smoothly into the app one should always go for a mobile app development company that pays attention to all the details starting from the bottom. To build an event ticket booking application that scores big with the users in the first instance can be tedious but not impossible. The only thing is that you have to know what are the features you want and then design accordingly with an interactive user interface.

ticket booking application development cost

Development Cost of App is an Essential Factor

The development cost of any app plays a vital role for developers and the company involved within. The cost of an app is based on the working hours of the developers in the form of time, features, and technologies involved during the process. You can take a rough estimation of the ticket booking app development cost like StubApp by the help of various aspects such as :

The first thing is Basic and Advance features

Depend on Platform chosen by the client like as iOS, Android, API, Hosting, Languages

The development center based on region

Complexity and Hours investment

Every app has different parameters to decide the cost of development. So the cost of creating an app like StubApp has a high level of technology used and dedication to make a perfect App for Online ticket booking services. However, with so much technology and good teamwork usually costs between $10,000-$25,000 for single platforms. If you are going to develop for both platforms, then the cost may reach up to $35,000.


Ticket booking apps are the newest technology to have made a fleeting approach in the movie scenario. The demand for such apps has seen such an upsurge in recent years because of their easy accessibility. Now, no one has to stand in queues or wait for the movies to premiere on a Friday. All you have to do is check your phone, log in to the app, and get an exclusive report of your favorite movie screenings.

The fact is that we could carry the entire on-aired movie list in our palms and pockets to choose from to watch and book the theater ticket in advance with the movie ticket booking app like Stubhub.

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