Cost to Develop a Logistics Management App

Since Mobile phones are getting more intelligent, who wants to monitor the operations of logistics for 24 hours continuously? It's not possible for anyone to do this. However, logistic management apps can track all the logistics operations for 24 hours constantly. This is only a simple mobile app that will track all the tasks perfectly.

Hence, organizations running in this field with On-demand App Development can adequately make huge salaries by bringing their procedures onto mobile apps, with the activities executed through applications. In the real world, logistics App Development Cost and transportation organizations have a significant impact on the more extensive business conditions all around the globe.

Also, heaps of organizations are subject to their merchandise being moved to start with one area then onto the next inside a reliable period. With the rise of portable On-Demand Logistics App Development acting as the hero, these activities have become progressively productive. So, if any organization has an idea to develop such an application, then they can get detailed data about the cost to develop logistics management apps.

Moreover, the on demand logistics management app development cost depends upon various factors that have to be integrated into the app. It includes features or functionalities, technology stacks, development team, resources, investment of time, advanced features of the app, services, and more. So, let’s dive into the analysis of each factor:

Business Model for logistics App Development

It involves the following:

Cross-Border Business Model, which involves electronic commerce requirements and financial services to customers.

Mutually Beneficial Business Model, which involves value co-creation and interactions.

Open Business Model, which involves using key resources or assets in order to obtain value.

Supply Chain Integration Services Business Model, which involves the positioning of the users.

Multiple Platform Business Model, which involves the promotion of various party transactions.

cost to make a logistic management application

Various Types of Logistics & Transportation Mobile App Solutions

Well, there are several logistics apps that one can build are described below:

Armada Management Mobile Apps

These types of On-Demand Logistics apps mainly track all the vehicle and fleet-related information. Therefore, a company can easily assign a specific vehicle when it is needed and based on the requirements. These fleet management apps are fruitful to controls and manage the drivers in a systematic way.

Logistics On-Demand Cellular Apps

These types of On-Demand Logistics apps help to deliver the actual good as per the customer's requirements. With this solution, you can be confident that shoppers have got the merchandise that they have settled on, and cause you to time the after-deals process flawlessly.

Mobile Apps for Warehouse Answers

With the data from distribution center applications, it's conceivable to spare a gigantic sum through efficiencies and refer to statistics in a progressively sort out way. Moreover, this makes it simple for the crowds to concentrate on the best possible records with no delays.

Dispatching & Tracing Apps

The On-Demand Logistics applications enable you to get ongoing reports concerning routes that are taken and the area of things.

Logistics Application Key Innovations

A huge part of the costs to build logistic management development is mainly spent on the development of those apps, which are used for the transportation of the products. The following are different forms that can incorporate inside an on-request logistics mobile app.

Cost to Develop a Logistics Management App

Consumer Panel

Client Registration

This is the main section of the application that clients will arrive on. They could sign-in utilizing their email id or social networking credentials.

Choice of Vehicle

Users can easily select a specific vehicle that should be utilized for transportation.

Planning and Coping with Bookings

Activities can be planned by utilizing clients in only a couple of steps. So with the particulars on the client's transportation necessities, all that will be left is an allocated date and time.


The notices and alarms identified with conveyances, offers, following, and various issues dispatch to clients.


The clients can create all invoices concerning approval caused. Clients will likewise have the option to see their cost and conveyance history.

Track Shipments

Clients can follow the course or track taken for products and shipments continuously with the goal that you can recognize whether the logistics service has taken the best route or not.

Estimate Fare Costs

This component gives the client a thought regarding the expected toll of the activity. This will be reliant on the conveyance, the goal spot, and the course that should be taken from the pickup region.

Get a quote

Clients can demand a statement from the specialist co-op to get an expected concerning time and cost venture.

Driver Registration

In this segment, drivers can sign in utilizing their email ID or through other networking accounts.

Explore Shipper details

Data in regards to the shipper, similar to Name, Contact Information, Address, drop off area, and the Invoice created can be broken down and put away here.

Cargo Details

This will integrate the separation required to be secured, fuel utilization, device costs, the heaviness of merchandise that are to be moved; drivers create cargo details.

Route & Navigation

GPS enables the drivers to decide the proper routes to be taken to arrive at the goal. Along with these lines, clients and the management can both be kept on the up seeing the driver's conduct as he makes deliveries.

Secure Login

To keep up with immense framework honesty, management can make their record or can sign in utilizing their email ID.


It is in this segment where every one of the clients, a measure of pending and finished shipments, just as other data concerning business bits of knowledge, can be broken down and checked by the management.

Oversee trucks, taxes, and shippers

It is from this segment the management oversees and stores data for shippers, vehicles, and every one of extra expenses brought about in making conveyances.

Pop-up messages

Clients are kept refreshed through messages for order completion, installments, driver designation, and significantly more through notices.

Billing & Invoice

From here, the Admin inspections and endorses all bills and invoices produced by clients or drivers.

Fuel Consumption & Vehicle Management

This is where the administrator records the number of vehicles running and the fuel consumed by them. Moreover, here the supervisor can likewise store and track the whole board.

logistics App Development Cost

Excessive Features

These apps offer you some attractive features. So to know about these features just take a glance below:

In-App Chat

Live Stats of Delivery


Constant Investigation

Driver Safety

Payment integration & Referral Rewards

Cloud Technology

Involved Technology Stack with the Logistic Apps

Before crafting On-Demand Logistics App Development, it has to be ensured that the correct technology. It includes:

Payment: Stripe, PayPal, E-wallet.

Real-time analytics: IBM, Spark, Cisco, Hadoop.

Database: HBase, Mail Chimp Integration, MongoDb.

Notification: io, Twilio.

Cloud technology: Azure, AWS, Google.

Team for the Development Process:

Well, you need to follow some steps and phrases systematically if you want efficient performance and quality from the apps. Also, to estimate the cost to make a logistic management application, you have to be concerned about choosing the right development team. This will ensure you choose only reqd. people for your app development such as:

Project Manager:

They should be acquired the best managerial skills and the ability to provide the best solutions.


The professional teams of UX/UI designers come with the core idea and solution for the app development. You have to remember that a well-designed app can easily attract users.


They are known as the creators of the app. They only can develop your app innovatively, which will help your company to cope up with the competition in the market. They should be professional in both Android and iOS.


They test the apps and assures whether the app is developed by accomplishing all the operability and functional requirements or not.

Cost for On-Demand Logistics Application Development

Actual Cost for On-Demand Logistics App Development

The cost to make a logistic management application is varied with the number of hours taken to develop this app. In America or Europe, the cost can be varied from $200 to $500 per hour. However, the cost of this app development is cheaper in Eastern Europe than in other parts of Europe. The most crucial factors affecting the overall development cost include:

Quality Assurance

Web Development

App Design

Duration of the development

iOS and Android native app development

Project management

Backend Development

Moreover, in India, the cost is too low for this app development. It starts from $20- $25 per hour. Therefore, you need only $10,000 to $30,000 for the whole app development of both Android and iOS. Depending upon the features involved, this cost, however, can go further up to $40,000.

Other than that, the technical consideration, marketing of your app, app maintenance, updated versions of the application and other charges such as the cost of testing them, which is crucial, is also taken into account. Since the upgradation is a continuous process for an app, the cost keeps on changing depending upon the new technologies or customer feedback.

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