Cost To Develop A Food Recipe App like Yummly

What to cook for dinner? What can I cook from leftover? Or to find any traditional or authentic food recipe. If you have installed a smart food recipe app in your mobile, you would be able to get cleared all recipes related clutter. The discovery of the mobile app development has got revolutionary improvement in almost every industry vertical, and Food Recipe is one of them.

Moreover, such technological advancement helps and drives people to try different things in a nutshell. For instance, with the Food recipe app, one can easily cook even though they do not know about cooking or ingredients at all. Food Recipe App like Yummly and Cookpad have integrated the shopping option too, that helps to newbies, to get delivered all the necessary ingredients at their door-step.

As a matter of fact, the success of any business motivates other entrepreneurs to follow the same strategy for their business success. And so, after the success of recipe apps like Yummly, Cookpad, etc., the food & beverage industry has already entered in the mobile app development, to help the wishful chef discover, learn and prepare different cuisines using the food network recipe app.

In one of our previous blogs, we had an in-depth discussion on how to develop an on-demand food recipe app like BigOven. (Don’t hesitate to read it right away if you haven’t yet.) As it was promised to write on the development cost of cooking & food recipe app, here we are going on for the same to reveal its development cost right away.

Worldwide rate of app development

Rate is the first and foremost thing to consider whenever you are concerned about the app development cost. Apparently, the rate of software development is decided hourly, and it is different in mobile app development companies worldwide. It is necessary to be familiar with rates of different development companies locations wise to choose the right one. Let’s get an overview of rates at various locations.

Make an app like Yummly and Cookpad

You must be feeling amazed by the drastic fluctuation of the app development cost in different nations. The development service charges at different locations can be different in quality as well. So, you should have to know the other factors to secure the high-quality of your app in cut-rate.


Whether you are new or have experience of app development, you need to be clear with these two things, development rate and the platform. As we have seen the rates are various from location to location, you can hire on-demand developers from any location according to your budget. Besides, platforms to deploy your app based on your targeted audiences’ mobile operating system. If we tend to trend, the trending platforms are iOS & Android, as the number of mobile users have mostly divided into these two platforms.

However, you can research on your targeted audience before you select platforms. In the meantime, remember the complete app development process will depend on platforms and decides the cost to develop a Food Recipe App like Yummly or Cookpad. If you wish to develop a Native app that is developed for a single platform specifically, it would cost more, as each platform requires time & cost separately.

Every problem has multiple solutions, and so have this problem. Technology advancement has brought novel ways to cover multi-platforms in a single development service to cut on the cost & time to market. You can choose from the below development solutions to cater to your audiences with being on multi-platforms in a single time & cost.

Hybrid app development

Cross-platform app development

Progressive Web Application (with website it can be integrated)

Factors affecting the cost

Next to app platforms, many other factors are there, playing a crucial role to evaluate the Food Recipe App Development cost and how much does it require to make an app like Yummly and Cookpad.

Features & Functionality

Features and Functionalities of the food recipe app, are the most impactful ingredients to the recipe of its development cost.

Any feature you add, can raise the cost higher or it may not affect at all, it depends on the development time and technology required for a specific feature. So, it’s a piece of advice to pick your features list mindfully.

Let’s glimpse at the features of the Yummly Food recipe app that can make a Food Recipe app more user-friendly and engageable.

Log in/Sign up

Explore - to find new recipes

My Feeds/Just for you - recipes recommends

Store - to store the favorite or try later recipes

Articles - on kitchen tips

Plan & Shop groceries according recipes

Ingredients recognition with device camera support

Recipe Categories by cuisines, meal-time, allergies, and diets

Rating & Reviews to check or give to the recipes

Besides these features, other unique features are there in the Yummly food recipe app such are, recipe guidance with videos, trending & popular recipes, seasonal or quick & easy recipes, customize shopping list via meal planning, etc.

However, each feature will take a separate development time & cost, and so, choosing appropriate features are crucial for cutting corners development cost.

Make an app like Yummly and Cookpad

Visual design & UI/UX

Further, in the Food Recipe app development cost breakdown, user interface, and user experience designing is a noteworthy element as the level of design complexity can raise the development cost. Nevertheless, without a user-friendly & engaging app design, it’s hard to sustain users on the app, and that ultimately affects the revenue ratio.

So, in order to create a delicious design for your food recipe app under your stipulated budget, ask your designer to follow below steps:

Similar Food Recipe Applications’ analysis

User preferences and obstacles analysis

Create Wireframes

Create final design

Talking about app development companies, Kody Technolab is the most preferred mobile app development company to produce applications with cutting edge UI/UX Design.

Backend development

Backend development is as impactful to the development cost as the salt in the food. Backend development is required to connect the app functionality and features with the database and server, to do so, developers write codes using different programming languages.

The app platforms- iOS, Android, etc., you choose will decide the technologies to use for backend development and time of coding that significantly impact on the overall development cost to Build Food Recipe Application like Yummly.

Development Team Structure

To Create an Application Like Cookpad, you will require a full-fledge development team that includes below members particularly:

Business Analyst - While you are outsourcing the Food Recipe app development project, a business analysis is a primary step to recognize the current market scenario and the core requirement for your Food Recipe app.

The Business Analyst activity cost ranges from $42 to $205 depending on the region from where you hire specialize for the same.

UI/UX Designer - The food recipe app’s design should be simple and user-friendly that indulges everyone who comes on the app and can easily access the app to find their favorite recipe. To have an innovative app design, you may require to spend about $25 to $163 per hour.

Software Engineer - Mobile app engineer is like a stove for Food recipe app development as you couldn’t prepare your app to serve the users without them. They prepare your app and serve it on platforms after analyzing each tech and business priorities. You can hire such an engineer based on the app platform you want to create your app for such as iOS, Android, etc.

Their cost varies from their location, experience as well as platforms starting from $30 to $165, or beyond they can ask per hour.

QA Engineer - As a chef taste their dishes before serving it to others, your food recipe application, requires a quality analysis before going into the market. It required to diminish or increase any feature if required and especially to ensure the app bug-free.

For a delicious food recipe app, reheat the app with analysis of its quality with the help of QA Engineer, and it might cost you around $15 to $100 per hour.

Project Manager - To keep each process on track and to keep you updated at every level of the development process, you need a person that is a Project Manager. The Project Manager coordinates with each team member and ensures the project complies with all the given requirements and takes care of on-time delivery of the project. They usually ask within $35 to $200 per hour as per their experience and abilities.

Make an app like Yummly and Cookpad

Maintenance cost of App

After developing an app, it requires regular maintenance too, so how much does it cost to maintain a Food Recipe app?

In many cases, mobile app maintenance cost may account for 15% to 20% of the entire development cost. Your Food Recipe App requires maintenance even if you are not scaling up or adding any new feature into the application. So, why do you have to pay for it then? Find below “why”:

To fix bugs

To improve performance & stability

For code optimization

To add support for new OS versions

To develop a new feature

To enable support for the latest versions of third-party services

Cost to Develop Food Recipe App like Yummly

Based on the factors discussed earlier, we can estimate a basic cost to create a food recipe app like Yummly. If one develops a Food Recipe app with necessary features and functionality for a single platform Android or iOS and hires an app development company from India, it would cost them around $12000 to $15000.


To put it all together, to create an amusing and chef-friendly food recipe application, you need to dive through a deep sea of all these factors mentioned in the article. However, to consult an expert business manager who knows all domains market scenario and can help you to estimate how much it can cost you to develop an app like Yummly and Cookpad can cut the time off to a significant extent. So, don’t be late to get in touch with our intellectual business agent today!

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