Develop E-Scooter Sharing App Like Nextbike?

As the population is increasing at a very rapid pace, public transportation is becoming insufficient for people to commute. There is also a significant increment in traffic jams and it’s almost next to impossible to reach somewhere as planned. In these times, the cab-sharing sums up as the best solution and companies like Lyft, Uber, etc., are providing such services through their mobile apps.

The opportunity has been taken by many companies and they have started offering the same sharing services for the bikes and e-scooters. This mode of transport turned out to be the most affordable and convenient to commute short distances. This article focuses on the budget you will need to build such an app. If you are looking to invest to make an App like Nextbike, keep on reading.

Also, if you plan to hire Mobile App Developers, ensure that you check their portfolio and work background. Moreover, in this blog, we will take you through an in-depth analysis of the elements, which impact the overall cost to build E-Scooter App like Bird. Further, the E scooter App Development cost is inclusive of development team structure, must-have E-Scooter app features, advanced features, technology stack for E-Scooter app, and more.

So, let’s dig into the elements that will help to estimate the cost to build an App like Nextbike right away:

Primary reasons for growth in the e-scooter segment

A surge in demand for these sharing apps like Nextbike has raised due to various reasons. Yes, there is a lot of hype around it but that’s not the only reason for its success. Let’s have a look at some primary reasons:

Avoids traffic congestion

The compact size of these scooters will let you slide through the narrowest places and prevent you from sticking in the traffic for long hours. When a number of people are using these e-scooters to commute, the traffic will automatically get reduced.


When we talk or think about our convenience, there is no alternative that can beat this one. You will be able to start the ride at just $1, and then you will be charged just $0.15/minute.


We are shifting to the modes that cause less damage to our environment and electricity is one of them. All the manufacturers are introducing the electric variant of their cars, bikes, etc.

Cost to develop an app like Nextbike

Business or Revenue model to make an App like Nextbike

Developing an E-Scooter sharing app like Nextbike won’t earn you the profit. To keep it running, you will need to make it in a way that will generate some revenue also. Well, we have a few tested ways of how to make an app like Bird or Nextbike, which will make you significant money:

Selling ads: Yes, you can sell advertisement space in your E-Scooter Sharing application. These targeted ads by local eateries, shops or hotels, etc., will make you money in return.

Selling memberships: You can allow your E-Scooter Sharing application users to get enrolled in the VIP memberships. These memberships will benefit them like on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis.

Offers or discounts: Provide your E-Scooter Sharing app users with promo codes and discount offers to multiply your business revenue.

Typical features required to Make an App like Bird

Admin Panel:

Sign up/log in


Station management

Vehicle management

Ride management

Analysis of revenue

User Panel:


In-app payment


Push Notifications

Barcode Scanning

Ride History

Rating and reviews

Additional Features:

Smart Lock

Multi-lingual support

Real-time tracking

GPS Tracking

Search nearby e-scooters

Cost to develop an app like Nextbike

Some Advanced features of a bike-sharing app

There are some features that you must offer with these apps.


Users must be able to navigate through the app easily and should be able to track the bikes. These apps should also be able to track the scooters in real-time to get an approximate time.

There are some features that you must offer with these apps.

Easy unlocking

After the successful payment, users should be able to unlock the bike just by scanning a QR code for a hassle-free experience.

Advance booking

This is also one of the very important features that will turn out to be most convenient in the rush hours. This will eliminate the wait-time and users can reach the destination on-time.

Multiple payment modes

The app should be incorporated multiple payment options, so include as many payment options as you can. This will help the customers to easily make the payment through different modes, be it online wallets, UPI, credit/debit cards, net banking, etc.

Customer support

Be it any business, if the customer support isn’t up to the mark, users will find it difficult to trust you. There can be any issue that can happen while booking. And hence, the app users must be able to get to the customer representative to have a solution.

Technology Stack required to make an App like Nextbike

In order to make an app like Nextbike, ensure to check out below-mentioned technologies:

Application and Data: JavaScript, HTML5, Python, React, MySQL, Java, Amazon S3, Amazon Ec2, etc.

Utilities: Google Drive, Braintree, Google Maps, Stripe, Twilio, CloudFlare, Amazon CloudFront, etc.

DevOps: GitHub, Git, Docker, Webpack, TestFlight, and more.

Business Tools: Slack, G Suite, Okta, Confluence, Superset, etc.

Team Structure required to Make an App like Nextbike

It doesn't make a difference, which application you are looking forward to creating, hiring an On-demand app development company is essential. This is on the grounds that the developers should be skilled and have hands-on experience in the same domain. So, hire Mobile App Developers or a development team of experts by utilizing these tips:

E-Scooter App Manager: The project manager is required to manage the team of developers and their task at each stage. The Project Manager must be aware of industry trends and what works in the market.

E-Scooter App Designers: Graphic Designer and Skilled UI/UX designers.

Application Developers: It involves an Android App Developer, Front-end and Back-end App Developers, iOS App Developers, E-Scooter app manager, etc., hire as per your needs.

E-Scooter App Testers: This basically includes a good team, which can give you the required reviews and feedback, so you can improve your app. And further, the users are able to invest in the app after checking feedback.

Cost to develop an app like Nextbike

An Estimate of the Cost to Develop E-Scooter Sharing App

The overall cost to develop E-Scooter Sharing App will totally depend on the features you are going to provide and how many man-hours it’s going to take. The project can be divided into 3 heads as mentioned below:

1. The first will be the Admin features (written above), and it will cost you around $3,600 that generally takes 70-75 days.

2. The second step is user-features (written above) that will take around 45 days and will cost you $2,200.

3. The last but not the least is the customer features that will be the easiest and will be developed under $1,300.

All these costs are estimated when you are providing the very basic features. To make an App like Nextbike where you will provide features like social media integration, multi-language support, cross-platform syncing, etc., it’s going to cost you around $60,000 if the developing rate would around $35 per hour.

Apart from the features, the cost of E-Scooter App like Nextbike is also based on the development team cost, their location, etc. The E scooter App Development Cost further depends on the various different technologies and platforms that will be used.

However, this cost analysis is nowhere near perfect because it will totally depend on the customizations you are going to ask. Further, this segment is currently the investor’s heaven and you will also have a lot of scopes to grow. The e-scooter sharing app will store a lot of users’ data and it’s very important that you hire the best team of developers.


After going through this article, it should be pretty clear that to make an app like Nextbike isn’t that easy at all. It further requires a lot of elements of development and their respective cost in check to estimate E-Scooter App Development Cost. Moreover, you will need to find the investors to whom you can present the idea that is unique in its own way.

Furthermore, the only thing you should take care of is that the app you are developing is easy to use. It also should be something that can be used by all the age groups to generate enough revenue. You should also value customer reviews to understand their demands.

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Sanjay Kidecha