Cost to build an On-Demand Fitness App like Google Fit

The workout is such a task that everyone ends up skipping after doing it for some days. In our lives, we are so busy that our body also needs care and proper physical activity. There is absolutely no time in our hectic schedule where we can manage an hour or so for the gym. The opportunity was taken by the fitness app development company to create fitness apps. And they are able to provide us an easy way to stay fit and monitor our health.

From the small players to the big ones like Google, everyone is in the market with their versions and functionalities of the app. The apps are available on both platforms i.e. Android and iOS. But how to estimate the cost to develop an app like Google Fit is a question that comes to every mind before the idea gets executed. From the estimated cost to the arrangements you need to make, we will discuss everything in this article.

This guide will cover each factor that’s crucial and impacts the cost of On-demand App Development. Let’s dive into an in-depth analysis of how to estimate the actual cost to build an on-demand Fitness App like Google Fit:

The strategy required to develop an on-demand Fitness app

There is no business that will reach its peak if there is no proper planning or strategy followed. Here are some points that one should keep an eye on while building a fitness app in a low budget.


The type of app matters a lot that you should decide in advance and what you want to offer to your audience. There are a lot of variations you can offer in terms of functionalities.


It’s obvious that as much as you add the functions, the cost to develop a fitness application will go higher. You can add the features and include them in the premium package in order to make profits.

Path to development

The development of the app is done by keeping the platforms in mind. You have to select the platform on which you want to deploy the application- iOS or Android or both. If you want to develop an app for both platforms you can opt for cross-platform that is cost-effective and time savor.

Hiring the developers

Developers who are skilled enough are the key factor when it comes to the quality of the development of the fitness app. There are multiple companies that are working in this sector. Hire the professionals from them to not end up overpaying the individuals.


As much as the UI and features matter, proper promotion is also very important to create a successful app. The promotion and advertising can be done in numerous ways including user rewards and more.

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Revenue Model to make an app like Google Fit

The idea of the app is only worth it when it has ways to earn profits. The fitness app development cost is not the only thing you should worry about. You should also give proper attention to the profit-making aspect of the same. And hence, based on the type of app you choose, you can offer the same features with extended activities. Moreover, here are some ways that you can apply to earn heavy profits from your app:

In-app purchase

There is a whole range of features and functionalities that can be offered through in-app payments. You can offer fitness classes, personalized workout sessions, etc. 


You can also let the advertisers use the platform if they have some related products. If the proper approach is taken, they can turn out to be very beneficial. These ads have the potential to decrease the cost to develop an app like Google Fit.

Taking sponsorships

There are various scenarios like the sponsors that can provide some gifts to the users on reaching certain goals. This model is a win-win situation for all parties. Sponsors get the opportunity to advertise, the developer gets his/her intermediary charges, and the users get the rewards.

Key Features to make an app like Google Fit

There are some key features that every fitness app must-have. These features enhance and put weight on other unique features and the whole package turns out to be great.

User account

The app should be able to clearly take inputs from the users regarding their personal details like age, height, weight, BG, etc., and put these details in the users’ profiles.

Tracking the activity

The very basic feature of a fitness app is how well it tracks the physical activity of the users. The tracking includes activities like the number of steps taken, running time, cycling, sleep schedule, etc. The app should also be able to work with a tracker to monitor the heart rate. You can also add features like calorie count and notifications on stay hydrated.

Database training

The app can also add the features of training videos that will help the users in achieving the goal. The goal can be anything like losing weight or gaining muscles. It will increase a little cost to build an on-demand fitness app like Google Fit, but it can recover from premium customers.


The notifications carry big importance, as these apps are there to remind the users to workout and motivate them to be regular with physical activity. They are able to stay on track with their fitness goals.

Social network integration

The integration of social media in order to share the achievements on social media motivates the users. They find it completive and fun when their friends are overtaking them in terms of daily or monthly goals.

Add elements

When there will be social media integration, users will also be able to share and compete with their friends. This will pump motivation in them and challenge them to achieve the goals.

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Team Structure for Fitness App Development

If you are not taking cost-efficient measures, there will be some unexpected budget needs that may arise. The team that you hire should focus on the same.

Here is what you should consider:

Developing and designing

A developer is the one who will give birth to your app and a designer will shape it, so users can get attracted to it. Without an intuitive UI design, users will not get attracted to the app, no matter how functional it is.

Testing and supporting

After the designing aspect, there should be a team that tests and finalize the technicalities of the app. The support team will carry huge importance once the app is published. The support team will be the one to whom the customers will contact.

The time required to make an app like Google Fit

The overall cost to build an on-demand Fitness App like Google Fit is impacted by the time it takes to be developed. And hence, along with focusing on a strategy to make an app like Google Fit, it’s also important that you take a look at the time it’s going to take. The prototypes and design with the specifications will take around 60 hours.

The designing and development will take roughly 3-4 months. Other than that, testing requires around 80 hours and finally, the final touch of the application will take around 30-40 hours.

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Actual Cost to build an On-Demand Fitness App like Google Fit

The app development carries no fixed cost, and it clearly depends on the features and how complex your app is going to be. The cost actually varies a lot on the basis of the structure and strategy you are going to follow. For example, if you decided that the app will be published on both platforms, the cost will be affected by the selection of the platform.

The other factors that will determine the cost will be a list of features, the amount of time taken by the development team, and the type of platform i.e. Android or iOS.

An approximate on-demand fitness app development cost basically, depends upon various heads. The first and foremost will be the prototypes or MVP (Minimum viable product) and as per the time, the cost can be estimated at around $1000-$2000. The next step will be the designing of the UI i.e. the user interface and it will cost around $1500-$3000.

The largest chunk is taken by the front and back-end development of the application, which is going to fall in the range of about $10,000-$20,000. Moreover, the testing and providing update versions will cost around $3000 and $2000, respectively.

At the end, when it comes to the single platform app development i.e. Android, it is going to cost you around $15,000 to $30,000. Moreover, the cross-platform development will cost you $50,000+ for development.

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