Cost To Develop a Wedding Planning App

Weddings are considered as one of the most beautiful days in both the guy and girl’s life. It is full of happiness, and excitement for the couple and their close ones. And hence, to make arrangements for a wedding is not as easy as it looks on the surface. If we talk of the earlier times, most of the wedding preparations were looked after by family members. Do you agree? Well, people were used to dividing work among them.

Moreover, this used to create a lot of unwanted chaos and confusion during management. However, now, the time has become highly advanced and people have started switching to wedding planners. To find the perfect wedding planner, people are opting for a wedding planning app where everything is at their fingertips. If you are already into the wedding planning business and planning to develop an application for the same, you must be eager to know its cost. Before you get to develop a Wedding Planning App like LadyMarry, you must ensure knowing the Wedding Planning App Development Cost.

And the cost to develop a Wedding Planning App includes elements such as technologies, features, functionalities, type of platform used, type of wedding app required, additional features, etc. Furthermore, to make an app, the cost to hire Wedding Planning App Development Company or to hire On-demand app Developers will also be added. So, here is a breakdown of the important elements that impact the actual cost to build an application like Ladymarry:

What are the Advantages of Utilizing a Wedding Planning App?

Saves Time: A wedding planner app saves a lot of time and prevents any fuss. It further allows the users to choose wedding themes, venues, create a guest list, even the wedding-related shopping section is also available in some apps. Moreover, in short, it acts as a one-stop destination that ensures time management.

Establishes Connections: A wedding planning app establishes a cordial relationship between planners and clients. Planners even update their loyal users about recent happenings in their firm via push notifications. Apart from this, including some offline features improves connectivity between planners and users if any internet issue occurs.

Improves Brand Visibility: A wedding planning app helps wedding planners reach a larger audience irrespective of their geographical locations. Also, this helps in improving its brand status in the market and bag big projects. Well, this is something very crucial to look out for when you are in such a business, right?

Wedding Planning App Development Cost

Advanced Features that Impact the Cost to Build an Application like LadyMarry

CMS Integration: This feature manages the content of the page which includes sections like about us, privacy guidelines, FAQs, contact us, etc.

Payment Integration: This helps in sending and receiving payments from the user, vendors, etc. You can integrate options like PayPal, Credit, and Debit cards with a multi-currency mode. Hence, it makes payments simple and quick.

Gallery & In-App Camera Integration: This helps in sharing images and videos of different wedding ideas, themes, makeup and hairstyle ideas, etc. With the in-app camera option, users can share the images and videos with other users and groups as well.

Social Media Integration: It allows the user to share ideas on social media platforms right from the app. This can be useful as it may bring more audience to your app.

CRM Integration: This feature used to make an app like LadyMarry that allows the customer care department to handle customers. Moreover, they are able to tackle their difficulties quickly and smoothly.

Push notifications: It sends pop-up notifications to the users. It reminds the users of the wedding planning task without any delay.

Calendar Integration: It is used to set reminders for the tasks to ensure time management and avoid any delay.

E-Commerce: This feature, if it used to make an app like LadyMarry, it’ll provide all the users with a platform to do wedding related shopping.

Multi-lingual: It is a very important feature for destination weddings. This further helps in smooth communication and execution reducing the language barrier.

Ratings and Reviews: You may go through the experiences and reviews of previous users to make your app more efficient.

Blogs: Introducing the blog section is another way to attract more users through writing and impress them with your ideas.

In-App chat: This feature helps to communicate with the event managers, vendors, etc. It keeps the user engaged in your app.

Automated Chat Support: With the right use of technology, the chatbot helps to engage the user and solve their little queries.

Promotional Schemes: Introducing time-to-time offers and discounts keep your user loyal to your app. And hence, when opted to be used to make an app like Ladymarry, this feature gains you good conversions.

Impact of Technology on Wedding Planning

Talking about wedding preparations, earlier couples used to search for different wedding ideas in wedding magazines or brochures. Or simply they used to call out their friends and cousins for the brainstorming session. However, nowadays, couples immediately head to the internet and get ideas from all across the world. They further install mobile apps to get a desirable output.

Now, this is where a wedding planning business and its app development came into existence. Such apps not only provide unique ideas but also help in execution to make your D-day an extraordinary one. And hence, if you are planning to introduce a wedding planning app, then you are going towards the right path. In the long run, it will help you to earn a huge amount.

Wedding Planning App Development Cost

Cost to Build a Wedding Planner Mobile App like Ladymarry

The cost of developing a wedding planner mobile app depends on various factors like the number of hours invested, features integrated into the app, or the technology used. Some other important aspects include:

Basic and advanced features (Advanced app features are the ones that actually can raise the overall cost to build a Wedding Planner Mobile App to a high extent.)

Chosen Platform (iOS, Android or both)

Third-Party API Integration

Geographical Location

Team of developers

Now, the selection of the platform is entirely based on your target audience. Both Android and iOS platforms have their advantages and disadvantages depending upon the available technologies or types of app to be made. Moreover, if you select Android then you will be able to target a larger audience. On the other hand, choosing an iOS platform will allow you to target elite class and get you, premium clients.

You can also go for cross-platform app development. In this type of development, you can get two apps from single coding. It serves as a cost-effective option to develop a Wedding Planning App like Ladymarry. Furthermore, an efficient working app requires an experienced team of developers. Hiring a highly experienced team may increase the cost of development.

Development Team required to Make an app like Ladymarry

To make an app like Ladymarry, a good team of app designers, managers, app testers, app developers, etc., is crucial. They will be able to use their expertise to develop a wedding planner app as per your requirements. And hence, here is who you should be looking out for:

Designers: These include graphic Designer, skilled UX/UI designers, and more.

App Developers: IOS App Developer, Front-end developer, Android App Developer, and Back-end App Developers

Application Manager: Someone who acquire expertise and good managerial skills in providing best-suited solutions.

QA Testers: A specialist who is willing to assure quality feedback by testing out the product and bug tracking.

Secondly, location plays a major role in the hourly charges and impacts the overall cost to build a Wedding Planner Mobile App. You may find a huge rate gap in the rate of developers from India and developers from the USA. This does not indicate a dip in the quality of services provided. It’s all about the regional factor.

Estimated Wedding Planning App Development Cost

The cost will keep on increasing as you increase the number of integrated technologies. Well, on estimation we can say that the cost of developing a wedding planning app like Ladymarry, may cost between $10,000-$30,000 for a single platform and around $45,000 for both the platforms. The only thing now needed is to hire a mobile app development company and launch an app for your organization.

Apart from the above-discussed factors, depending upon the type of wedding planner app, the overall cost to build an application like Ladymarry might get impacted. This is because the features or technologies required to make a particular type, as mentioned already, those aspects can impact the cost. Therefore, choose everything keeping in mind the overall cost estimation and hire people accordingly.

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