consider android for on-demand app development

If you ask me the one invention that has given a paradigm shift to the lives of the people across the globe, I would unhesitatingly call the invention of the smartphone. Just look around and you will find magic happening all around you. Someone is booking a cab for his office and someone is playing his favourite poker game on his mobile. Someone is watching his favourite show on Netflix and someone is booking tickets for a film or drama. Smartphones have simply redefined the word convenience and we are all blessed that we live in such a beautiful and comfortable era where we can shop online, order food online and order services online too. Mobile applications have carved a niche for themselves by offering the next level of comfort and convenience to us and we are all thankful for the developers for it.

For businesses too, mobile apps have brought so much. They can interact and communicate with their users and target audience uniquely and effectively. Not just that, they can also enter new territories and expand their business horizons to improve their revenues and profits. Mobile apps also can make different processes and business operations more streamlined and improved.

On-demand mobile apps are in trend now due to various advantages they bring in the table. You must have some on-demand apps on your smartphone. If you are planning to start your on-demand app development, we would recommend going for an android app first as it will bring so many advantages for your business. There are many reasons to choose android for on-demand app development and in this blog, we will discuss some of them in details.

First of all, let's understand what on-demand apps are:

The main objective of the on-demand app is to connect the user with the device provider. For example, Uber is a perfect example of the on-demand app. Another example is Postmates that picks orders from the restaurants and delivers to the users. Earlier, we used to wait for the service provider to respond, but now you don't need to do that. These on-demand apps will connect you with the service providers and get your order at your doorstep in just no time.

It is a win-win situation for both the service providers and users. It is the reason the popularity of on-demand apps is increasing rapidly.

If we have to tell one app that has pioneered the concept of the on-demand apps, Uber is the name. It first understood the importance of filling the service gap and has become the first app to offer on-demand services to the users. If we talk about the present, there are hundreds of on-demand apps for different categories including taxis, groceries, food, medicines, home care and other categories.

As per the report by Harvard business review, the on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million customers every year and $57.6 billion in spending.

Also, as per The Innovation Enterprise, by 2025, the total revenues from all the sectors will go up to $335 billion.

Now, let's understand why you should go for Android app development for your on-demand app idea.

Why consider android for on-demand app development

If you are finding reasons to consider android for on-demand app development, there are many reasons to choose android first. Most of the start-ups are having this dilemma to choose whether iOS or Android first for the on-demand app, but the answer is simple and uncomplicated- Android.

consider android for on-demand app development

Here are the reasons to choose android for on-demand app development.

Android has a bigger market share compared to iOS

When we talk about mobile applications, two names come in our mind- Android and iOS. Both are rivals and competing with each other. However, when it comes to market share, android stays ahead compared to iOS. As per Statcounter, the market share of android is 74.85% compared to that of iOS which has a share of 22.94%.

Also, demographically too, android covers more compared to iOS. The thing is simple. Android should be your first choice for on-demand app development. There is no doubt about it.

Scope for high-level of customization

When it comes to needs and buying patterns of users, they are constantly evolving with time and hence, you need a platform which is prone to quick and frequent customization. Android scores are higher than iOS in this department. You will need to update your app from time to time to keep up with the expectations of the users and android is the perfect platform for it. It will also make your users happy and content as you are addressing the issues that are troubling them.

Lenient Google Play Store Policies

One of the main reasons to go for on-demand app development with android is Google Play Store and its lenient policies. It is quick and flexible and developers don't have to wait for days to get an approval for an app. On the other hand, Apple has some stringent policies and conditions when it comes to app development and deployment. In addition to that, android charges $25 registration fees for app deployment and Apple charges $99 for the same.

Google Assistance

Google Voice assistance is more effective and efficient than Apple's Siri. It helps users to access some superior benefits such as voice search and other additional benefits. You can easily find an item in the app without using your hands for typing and you will get accurate results too, most of the time.

Data storage

Data storage is also another intriguing reason why android developers prefer android for an on-demand app development project. Android offers 15GB free storage and if you have more data, you can take the help of Google drive, thanks to the cloud platform offered by Google for data storage.

On-demand apps collect the titanic amount of data from the customers and data storage is very important. Google cleverly addresses this issue.

Access to advanced features

There are some excellent features that android offers to the developers to make the app more advanced and user-friendly and effective. Some of these features are GPS, Google Map, Push Notifications and others. It will help users and service providers to operate processes much faster and efficiently.


Having a great idea is not enough, you need to ensure that you choose the right platform for the idea so that it reaches to the users you intend to reach out to. Android is the best choice for on-demand app development. However, you can also go for an iOS app version once you get the momentum in the business. Hire best Android developers who can develop an on-demand app for you.

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