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With technology getting advanced every day, it has become easier for everyone to connect with anyone across the world easily. To compete with the latest technology, the travel industry is also making notable improvements. Also, the majority of people are listening to their inner desires for exploring the beauty of the world. Moreover, the existence of smartphones has also made it easier for the travel industry to improve their services and expand their outreach.

Nowadays, most of the tourists are relying more on mobile phones to book their flight, train, or bus tickets. And hence, it has become possible for people to think of creating an app that offers all the required services. We have formed this article for the people who are looking to get started with on-demand app development for your travel business and planning to hire a city guide app development company.

Starting from the reason to choose a City Guide App Development to the app features that compute the app development cost, how to hire Mobile App developers and many other things are coming ahead for you. So, please keep reading on. This article will got you cover with every important aspect of your purpose.

Identify the Reason for City Guide App Development

The primary purpose of creating a city guide app is providing comprehensive and updated information to all the tourists and residents. They can view the app to find out the best things that they can do within the city. The information that is uploaded on the city guide app includes all the information relating to the best places to visit in the city, best restaurants to have food, best recreation centers, shopping malls, theatres, and so on.

Tourists can make the best usage of the city guide app to explore more within the city. You can also use it to plan your trip accordingly based on the information that you have gathered.

How to get started with City Guide App Development?

When you are going to develop a city guide application, you must plan your requirements first for the city guide app. For that, you will need to figure out the type of city guide app you want to develop. Once you have outlined the requirements, you should compare the same with the expectations and needs of your target audience. Also, this will help you in meeting their demands and improve your consumer base to a significant extent.

Once your plan is ready for the city guide app development, you will have to ensure that you stick to the plan. And hence, ensure that you have created it keeping in mind everything said above and execute it efficiently. Moreover, there might come a few issues that you will have to address when you are developing a city guide application. However, making improvisations will help you grow more in the market.

Develop City Guide Application

Various City Guide Application Types

City audio walking tour app

Dining guide app

Real-time journey planner app

City events app

Shopping guide app

Travel planner app

Augmented Reality (AR) city guide app

City sightseeing app

Who gets benefited with the City Guide App Development?

Developing a city guide app can benefit many stakeholders who are frequent travelers too. This happens when you deliver and stand up to the expectations of the stakeholders. With more and more people traveling across the world every year, they need an application where they can research about the city or place where they are traveling to.

And hence, these city guide app development comes to great use. Moreover, here are some of the best benefits for the stakeholders that they can enjoy:


They can find more information about the place they are visiting with the use of the city guide app. And hence, tourists have become the biggest beneficiaries of the city guide apps these days. Moreover, the app will help them in connecting to local businesses. They are further able to find relevant information about the city or states they are visiting. Apart from that, they can do more fun activities by figuring out the best hotels to stay in & to explore.

Local businesses

Local businesses can earn a lot of money when they are listing their companies on your travel app. Also, it will help them in advertising their restaurants or hotels. They can let people know about the benefits they are offering and generate huge revenues through these city guide apps.

City Administration

City Administration and local government can offer relevant information to the people and local citizens using the app. They can post news and authorized access to the people and boost transparency.

Features Required to Build a City Guide Application

Travel Assistance Features for the City Guide App development

Currency Converter

Shopping Guide

Social network integration

Local Maps

Location saving

Push Notifications

Search filters

Integration with Tripadvisor and Yelp

GPS feature in order to navigate

In-built Translator

Public transport map with its schedule

Recommendations and Reviews

Search feature by category, name, location or type

Informational Features for the City Guide App development

Details on Local Business

Tourist Attractions Details

Details about the Public Transport

Local Events Information and details

Additional Features required to develop City Guide Application

Multi-lingual Support

Immersive Travel Experience with AR i.e. Augmented Reality feature

Online Mode/Offline Mode

Emergency contacts

Personalization of App

Information Search

Develop City Guide Application

Business or Revenue Model to Build a City guide application

The field of advertising is gaining a lot of attention from the people. And this is why you can generate a lot of revenue from the city guide app if you channelize it properly. So, below-discussed are some of the best ways with you can generate revenue from the city guide app:

Promoting local businesses

When you have launched your city guide app in the market, it becomes essential for you to attract the local companies. This is how you further get to advertise the services and products using your city guide app. And when local businesses collaborate with you, you can charge a certain fee from them as you are giving them a platform to advertise their businesses.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense lets you show in-app ads and create revenues whenever users click on the ad. This tool is very common in the digital world. Moreover, you can register your city guide app on the platform and then start generating income from it.

Event Bookings

When you are coming up with a city guide app, you can promote the local events and manage the bookings by yourself. Moreover, when you tend to do that, you can make the right amount of money from the reservations easily.

Technologies required to build a City Guide application

App development: Swift, Java 7, Kotlin, and Objective-C

3-rd party services: Google Maps API, Facebook, and Google Sign-in

Web tools: js, JavaScript, Angular.js, Sequelize, and Passport.js

Testing: Jira, GitLab, Crashlytics, and Confluence

Release: S3, App Store, AWS, EC2, and Google Play

Develop City Guide Application

Estimated Cost required to build a City guide application

The cost to build a city guide application depends on various factors. When you have to develop a city guide application, you will have to consider the location and cost per hour of the developers or designers, and more. You will further need the platform that you are using to create an app. Furthermore, the features and functionalities that you include in the app also impact the overall cost of city guide app development. Overall, it will cost you about $10,000 to $20,000 approximately to build a city guide app.


Investing in the development of a city guide app is the best thing that you can do. Moreover, keeping the current market statistics in mind, you will be able to develop an MVP first with the required features. You can further test it with a few trusted people and improvise it before launching the final app.

Moreover, with people exploring many places across the world, you can dominate the market quickly by creating a useful city guide app. In the end, these crucial elements and processes that you need to understand before the development process starts will keep you on track.

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