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Since its inception, Python has been the Numero Uno choice among developers across the globe as the best programming language for web application development. There are many reasons developers always prefer Python over other programming languages.

You might argue that it is an old-fashioned way of developing web applications as python is here since the 1990s, but you are missing a critical point here. One of the most crucial things you need to consider while choosing a programming language for web application development is its readability and efficiency and Python scores high in both the departments.

If you ask me why choose python over other traditional and modern languages such as Java, PHP or C++, I would say the simplicity of Python as it can be learnt easily even by the beginners. Learning Python is easy and quick and you don't need a rocket science knowledge and sheer expertise of coding to learn python.

First of all, let's understand what python is. Python is a very efficient, dynamic and object-oriented programming language that is based on high-level OOPs and one of the best qualities of it is that it does not repeat itself. Developers can complete the coding part of the web application easily and quickly compared to Java and C++. In addition to that, a reason to choose python is its other versatile features that make python web development like smooth sailing.

In this article, we will discuss the main 7 reasons to choose python over other programming languages.

Why choose Python over other programming languages

Most of today's competitive apps and websites are made with python programming languages such as Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. There must be compelling reasons to choose python over others. Let's discuss the top 7 reasons to choose python.

Python is Google friendly

Yes, you have heard it right. Google supports python completely. In fact, all of the tools and technologies developed by Google are developed while keeping python in mind. Python is the first and foremost choice of Google and it is the reason, it has unlimited integration capabilities. It is safe to use and completely adheres to Google guidelines. So your web application's possibilities are endless when Google supports your primary programming language.

The easy availability of frameworks for web application development

Another important reason for python is the availability of different, rich, and quick web frameworks for python. It is very tiresome to start project development from scratch. However, if there are ready web frameworks available, the development process can be quick and easy.

There are a wide range of frameworks and libraries available with python including one of the most used python web frameworks called Django. Your web development project will be flawless and quick with these amazing python web frameworks. These frameworks help you build superior backend programming and customized web applications.

Incredibly huge community and online support

If you are stuck in the middle of the development or are having queries or questions related to a particular situation during the coding, you need online support from the professionals. Python has huge online community support compared to other programming languages and it will help you out throughout the process.

There are millions of programmers available online who help beginners to code better and develop feature-rich, highly-functional, web applications through python. You will find it easy to resolve your issues quickly with such a large community of supporters who leave no stone unturned to help you out.

Build more features with lesser codes

Developers want a programming language where lines of codes are less and quick development is no more a dream. Python perfectly makes it possible as you don't need to be a stalwart to develop a web application with python.

Even if you are a beginner with just a little knowledge about web development, you can create simple prototypes and small web applications in just a couple of days with python. It has unparalleled readability and efficiency that even novices can understand easily. It is way simpler in nature compared to Java and C++. Hence, with fewer lines of code, you can do much more with python.

Python Web Development Frameworks

A budget-friendly programming language

When you are having budget constraints to spend on the web application development project, python is your key to success. First of all, Python is a free and open source programming language and you just need to download it.

When the project is bigger in size, you need to choose the language carefully and hence, python is the ultimate saviour for you. For start-ups and bootstrappers, python is the perfect programming language as it can be deployed easily and a project can be developed without any hindrances and issues.

Productivity and Speed

If you are working on a deadline to complete a project and the project is quite big in size, python can work in your favour. Some of the best features of python are its enhanced process control capabilities, text processing capabilities, unit testing framework and object-oriented design. All these features cumulatively help to develop a web application faster and that too, with ease. If time is the core factor, python is the key for the quick web app development. Hire python developers who possess sheer expertise in the domain to complete the project as soon as possible.

Internet of things and python possibilities

The era is clearly of the internet of things where multiple devices can be connected via the internet and can interact and communicate among themselves without any human interference. They can even exchange data on their own with the help of internet. When it comes to internet of things, python brings some excellent possibilities. Take, for example, Raspberry Pi that is python running computers that are of side of the credit cards. This platform allows developers to build and develop small devices such as radios, camera and games with python.

In the near future, we will surely see more use of Python in developing devices that function on the concept of the Internet of Things.


The possibilities are endless with Python and you can quickly make superior web applications with python in just no time. Due to some incredible features and benefits python offers to the developers, it is still shining like a full moon in the sky of web application development. If you need a reason to choose python, we have given a total of seven reasons. Choose python and make your web application development process smooth and flawless.

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