Build a Virtual Classroom App like Google Classroom

An on-demand classroom application enables faculties and students to conduct and attend online classes in a virtual classroom environment.

Project Idea

Project to make an app like Google Classroom relies on the concept of e-learning that enhances remote learning and teaching methods. The classroom app idea is a part of an e-learning management system that is likely to grow extensively in the upcoming days.

Target Audience

Faculties, educators, or trainers who are looking for a solution to organize and communicate with their students, and trainees would be the primary target audience for an app like Google Classroom.

Project Challenges

  • UI/UX offering Virtual Class Effect
  • Past Classes History Management
  • Google Docs & Multimedia Integration


Easy-to-use yet innovative online classroom app solves the educational problem via connecting students and teacher on the same platform, same time. Faculties can assign and check the assignments in real-time with organizing topics, chapters, and materials at the same time. Besides, students can share resources with each other to solve questions on the stream.


Input data
Essential supplies required to start the Classroom app project:
  • The ultimate goal behind the app
  • Feature List
  • Monetization Model
To come up with a defined development process, it may require below cooperation among clients and the team:
  • Client meeting with Project Manager
  • Dedicated Business Analyst involvement
  • Tech stack overview
End Result
A detailed analysis of the project requirement would result as below:
  • Tangible Project Specification
  • Technical Requirements
  • Project Estimate

Want to create a virtual classroom app like Google Classroom?

Wireframe & Design

When our team puts all things together and create a wireframe to build an app like Google Classroom, it looks something like below:

User persona

In order to understand which customer foundation to target more, we did a bit of research on the user’s desire for contemporary circumstances. And doing the case study we found that there are some students and teachers, who could use a platform to do their day-to-day assignments and could foster more effective collaborations on an online platform.

    Merry john

  • Age: 25
  • Location: New York
  • Profession: Teacher


Merry is a 25 years old woman living alone in New york. She is a teacher by profession, she teaches in high school but she finds it difficult to cope up with the new york expanses. Her job timings are fixed 5 to 6 hours a day, hence we can guess she could spare some more time to have another job.

She happens to be a tech-savvy person and she is comfortable with all kinds of technology. On the other hand, she believes that online teaching could be a nice idea to earn some extra money for her other expenses.

So, that is how an app like Google Classroom can provide solutions to people like Merry who can work for their daily jobs as well as can get some extra income through apps like this.


  • Age: 19
  • Location: Canada
  • Profession: Part-time writer


Michal is a 19-year-old science student who lives in Canada with his parents. He is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in microbiology. He attends college for 8 hours every day.

Michal has some trouble understanding some research papers and wanted some professional help to understand his project. He wanted to create a report that could strengthen his submissions and get good grades.

Michal found his submission and research solution that will bring good grades in the next examination.

    Boby Gomes

  • Age: 28
  • Location: Tasmania, Australia
  • Profession: IT professional


Bob is a single mother living in Tasmania, Australia and she is an IT professional working in a company. She is the mother of a daughter called Nancy, whose education is equally important for her. But because of her tight schedules, she finds it hard to keep up with both her work and her daughter’s education.

Also, on the other hand, she doesn’t have much strength to teach her daughter anything. Because she has to manage her household work as well.

So, in this case, an app like Google Classroom can be a significant relief for her daughter. She can watch her daughter studying while doing household work.

Mood board

Setting the mood of users is a very important step in an app like google classroom, it will create an emotional connection with the users and the application. It is one kind of a library in which you will be able to see what fonts the designers used and what color pallet they selected.

User flow

User flow is again a very important part of Goggle classroom App Development, it is basically a diagram that shows the user interaction from beginning to end. The flowchart starts with the user’s entrance point on the product, like an onboarding screen or homepage, and ends with the final action

Major Feature for an App like Google Classroom

01. Onboarding

The app encompasses users with a tour of its virtual classroom and gives a brief explanation of the features and abilities.

learning management systems learning management systems learning management systems learning management systems

02. Sign Up/In

Users have to sign up via their social media accounts or Google accounts in the app to enable any services or functionality from the application. After signing in they can keep themselves logged in or log out as per their convenience.

03. Classroom

After signing up or logging in the users can find types of assignments they have trouble with, and then the app will show the teachers expert in specific subjects. This feature will also show the other students who have trouble with the same subject.

04. Menu Screen

The menu screen displays all options, features, and services including settings, types of services, Home screen, notification available on the app. By picking an option, users can have the aspects related to the particular service.

Virtual Classroom App like Google Classroom Virtual Classroom App like Google Classroom Virtual Classroom App like Google Classroom Virtual Classroom App like Google Classroom

05. Profile

This feature is where all your users can put all the information about them. This will show all their details such as picture, name, contact details, and address. This will also contain transaction details well.