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Surveys help businesses in making informed decisions. However, a few years ago, it was a real hassle to conduct surveys manually. When a data-driven approach has become the need of the hour, conducting surveys traditionally is time-consuming. An effective solution to this is, conducting surveys on smartphone applications. In this blog we have listed down the process of how to build a mobile survey app and the must-have features.

Inorder to accelerate their business growth, it has become imperative for the entrepreneur and startup owners to adopt a data-driven approach . We understand that data is an integral part of any business, and therefore business owners are quickly looking out for ways using which they can collect quick responses in no time.

A mobile survey app is at rescue to suffice this quick need for data. The collected data from surveys facilitate business owners with meaningful insights. And this is the primary reason why business owners and mobile app development companies are going bizarre about such applications.

However, the main problem lies in designing and crafting such an innovative application. In this blog, we have shared important information on how you can develop a survey app like Swagbucks.

Why are mobile survey apps important?

When compared to the conventional methods of conducting surveys, mobile survey applications are cost-effective and less time-consuming. Traditional methods of surveying required manual efforts, along with material cost and more time.

You may ask why not conduct browser-based surveys and why do we need to conduct mobile surveys?

Well, the answer to it is, browser-based surveys can not be well-optimized and offer less flexibility. This leads to a lesser survey completion rate on the desktop. Additionally, it is easy to optimize the collected data when done through mobile applications.

To add more to the effectiveness, the number of mobile phone users is expected to cross 3.5 billion by the end of the year 2020.

Since the mobile phone user number will rise, mobile survey applications will increase your reach to target customers and help you understand consumer behavior at ease. It is exciting to know that by the end of 2021, the online survey software market is expected to rise up to $6.92 billion.

How will the businesses benefit from mobile survey apps?

Mobile survey applications facilitate businesses to design and manage surveys electronically. Business owners can use these applications and build meaningful & appealing surveys that attract the respondents. This way, it becomes easy for them to collect the data, and analyze the results effectively.

They can even customize the survey questionnaires based on their requirements. Companies conduct surveys for various reasons that are listed below.

To perform Market Research:

As we all know, it is difficult to jump into the game directly without performing in-depth market research. Surveys help entrepreneurs to get insights into the products or services they are planning to launch in the market. They can analyze whether the product would be in demand or not and many times get new ideas from the surveys.

To receive product feedback:

It is important for the companies to know the performance of a particular product or service, once it is launched in the market. Electronic surveys are a great way to know which feature of the product is performing well, and how it can be improved further.

Learn about customer satisfaction:

Surveys are a great way to connect with the customer base and learn more about their expectations from the product. The feedback received over the surveys, allows the companies to know more about customer satisfaction, as well as the product fallbacks.

Gauge employee engagement:

Every employee’s opinion matters a lot. Companies have realized this thing, and are making the best use of surveys to measure every employee’s mood and opinion. Surveys help them to remain on the same page as their employees.

Additionally, by conducting surveys on mobiles, companies remain flexible in conducting surveys and have no fear of losing valuable data.

Prerequisites to know before mobile survey app development:

Mobile survey application development companies have to be a little more cautious while designing any such application. There are certain prerequisites that a company should know before planning an application for the customer.

1. Identify the target audience and their expectations

2. Do not frame questions that are difficult to understand by the audience

3. Keep it as short as possible

4. Do not include scrolling in the surveys

5. If the survey is long, divide it into sections

6. Do not collect irrelevant information

7. Ensure that the survey works cross-platform

8. Images and videos are not preferred in the surveys.

make a survey app like Swagbucks

How to develop a mobile survey application? What are the core features that a mobile survey application needs to have?

The survey features and functionalities will differ, depending on the type of surveys that businesses are opting for.

Survey Templates:

Templates play a key role in conducting the surveys. The reason being, templates are the first point of interaction with the audience, and if it is appealing enough, then only, the target audience will complete the procedure.

An optimized template looks authentic and also improves the user experience. Providing template features on the survey apps helps companies conduct the surveys effortlessly and they do not have to invest the time in designing from scratch.

Question types:

The style and type of questionnaire in the surveys, play a major role in survey designing. The main focus should be on collecting the information and hence, you can frame your questions in the following ways.

Checkbox for multiple answers:

In this type, the questions having multiple answers are listed and the respondents can choose between the one. You can also include an “other answer” option so that the respondent can write any other answer if it is not found on the list.

Checkbox for a single answer:

Questions of this type have a radio button that needs to be clicked for selecting an answer. The respondent can select a single answer from the list.

Question that asks for a suggestion:

Such questions are framed for the companies that conduct surveys for getting feedback. In this type of open-ended question, customers are free to leave their responses that can be recorded.

Dropdown question:

It does happen that your question may have a long list of answers. To handle such complexities, a question with a drop-down helps better. The respondent can easily choose one single answer from the record.

Question with ratings:

There are times when surveys do not seek answers but only ratings for a launched product or the services. Allow the respondent to scale the same from 0 to 10. Keep the next button saying, Submit the results.

Avoid complex questions for effortless surveys:

The respondent is likely to leave the page if they find the questions difficult to understand. Therefore, while framing the questions, make sure that the questions are readable, easy to understand, and consume less amount of time for survey completion.

Few more suggestions to make a survey app like Swagbucks:

Opening laptops and browsers for surveys is a tiresome task for everyone. The number of audience completing surveys on mobile phones is increasing in leaps and bounds.. Additionally, mobile app surveys differ from browser surveys. Few key points to remember are:

Try having one question on one screen:

Scrolling on mobile surveys is never preferred. People do not appreciate to scroll the page and check the content on the next page. Therefore, remember one key rule while designing mobile surveys, that, only include one question on one screen. Questions that do not appear on the screen completely, many times ruin the user experience.

Make it responsive:

Your mobile survey form should not look similar to that of the desktop. It has to stand out so that it compels the users to complete the survey. Therefore, ask the app development company to make the survey app responsive across all the mobile devices. Ensure that the text is easily readable and user friendly across all types of mobile devices. The screen should not look cluttered when it is opened across various screens.

Ensure design consistency:

Along with the application being visually appealing, it should appear consistent across all the platforms. This consistency is not just limited to visual and functional consistency but should be consistent overall throughout the application.

Allow Push notifications:

Let the application allow sending notifications to the respondents which will notify them about the upcoming or pending surveys. The notification reminds users to complete the survey and thereby improve the response rates.

The job of designing and developing the mobile survey application doesn’t end here. Since, you are planning to make money out of it, you need to think from that perspective even. By developing a survey application, you are attracting survey administrators and respondents both. You can either pick up a free approach or a paid one.

Paid Application:

You can choose a business model where you charge the administrators a small fee for using the platform. However, not many companies opt to go for a paid business model when there are free options available in the marketplace.

You can also keep a discount offer for early bird sign-ups.

Free Application:

Making the application free to use is a great way to attract customers. You can offer free sign-ups and some basic features but make certain add-ons chargeable. In the free features, you can allow them to conduct two-three surveys or collect up to 100 responses. You can also offer them limited question types and data exporting.

Once the company starts liking the application, you can ask them to make an upgrade to the premium type. However, start with a cost-effective plan initially and as you grow and add on the feature, you can start charging a bit more.

make a survey app like Swagbucks

Cost of building a mobile survey application:

If you ask the cost to build a mobile survey application, then it starts from around 20 USD to 100 USD/hour and the complete cost of development is around 10,000 to 30,000 USD. This may vary depending on the functionality and the design you choose for development. You can also hire mobile app developers and get the work done.

In the end:

You will need a competent team of developers to make a mobile survey app like Swagbucks. We are a team of skillful and expert developers. We provide every single solution under one roof, and you can approach us at any stage of your project.

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