On-Demand Laundry & Dry Cleaning App like Laundro

Laundry app is completely convenient from the users’ side & full of profits from the service providers’ side. Users can easily avail the service with a few taps on their mobile screen after installing the app. Besides, service providers could render hassle-free and doorstep dry-cleaning services after opting for the laundry app concept.

Project idea

The project idea is to free mankind from tiresome laundry processes and provide hassle-free laundry services right at their doorstep in a few clicks.

Target audience

The On-demand Laundry App Development will cater to the common to professional people with laundry services. Nevertheless, the app can be used by anyone as laundry is an inevitable need for everyone.

Project Challenges

  • Orders & re-orders Management
  • Pick-up & Delivery Management
  • Integrate Clothes Categories


A person requires Laundry service more often than shopping for new clothes. And so, the service providers need to manage all received orders, pick-up & delivery management as well as clothes arrangement by categories. Our developers have brought a neat solution with the concept of Laundry & Dry Cleaners App like Laundro to cover-up each process at a platform.


The initial project ideas were:
  • Unique app designing
  • Real-time tracking & delivery
  • Easy Orders management
A detailed examination of client’s requirements resulted in:
  • 2 weeks of brainstorming & planning
  • Efficient Business Analyst
  • Client meetings to clarify the requirements
End Result
Brainstorming sessions & client meetings lead us to the below conclusion:
  • Ultimate App Specification Document
  • Unique app design concept
  • Concrete Project estimation

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Wireframe & Design

Have a glance at the estimated raw and refined design to make an app like Laundro. The design can be customized as per the changes required in the app.

Main Features of the Project

Once the UI/UX design completed, our backend team will take command over developing the features of the application, such as:


Track your laundry process

With this feature, users can track and know at which stage the laundry process has reached as well as perceive the expected delivery time of dry-cleaned clothes.


Order History

The Order history feature lets the users to analyze their all sort of previous orders with manifesting the categories, payments, and type of the services, plus number of fabric they would give to the laundry service.


Payment & rewards

This section of the laundry app will enable users to pay using multiple options from the list as per their comfort. Furthermore, at the time of payment, users can avail the offer or get the bonus if they would be eligible for the same.

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Technology stack

To turn the dream laundry app concept into reality, below are the optimum technology stack to opt to develop the app.