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Are you ready for the virtual training? A lot of schools and learning institutions are asking their students to shift to eLearning. The outbreak of COVID-19 and its impact on every industry and the economy is highly substantial. With the closures of schools and colleges, students and parents are concerned about their academic development and graduation. However, they have found a solution to it, an education app. Education apps have been in the picture for long, but, the popularity is now widespread due to the locked-down situation. In this blog, we have shared information on how to build an education app and the benefits in times of Corona severity.

Schools and colleges are shut due to the threatening out-spread of coronavirus. Education of more than 20 million students has been affected dramatically and the schools are asked to shift online. But are we prepared for it?

Educators across the globe are worried about how they will cope up with the education of students in this disruption. However, many state and federal agencies have already announced that schools and colleges need to shift on eLearning applications. They are urging schools to make an app like edX where everything can be learned at just a fingertip.

We understand that it is difficult to bring every student online, specifically the ones who do not have internet access and who can not afford to buy an internet connection. However, you can ensure digital equity and make arrangements so that the students can spend time learning on applications.

These applications should be compatible across all platforms and accessible by everyone across the globe.

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A brief about eLearning apps

Education applications have redefined the meaning of learning on the internet. It encourages students to explore and try new things in the field while also having fun. Education apps have made things easier to learn and understand.

Colorful animations, interesting pictures, and visual live examples on the application have almost replaced the learning experience with books. Additionally, teachers are free to plan the engagement and knowledge-oriented activities on such applications with ease.

Are you planning to develop an app like edX and divert every student’s attention from the pandemic coronavirus news? Yes? Keep reading…

Cost to Develop an Application like edX

How to develop an education application?

It is indeed exciting to know that the eLearning market may grow 243 million (or more) by the end of the year 2022. There are around 366,745 education apps on the App store and 254394 apps in the Google Play store. So you know that the competition is huge now and you need to stand out from the rest. So how will you build an education application?

Read further…

Give access to the study material:

You need to allow your students to access the study materials, lectures and lessons at any time of the day. They should be allowed to access the application from anywhere effortlessly.

Provide a 360-degree virtual tour:

With the help of AR and VR, it is almost possible to give a real classroom-like experience to students. Integrate these technologies into the application and facilitate students, parents to have a walkthrough classroom and school campus.

Create a circle:

The main intention of building an educational application is to create transparent communication between students, teachers, and parents. Create a community feature using which everyone remains on the same platform. Allow them to share pictures, videos, reviews and engage with the application whenever they want.

Calendar scheduling:

You need to allow the community to mark important dates or schedule an online meet with the faculties within the application. Students as well as parents can mark the important dates and listings or make changes accordingly.

Push Notifications:

An application is incomplete without the alert feature. Push notifications alert and engage the whole community of the application user. Additionally, you can also plan targeted push notifications for sending messages only to particular individuals or parents.

Social network integration:

An application is incomplete without the alert feature. Push notifications alert and engage the whole community of the application user. Additionally, you can also plan targeted push notifications for sending messages only to particular individuals or parents.

Easy connect with faculty:

The application should have a feature that lists out the contact details of faculties and other important concerned persons. By using the details, parents can easily contact them in times of difficulty.


Chat Rooms are the happy place of any application. It is the space where students connect, share views and interact over different subjects. Also, this space enables students to have their virtual learning experiences in real-time.

Allow video streaming:

Today the internet is more of videos and less of irrelevant content. It has been observed that students get more connected with a video than with an image. Therefore, include the video streaming option in the application to enhance the interactivity.

There are certain things that you need to avoid while developing an education app that distinguishes itself from other apps.

So above is the list of features that an education application needs to have. Now, let’s learn about the list of things that you need to avoid while developing an education application.

Cost to Develop an Application like edX

Things to avoid to make education app like edX:

Clear, Concise, and Crisp: The 3 C’s are imperative in order to make your application look genuine and authentic. However, there are a few things which are a red flag when it comes to education app development.

Avoid fire-alarm:

Distractions are never welcomed when we talk about education apps. In order to prevent this from happening, avoid having any bell or ring system within the application.

Don’t give too many choices:

Less is more when it comes to building an education app. As we know, people usually get spoilt for choices when they have too many options to work upon. However, spoiling for choices is not allowed in education apps. Avoid this overwhelming step, instead, give less but relevant options to students.

Empty spaces and less engagement:

Remember that we have mentioned, engagement is highly important in education app development. To ensure that students stay over the application for a good period, you need to perfectly blend engagement activities and educational content.

You may ask, Why an education app? What are the benefits of using an education application?

How education applications are the game-changer in the industry?

The Internet has revolutionized the way students learn at schools. Nothing more than getting a classroom-like experience looks more convincing to study on an education app. However, before we dig deep into the benefits, let us know some important statistics of mobile applications.

Almost 81% of students use mobile devices to study

77% of students confirm that adaptive technology has helped them in improving their grades

48% of students confirm that technology saves their lot of time

62% of students confirm that technology keeps them updated and prepares them for the classes

Thus we can say mobile applications have educated people in many ways. Let's find out more about the benefits.

Remote learning:

In difficult times of the coronavirus, remote learning applications keep students in constant touch with the syllabus. They feel like studying in the classroom and improve upon their learnings.

Students preference for applications:

Be it shopping, entertainment, gaming or anything, students are crazily utilizing mobile applications. Their love for apps is never going to slow down anytime soon. So why not use this craze and divert them towards something constructive like an education application?

Yes, students are liking how they are feeling connected to the virtual world. They find it quite interesting to study over such applications and also indulging themselves in interactive activities.

Best utilization of leisure hours:

It has been a common complaint of almost every parent that their kids overutilize apps during leisure time. They binge watch TV shows and cartoons or talk hours on the phone. However, this frequency reduced drastically because of the education app.

Children will now effectively utilize their time, learn something new during their leisure hours.

Easy communication between parent-teacher:

With the traditional learning method, it is quite difficult to schedule a meeting with the teacher. Even for a discussion, or bringing both of them on the common grounds is a hassle. To overcome this hassle, an education application allows parents to connect with the teacher and ask/inquire about the queries. They are free to call or message and ask teachers about their child’s performance and thereby maintain complete transparency.

Resources availability:

It does happen that with traditional methods, students feel the lack of resources once they are back home. However, with education applications, every possible information is brought on the platform and made available to the students.

They can create their own library and read them later. Isn’t it interesting to see the amount of flexibility an application gives to the students? Additionally, people who can not afford to send their child to luxury schools can have access to the compendium of books.

24*7 accessibility:

Classrooms are not available around the clock, but an application is. Education apps allow students to study with no time boundaries. They can log in whenever they want and log out when they are done.

Additionally, they can always go back to a particular video and find the answer to their related questions.

Education app development like edX ensures that the little ones make an extra effort to stand out and learn new things.

Flexible, portable and sustainable:

What more you want when you can teach your child sitting in the balcony being away from the hustle and bustle? Education apps make it possible for parents and students to learn by sitting anywhere they want. It offers ease and comfort while studying and doesn't limit them to classroom study only.

Moreover, when we talk about sustainability, then mobile apps do not need any papers, pencils or pens! To be clear, it's an eco-friendly way of studying while saving mother nature.

Easy interaction and thereby reducing the communication gap:

Many students are shy to ask questions in person and as a result, they don't have an answer to their queries. The same goes for parents, they might have a question to ask but the scheduled date is too far to conclude. In such times, an education app is at the rescue.

It solves all these communication problems and bridges the gap between parents, students, and teachers. Students without any fear or embarrassment can ask any questions related to their studies and the teacher answers them effectively.

Education applications engage students and boost their productivity. Thus, an application makes students comfortable more than ever before.

Engagement activity:

Schools and colleges have limited engagement activities in their schedule. But an education app can have a fun and learning activity for each of the lessons learned. At the end of the chapter completion, you can plan an activity that justifies the subject learning. Such activities keep up the interest of the children and thereby make them learn through examples.

Systematic Learning:

Smart apps facilitate smart learning. An education application has everything systematically arranged that students have to go step by step to the next lecture. This way, the application maintains the flow of learning and students do not go haywire for no good reason. Isn’t it great that students complete the course and the learning within less time and no realization?

Additionally, parents and students are allowed to keep track of the course progress and improve upon their skills of learning.

Cost to Develop an Application like edX

How much does it cost to develop an application like edX?

It is difficult to estimate the project development cost initially. However, you can ask the mobile application development company about their hourly rates of development or hire mobile app developers for the same. Online learning has become a new way of learning, Schools, as well as colleges, are shifting their focus to eLearning applications.

In the end:

For all unsaid benefits an education application has to offer, they are becoming students' and parents' favorite applications. They play a major role in coping up with the education loss faced during severe Corona times.

COVID-19 made us realize that innovation in the education system can be enforced by such education applications. Let’s participate in this COVID-19 fight together by being at home, learning and evolving. Be safe!!

COVID-19 made us realize that innovation in the education system can be enforced by such education applications. Let’s participate in this COVID-19 fight together by being at home, learning and evolving. Be safe!!

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