Build an app like Simply Auto: Take your garage business to the next level

IThe objective behind developing this app was simple for the client; allowing users to maintain their car in just a few taps on their mobile screen. The process of booking a slot for maintenance and keeping a track of upcoming car services can be time consuming, with the help of this app it can be done in minutes. On the other hand, the garage owner can keep a track of all the bookings of the day, week and month as well as the track of the staff members.

Project Idea

The car service app is designed to keep people’s lifestyles in mind to provide convenience. Car maintenance is something that people find hard to keep up with and garage owners can maintain bookings like a pro.

Target Audience

The target audience for the car service app like Simply Auto can be general as everyone who owns a car needs to maintain it from time to time. With just a few taps on the app can deliver the exotic car service in just no time to anyone.

Project Challenges

  • Developing an easy to interact UI/UX for all age groups
  • Achieving meaningful customer engagement
  • Adding multiple garages and multiple services of each garage


We wanted to deliver a one of its kind and easy to use application!! And the entire team started working with that goal. We developed a seamless application that works on multiple devices to implement a scalable and adjustable solution for users to book their car services from a garage. The additional services, adequate mechanic onboarding, and interactive user interface, etc. can be added at the time to make an app for Car service management.

On the other hand, the garage owner can check and manage service requests along with details of mechanics and other staff members. The garage owner can check the availability of the staff members and assign tasks from the app directly.


Before getting started, the below information was required:
  • Business model: Multiple garages in a single app
  • Various range of car services
  • Initial design
We analyzed the requirement of our client thoroughly:
  • 10+ Client meetings
  • Dedicated Business Examiner reflection
  • Planning
The detailed analysis helped us objectify the actual requirement of our client such as,
  • Wireframes
  • Perfect layout of features
  • Optimum plans for customer support

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Wireframe & Design

Here is a quick view of our car service and maintenance application which we have delivered to one of our prominent clients

User Persona

To understand the customer base more precisely and to understand whom to target more we did in-depth research on the user’s demand for a recent scenario. And in our research, we found that there are many people who can get their car services done on the go. Let’s understand what problems the users had before the existence of this app.

    Nathan Paul

  • Age: 25
  • Location: Ontario
  • Profession: Government officer


Nathan is a government officer based in Ontario. Nathan lives with his family in Canada. He uses his car for almost everything, from using it for traveling to work to drop off his wife to work as well. In the meantime, he uses his car for buying groceries and other necessities in the house.

Nathan was having troubles with his car maintenance, as an owner of a car, it is highly essential to maintain the car on a time to time basis. However, he tends to ignore the fact that he should get his car maintained due to lack of time.

He needed a solution for his car maintenance problem every now and then, we all know that it is very necessary to take care of our car to make sure the vehicle is in perfect running condition and also avoid unwanted breakdowns especially when we are rushing to a last-minute meeting.

    Nancy Drew

  • Age: 30
  • Location: Singapore
  • Profession: Interior designer


Nancy is a full-time mother of two children, which she already finds chaotic to even cope up with the household work. Besides that, she is a working professional as well, she is continually working, taking care of her kids, and doing other things for the family.

It is obvious that when you have such a bound up program to look against every day she can’t find an hour to Maintain her car.

Michone is looking for a car service solution for her car maintenance, so she doesn’t have to take out that extra time to get the things done, and also she doesn’t have to worry about her kids.

So, this car service application was everything Nancy ever needed, found it super convenient as it was painful to find a time slot for her car service needs. And why go out for your car service needs when you get everything at your door-step? We couldn’t agree more on that statement.

    Daryl Young

  • Age: 28
  • Location: Singapore
  • Profession: Fashion studio


Daryl lives in Singapore all by himself and he runs a fashion studio and being the owner of the studio, he has hundreds of things to look upon. Let’s say for example, from collecting materials for the apparels to get a master for the stretching and many more things. To do all those things he uses his car.

After doing all the things for the studio, not just him but no one else would have the strength to go out and get the car serviced. In addition to that, he likes to hang out with his friends and family.

So, Daryl needed a solution where he can get a car service solution on the go, and he doesn’t have to worry about his personal or professional life as well.

And likewise the car service app was very helpful for Daryl.

Mood board

Our graphic experts create mood boards for every project to understand and show how the app will look and feel to different audiences. It is necessary to create an emotional connection with the users and the application. It is one kind of a library in which you will be able to see what fonts the designers used and what color pallet they selected.

User flow of the app

User flow is an integral part of car service app development. The user flow is nothing but a diagram that shows how users will interact with the app from the beginning to end. Have a look at the flowchart below which starts with the user’s entrance point in the app and ends at the final outcome like booking the service in a garage or signing up for an account. The flowchart will help you understand the functioning of the app clearly.

Our top features that made the app stand out in the competition

Once we were done prototyping the application, we started with the app development. We started with the unique features first. Let’s have a look at the list of features below-

01. Onboarding

The app comprises users with a journey of its car services and gives an inadequate explanation of the features and abilities.

Car Service App Solution Car Service App Solution Car Service App Solution Car Service App Solution

02. Sign Up/In

Users can sign up via their social media accounts or Google accounts in the app to enable any services or functionality from the application. After signing in they can keep themselves logged in or log out at their convenience.

03. Book an appointment

After the registration process, users can book an appointment according to their schedule. Having an intelligent and smooth user-friendly experience this app will give your customers easy to browse the car services you provide.

04. Menu Screen

The menu screen displays all menus featured in the car service app. All the features, and services including the Home screen, Setting screen, Terms of using the app available on the app. By picking an option, users can have the aspects related to the particular screen.

Make an app like Simply Auto Make an app like Simply Auto Make an app like Simply Auto Make an app like Simply Auto

05. Profile

The profile feature shows all the information about the user, for example, picture, name, contact details, and address. This will also contain transaction details well.

06. Garage owner app

The car service app solution also includes the Garage owner app. All the garages associated with your app will show up in the garage owner’s app. This will also contain the utility to simply call or message the car service expert to ask their offerings as well as users can get personalized maintenance tips suitable for them.

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Technology stack

Have a look at the technology stack we used to create a responsive and engaging salon app solution!