Software Development Trends of 2021

2020 is about to close, and the turbulence throughout the year has left everybody startled. The digital transformation (people moving to on-demand apps) and an instant surge in Flutter application development is something that we have concluded from 2020.

The app-focused shift gave rise to multiple top software development trends in the internet landscape last year. And it looks like some of them will still continue to be in the race in the year 2021 and beyond. Talking about the future, this blog will highlight some of the popular software development trends that are expected to perform explicitly in the year 2021.

Software and mobile app development continue to be the key element of success for any business planning to grow exponentially. A mobile app development company encompassing required skills, and experts will keep on helping entrepreneurs in their journey with their innovative business solutions. So, let us look into the emerging software development trends that will be influential in the coming years.

Cloud: The next big thing:

Cloud seems to be quite promising. Almost every entrepreneur, big or small, is planning to make a move in the cloud. If we believe the stats, Gartner forecasts that worldwide public cloud revenue is expected to grow to $308.5 billion in the year 2021. We trust these numbers because of the reliable Cloud service providers Amazon, Microsoft, and Google has their back.

Additionally, many other players are working aggressively to be in the race. IBM, who recently bought RedHat at $36 billion, can be expected to the next smart player. In our opinion, it would be the right move to make a shift to the cloud in 2021.

Cross-platform app development:

The saying Flutter is the future, doesn’t seem to settle anytime soon. Entrepreneurs have started embracing the Flutter’s magic and are looking forward to collaborating with a Flutter app development company for their projects. However, the veteran players Xamarin, Iconic, and React are also in the game. There has been a constant debate going on around the React Vs. Flutter framework, but you can expect the trend to go on and on till we have a clear winner.

Additionally, as we have mentioned above, the craze for on-demand mobile applications is rapidly growing. And both the frameworks, React Native & flutter, manifests speedy, cost-effective, and easy cross-platform app development.

Hence, we say you have a profitable market and high reach in the coming times if you opt for cross-platform app development.

Best Software Development Trends

Progressive Web App:

Gone are the days when people would wait for an application to be loaded and work in its full capacity. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is becoming the next fad and tops the charts when it comes to web application development. It gives a native app-like experience without disturbing the speed and performance.

PWA gets installed in the mobile background and runs like any conventional app on the device. It is powerful enough for responsiveness, push notifications, and internet hosting, which is why some popular names like Uber, Pinterest, Twitter, and MakeMyTrip Starbucks have started leveraging its benefits. It looks like it will dominate the market in the coming years.

Best Software Development Trends

Native App Development:

No matter what heights cross-platform app development technologies might reach, there will always be room for Native app development. The software development company still recommended native app development to entrepreneurs aiming for higher-performing applications.

Airbnb set a benchmark to expectations from Native app development. Their shift to Native app development speaks volumes about the experience and performance of a native application. Additionally, the programming languages, namely Kotlin and Swift, are also creating a great buzz.

You can always rely on Google and Apple-developed languages for building a modernized, featureful application. The unparalleled performance of the native app looks promising in the year 2021.

Microservices architecture:

Big giants have already accomplished their market share by opting for microservices architecture. If we were to name a few, you would be surprised that Netflix was one of Microservices architecture's early adopters.

Uber, eBay, Amazon, and many more joined the squad. Microservices architecture allows developers to divide services into smaller chunks and work on them gradually. Microservice architecture has become a mainstream trend that goes hand in hand with Cloud Native.

The hired app developers can have a better and clear picture of the complex project and deliver faster & effective testing.

Java & Kotlin continues to dominate:

Java has been ruling the tech industry for a good time now. There are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who trust Java for developing a high-quality mobile application. It tops the chart when it comes to dominant programming languages. Java Virtual Machine extends extra-ordinary support to Java.

Additionally, JVM serves as a runtime to many other popular languages like Kotlin, Clojure, Scala, and Groovy. Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that is easily interoperable with Java. Both of these languages ensure faster, agile, and effective app development. It is difficult to find an alternative to these languages any time soon. Hence, it is expected to dominate in 2021 too.

Programming language Rust expected to surprise entrepreneurs:

Rust made all the buzz in the year 2020. It became so famous that big companies like Intel, Microsoft, and even Facebook extended its support for Rust. A survey performed by StackOverflow developers suggests that Rust still ranks in the first place for the fourth consecutive year.

It was quite surprising when Microsoft showed interest in adopting Rust as a programming language. Not only this, Amazon recently said that they would be sponsoring Rust in the coming years. Rust is a modern programming language that is expected to make programming easy, fun, and safe. It is a new addition to the trends in software development in 2021.

Internet Of Things:

Billions of devices are continuously exchanging data across the internet. These devices are interconnected through the internet as a platform. Some experts even predicted that around half of the new businesses would be working on IoT in the year 2020. From switching on bedroom lights to smart toasters, it is possible for you to operate everything using your mobile.

Additionally, disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can be leveraged to make the most out of IoT. IoT business made around $235 billion, and it is expected to cross $520 billion in 2021. If you are thinking of making a move, well, then it is the right time to explore this software development trend of 2021.


We are just two months away from 2021, and if you start researching your favorite software development now, you can expect better results. The topic of software development trends of 2021 is gaining fillip, and if you be an early-reader, you can start reaping benefits before anybody else. Every year, new trends emerge and are adopted by software development companies.

2021 seems to bring exponential changes in the way applications and Softwares are developed. We hope that you would find this article useful in making an informed decision for the coming years. You can also connect with our experts and discuss your project with them ideas for better understanding.

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