On-demand Mobile App Ideas

Do you remember those long queues at the grocery store on weekends where you have to allocate a specific time for shopping home groceries and other miscellaneous items? Going to the market, choose items manually by roaming in the store and waiting for your turn at the long queues for billing were some of the most common scenes of your life, weren't they? What happened now? The time has changed and for all good reasons. Now, you can place an order for your grocery items from your smartphone while munching your favourite snacks and the order is delivered to your doorstep in just no time. We have travelled so far when it comes to on-demand services. Not just grocery, you can order your favourite cuisines online, book your spa sessions and rent a taxi for a ride. Thanks to these magnificent on-demand app services, life is so convenient and comfortable, isn't it?

The growth for the on-demand mobile applications is phenomenal and more and more entrepreneurs are entering the market to get their pies from this share and if you also an entrepreneur and wants to start your on-demand business, we have some suggestions for you. Some magnificent on-demand startup ideas are worth discussing in modern times that will surely lure you to start your own business.

First of all, let's check out some facts for on-demand business potential and possibilities.

As per the report from Statista, the market for on-demand services is attracting over 22.4 million users per industry.

Also, the total revenue for on-demand video industry for 2019 will reach gigantic $32.9 billion.

In the United States alone, the revenue for food delivery services will reach $19.5 billion this year.

What do these statistics suggest? It directly points out that the on-demand service industry is booming like anything and it is the best time to penetrate in this industry to take a competitive advantage over others.

In this blog, we have discussed some of the best startup business ideas that can give a paradigm shift to your life and make you a successful entrepreneur. Let's check out some of these ideas.

An on-demand travelling app like Uber

The way people commute has changed dramatically in recent years and the success of Uber is the best example of it. People prefer to book a taxi for their travelling to reach out to airports, events, venues and other important engagements. If you want to make an app like Uber, you should hire an on-demand app development company that has adequate resources and expert personnel who can make things easy for you. You can build a clone app of Uber or you can develop a taxi app from scratch. The on-demand travelling app will surely hit the success that it deserves. However, you need to incorporate features and functionalities as per your geographical and demographical audience and their preferences.

On-demand grocery app

Going for your on-demand grocery app is one of the most suggested on-demand mobile app ideas in the world to entrepreneurs due to the hidden potential of such apps. By developing an on-demand grocery app, you can directly cut the expenses of retailers and middlemen and in turn, you can offer grocery to the users at a very reasonable price. Users can place an order on your app after going through all the categories and all you need to do is to deliver the order at their doorsteps. Millennials don't want to go shopping at the malls and departmental stores as it is a time-consuming exercise and ruins their weekend plans too. All you need to do is to address this simple issue and monetize it. Your comprehensive, responsive and scalable on-demand grocery app will surely work as people look for such convenience and ease.

On-demand food delivery app

Let me tell you, it is one of the best startup ideas that you have ever heard. The way people order food has changed and this is the best time to encash this trait by facilitating them an on-demand food delivery app that consists of best cuisines, restaurants and eateries from where people can book their favourite dishes. You must have noticed that most of the big restaurant chains and fast food joints have addressed this new phenomenon and are trying to capture this opportunity.

Furthermore, the food industry will never be going to decline and you can expect a lot from it. All you need to do is to go for an on-demand food delivery mobile app development and that is all.

On-demand Plumbing services app

A successful and creative entrepreneur always finds something out of the box issue and address it efficiently and accurately. Finding a good plumber has always been a task that we all want to avoid. Furthermore, we have to scrutinize the services and other crucial things. How about an on-demand Plumbing service all that can cater to the plumbing needs of the people. You can come up with an app that takes the order from users who are looking for plumbing services at any time of the day. You can become a middleman between the users and local plumbers and earn your commission for recommendations and orders. There are no such dedicated on-demand Plumbing apps and you can easily capture the large chunk of the market share by entering in the market right now.

Fitness and health on-demand app

The younger generation has become very health conscious and they look for services that address this particular segment of health and fitness. Due to their hectic schedules and professional stress, they don't find time for hitting the gym or make an appointment with a nutritionist. You can address this issue easily by making a health and fitness on-demand app where you can make their workout plans, diet plans and facilitate them with health and fitness-related issues and their solutions. These types of mobile apps are becoming popular nowadays and you can easily make profits out of this idea. It is also one of the best on-demand app ideas to pay attention to.

On-demand salon app

In the era where your physical appearance can make a drastic impact on your personal and professional engagements, you need to look beautiful and charming. Not just women, nowadays, men too book beauty parlour and makeover appointments for different beauty and grooming services. However, what they don't like is to wait at a salon for their turn. How about an on-demand salon services app where they can book their appointments with ease and comfort? This particular segment of the on-demand business ideas has not been explored and there is a lot of potential in it. Furthermore, along with the facility to book salon appointments, you can also facilitate users to get home salon services where professionals go to the home of the customers to offer services. Users would appreciate this gesture. Undoubtedly, this is the best idea to start an on-demand business.

On-demand laundry app

Youngsters also hate to visit a nearby laundry store and drop and pick dry cleaned clothes. How about facilitating on-demand laundry services for them? Addressing their hurdles and monetising it is the main phenomenon of the business and that's what you need to do. Develop an on-demand laundry app and offer what others are not and you have won the game. You can offer dirty clothes collection and delivery of dry cleaned clothes at their convenient time of the day.

On-demand health expert app

Suppose you are on a trip and you suddenly feel pain in your stomach. The medical facilities are not there where you are living and you need an expert's opinion for your health condition, what would you do? Well, having an on-demand health expert app can address this issue effectively and logically. These types of apps are in demand and you can come with a new perception and value-added services to get a competitive edge. The app should be flawless, responsive and scalable to give the user some good experience. Here, you can add health experts for each medical issues and conditions and introduce them to the users who are looking for an expert's opinion for their health issues. It will eliminate the need to visit the doctor personally as it is available online. The future is this and you need to find a possibility here.

On-demand logistics app

Quick and safe transportation is the key to success in the logistics industry and there are many courier and cargo service providers across the globe servicing the industry. However, you need to address a particular issue here by developing an on-demand logistics app. However, maintaining and storing those logistic records are tiresome and exhausting. By creating an on-demand logistics app can solve the problem here. With an app, a stakeholder can locate and track the shipment, pay online for the delivery and shipment services, manage the goods accurately and initiate transactions and notifications easily. Such ease of doing business will surely make your on-demand logistic app a hit instantly.

On-demand House cleaning app

Millennials seriously don't have time to clean their homes and veranda. They look for maid services to keep their homes clean and hygienic. How about facilitating them such services at their doorsteps? Your app will be a platform for house cleaning service providers and users to interact and meet and they can book services with a pinch of ease and comfort. Also, with the app, the user can fix the date of the cleaning, convenient time to arrive and pay instantly for the services they hired.

On-demand Mobile App Ideas


There are some other brilliant on-demand startup ideas that you can explore and make an app for it. The market for the on-demand market will surely go to the next level in the upcoming future and for entrepreneurs, it is a perfect opportunity to invest their resources on above mentioned on-demand mobile app ideas.

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