iOS app development tips and tricks

If you ask any developer what is the main dilemma they face when they come across any app development process and they will tell you that choosing the right platform is the main issue they face. Though there are many platforms available for mobile app development, there are two main platforms: Android and iOS. You need to keep in the mind your target audience while choosing the mobile app development platform. Android has captured 83% of the total global smartphone market and iOS has the largest number of apps in the app store.

However, if this fact has convinced you to make an android app, stop. There are some unparalleled advantages that iOS app development offers that you will not get with the android platform. First of all, iOS apps run very smoothly on the devices and also, they are much faster and run quite similarly on any iOS devices. On the other hand, android apps run differently on different android devices.

In addition to that, you can easily share iOS apps via Apple devices among your friends and family. A characteristic that is not with android apps. Most importantly, businesses prefer iOS apps first rather than android apps due to their performance and speed.

Now that you have made a decision to develop an iOS app for your business, we will discuss some of the tips and tricks for iOS development, the main aim of this blog.

No matter whether you are a fresher developer or an experienced one, some iOS development tips will surely help you to develop flawless and robust iOS apps. Stay tuned!

iOS development tricks and tips

Planning is an important thing to start

Like any other projects where planning is a first and very crucial step, in iOS app development too, planning is better. First of all, you need to decide whether you want to develop an iPad app or an iPhone app. Though you might find both the apps similar, there are some key differences there. Once you have made your mind, start planning out different functionalities and features that you want to incorporate in the app.

During the planning stage, you need to remember one pivotal thing that iOS users love highly-functional and high performing apps. This is the key thing to consider. Developing high quality, and superlative performing app is a must.

Keep the design as simple as it can be

You might have come across many iOS apps with complex designs, but for your app, it is significant to keep the design as simple as possible. It is one of the best tips for iOS development that will make your efforts directed and simple. You can even play with a simple design to make it look like unconventional and beautiful. Yes, it is possible. Just think out-of-the-box to come up with creative designs that are simple in nature, but unusual in look.

Clean coding is the need of the hour

More often than not, iOS developers prefer and feel comfortable using Swift programming language, one of the best inventions by Apple in 2014. With Swift, Apple has minimized the additional coding and difficulties associated with coding. Swift can be learnt easily and is safe, fast and highly interactive. Swift allows you to use Xcode, a Mac program for iOS app development and it is quite popular amongst iOS app developers.

Don't block the main code

Blocking the main code or as they popularly say, the main thread might be the biggest mistake that you can make. Avoid doing the heavy lifting on the main thread. UIKit does all the work on the main thread such as drawing, input responding and touch management. When you interrupt the main thread by doing all the app's work there, it will make the app unresponsive and it might affect the app performance too.

Size images and image views

It is important to keep the image and UIImageView of the same size when you display an image from the app's bundle. Sometimes, what happens is that the developers have no control over image size as it is downloaded from a remote service. In such a case, developers need to scale the image after download on a background thread. Once it is done, they can use the resized image in UIImageView.

Improve user interaction with superior features

User interact is one of the most important factors that decide the success of an app. You need to ensure that you develop best practices to ensure that users interact well on the app. Amazon is the best example of that. If you use Amazon frequently, you must know that you can choose the products on the website and pay from your mobile Amazon app. Hire iOS developers who understand the importance of user interaction in mobile apps.

Compatibility with other iOS versions

You don't know which iOS version your target audience is using. There are chances that some of your loyal customers are still using old iOS versions and if you have not considered this tip, the new app might not perform well in those old versions. It is not something that you can afford. You need to create an app that is compatible with all the iOS versions and run flawlessly and smoothly on all versions of iOS.

Mobile marketing application

One of the best iOS app development tips is to add social network integration feature in the iOS app that helps developers to engage the customers in a positive and strong manner. It is an extra feature that can help you to promote your app by targeting your customers demographically and geographically. Add this feature while developing other features of the app.

Battery usage

No customers, irrespective of how loyal they are to the brand, would like to use the app that drains the battery. They will simply get disinterested if the app is consuming more battery and developers need to address this issue effectively. The best way is to test the app before you launch the app on the app store. Users expect a long-lasting battery life and you need to ensure that your app does not consume more power.

Traffic management

One of the main reasons why apps fail is that it crashes when a lot of traffic comes to its way. If you have applied excellent marketing and promotional campaigns, you will surely witness high genuine traffic for your app. When a number of downloads increases, your app must not crash due to heavy traffic. Develop an app that can handle traffic and engagement.

Users love the simple, streamlined and robust app that can serve the core purpose easily and at the same time, perform well. Keep these iOS app development tips and tricks in mind while developing iOS applications and your app will surely make its mark on the app store.

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