best iOS application development trends in 2020

With the increasing craze of smartphones, the app development industry has also grown considerably. If we talk about the iOS ecosystem, the number of apps reaches the 4 million mark. Technology has the potential to amaze you, with the type of innovations that are being done or in the process of taking shape. With a constantly growing app development industry, iOS App Development Company and developers need to be aware of all the latest trends.

Moreover, people always prefer to hire iOS Developers who acquire the right knowledge, skillset, experience, and who are updated with the iOS Mobile App Development Trends. App developers also face competition in the market and that's why they should stay aware. So, if you are looking to hire an iOS developer or you are an iOS developer, you should have awareness of the latest iOS Application Development Trends.

In this article, we are going to dive in the best iOS application development trends in 2020, which iOS developers or aspirant iOS app owners need to follow:

8 Best iOS Application Development Trends in 2020

1. Security

The aspect of security is without any doubt, the most common and also the most important in the iOS Development Trends. Security is crucial in order to maintain the privacy of the user. Since Apple is known for its privacy policies, security should be considered first in iOS app development. While developing an app, the aspect of security should be looked at in the initial phase.

Other than that, the app should be made in a way that protects the users' data without comprising the performance. After the release of iOS 13, app developers have more chances to improve security features. Developers can also add AppTransportSecurity (ATS), to enhance the overall security.

iOS Application Development Trends

2. Wearable devices and Internet of things IoT

IoT (Internet Of Things) is no more a thing of the past and needs no mention when it comes to the iOS Application Development Trends in 2020. We all are aware of the Internet Of Things along with its usefulness. Moreover, the Internet Of Things can use for all types of development. Wearable devices have taken the smartphone industry to the next level.

IoT helps the user to connect all digital, mechanical, and computing devices. Along with establishing a connection, IoT (Internet Of Things) can also share data. Considering the craze that people have for wearable devices, the number of users is likely to increase significantly in the future.

Apple has no exception in the game of wearable devices, and app developers should consider this. When IoT (Internet Of Things) combined with wearables, people embrace it the more as it becomes pretty handy for users to use. So, developers should not underestimate this and instead consider it a crucial upcoming iOS Application Development Trends.

3. Core machine learning

Core machine learning is a great tool, even for app developers and one of the best iOS application development trends in 2020. Also, core machine learning can be used to enhance functionality in QuickType, Camera or Siri. QuickType, Camera and Siri, all are highly responsive to core machine learning.

App developers can use the basic idea of machine learning in their applications. With the potential that ML carries, this can be huge in the list of iOS Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

4. Cloud services and iOS integration

Cloud storage and app integration to it is a less explored field. With the help of the cloud storage facility, companies can store massive data. This basic feature of storing data is also being used by smartphone users. The area of could and app integration has a lot to offer. When it comes to Cloud-based iOS apps, they can increase overall effectiveness, and there is no doubt about that.

Apart from that, Cloud integration has the potential of managing complex tasks without putting a strain on the smartphone. And hence, this feature can also be seen as a useful trend in the list of iOS Development Trends in 2020.

iOS Application Development Trends

5. Augmented reality and iOS app integration

Augmented reality has already started shifting the app development industry. Many big app development companies have even started to include more and more features of AR. Apple itself has support for AR with the release of iOS 11. The app developers shifted their focus towards the AR kit and it looks like a huge trend from the upcoming iOS Mobile App Development Trends. Moreover, app development combined with AR is full of options.

Apart from that, it's not just the smartphone industry that is going to the area of augmented reality. With the introduction of augmented reality, apps can become more attractive and easy to use. AR also improves existing functions, such as camera and animoji in iOS. Apple is constantly working on its processors and operating system to make seamless support of AR. iOS app developers can also benefit through this relatively newer field.

6. Swift 5 Programming Languages

To make the app development work relatively easier, Apple has released Swift 5 Programming Language. This language works on making the whole process better and stable. Also, Swift 5 Programming Language improves the compatibility with iPhone app development. With the introduction of this new language, the required libraries can be integrated. This integration will make the development process easier even for developers, hence, it gets entry to the iOS Application Development Trends that are coming.

7. Apple pay

Apple pay is going to be the best user-friendly wallet in upcoming years. Begin user-friendly is a must feature for all sorts of apps. While Apple is already working hard on improving security features, Apple pay will become better by time. Apple is heading towards making payments more secure and trustworthy. Moreover, users can trust the app considering that it doesn't store their card details. Also, the improved security will make all sorts of transactions reliable.

iOS Application Development Trends

8. The Apple Home Kit

Apple offers one of its most unique features in the form of the Apple home kit. This is a pretty useful device in terms of functionality. The user can manage and control other Apple devices connected to it. The user can use Siri to command the home kit system. The developers can target this area considering the fact that it’s likely to become better and popular.

Other than that, the app developers can further develop iOS applications that can manage the whole system of the home kit. Isn’t it great? Not just that, Apple's home kit is one of its kind devices in the Apple software ecosystem. And hence, we see it becoming one of the best iOS application development trends in 2020.


Apple is shaping its software ecosystem to be the best in the market. App developers should also consider what's going on in the app market. With all these discussed elements, any app can be improved to a considerable extent. And hence, it is advised to the app developers to consider these features in the iOS app development.

Moreover, the awareness, knowledge, and use of the above-given best iOS application development trends in 2020 will take developers’ services to an even higher level. So, make sure to check out what trend is best suited for your business.

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