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Android developers always look for the easiest ways that can make coding and development simple without compromising on the features and functionalities. That's what cross-platform android app development frameworks offer to them. Android development frameworks are equipped with a set of tools that make development easy and straightforward for developers and reduce their efforts and time to develop highly scalable and comprehensive mobile apps. Most common issues that arise during the development process are taken care of by these frameworks.

Which android development framework is best for you? Well, it depends on your project, your preferences and the complexity of your project. As per the report, there are almost 3 million apps available on the Google Play Store and businesses are now in a hurry to create an app version of the business to get a competitive edge over others. Developing an app from scratch is a very costly and time-consuming affair. Thanks to these magnificent and helpful android development frameworks, the whole process becomes seamless.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best Android application development frameworks that can make things easy for you while developing an android mobile application.

Corona SDK

If you want to create a highly scalable, robust, swift and compact android mobile app, Corona SDK is the framework for you. The framework relies on a lightweight multi-paradigm programming language called Lua and it makes the whole development process fast, easy and streamlined. Even beginners can become a master while developing an android app with Corona SDK framework. Whether you are developing an app on Windows or Mac, it supports both platforms and is absolutely free.

Also for game app development, Corona SDK is the perfect framework to choose. It has iteration pace and superior dynamic API which makes it perfect for Android app development. In addition to that, it supports more than 500 APIs and hosts an integrated engine called Native UI Support too. It is one of the most used and preferred android app development frameworks by developers across the globe.


Xamarin was developed by talented developers who developed Mono and is considered as one of the best frameworks for Android app development. It is available as a dot net framework and is ECMA standard complaint with amazing software tools. As per the report, Xamarin is used by more than 1.4 million android developers across the globe. Xamarin is a visual studio and developers can enjoy different features of Microsoft Visual studio such as debugging, simulation and code completion. Another important feature of Xamarin is its testing capabilities. With the Xamarin test cloud, you can test an app on more than 2000 devices instantly. It is an aspect that makes Xamarin one of the best frameworks for Android app development.

The best part of Xamarin is that all the codes are written once in C# and shared on multiple platforms and operating systems. Codes for input validation, backend Integration, database interaction and web service calls are written just once and shared on different platforms and operating systems.

android application development frameworks

Appcelerator Titanium

From developing an app to testing it to the deployment of an app on Google Play Store, all the tools for these tasks are available with Appcelerator Titanium, an integral part of the Appcelerator platform. This framework uses JavaScript functionalities for APIs collection and these APIs are used for the development of native features that perform well and give a native feel to the app.

You can drag and drop functions as per the prebuilt blocks of code while using this framework. With visual effects or programming, you can create data models. With the superior mobile lifecycle dashboard, you can easily test the apps on cloud and control app presentation too.

Appcelerator Titanium speeds up android app development and developers just need to write a few lines of code to develop an app. There are millions of apps running now with Appcelerator powered framework and you can expect superior functionalities, performance and Speed from it.

The reusability is easy and the developers with a little knowledge about android app development can easily develop apps with this framework.


It is one of the best Android application development frameworks used by some prominent development companies in the world. If you are planning to build information-based applications, TheAppBuilder is a name you can remember when it comes to android app framework. The framework has prebuilt blocks for crucial features and functionalities such as push notifications, polls, feedback, content updates, analytics and others. Also, app deployment is swift and quick.

In addition to that, this framework also helps corporates to monitor their staff communications by offering a launchpad for engagement and measured communication.


The PhoneGap framework is supported by Adobe and Apache and works as a cross-platform application that uses css3, HTML5 and JavaScript for cross-platform application development. It is an open-source framework and free to use. PhoneGap has an instinctive desktop application that is utilized to build superior, performing and robust apps. It has an extended library and community support and 3rd party software tools to make things easy for developers.


NativeScript allows you to use Angular, JavaScript and Typescript technology to create powerful, comprehensive and scalable mobile applications. It is backed by Telerik, a giant organization offering different software tools and technologies. To assist developers, the NativeScript website has a large number of tutorials and resources to study. From documentation to application implementation, you can go through the rich library of tutorials to learn this framework for mobile app development.


Ionic is one of the most developer-friendly android frameworks that allow developers to build great android mobile apps with a large library of elements and tools. With premier native plugins, you can create mobile apps for different app stores through a single codebase. Also, you can effortlessly incorporate features such as fingerprint authentication, Bluetooth, health kit and others.

One of the most important responsibilities of android app development frameworks is to make the app development process simple, easy and streamlined. These app frameworks mentioned above serve the core purpose brilliantly. Hire android developers for your project who have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of these frameworks and have accomplished several app development projects.

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