Benefits of Ionic Framework App Development

If you are planning on your next mobile application and are not able to decide which framework to choose, here are a few solid reasons why you should opt for Ionic in your next hybrid mobile application project!

Although, Ionic framework is carving its own niche for developing creative and persuasive mobile applications, the beta release of Ionic version 4 portrays that there is a lot more in store for mobile app development industry.

Easier to Move across Platforms

It is understood that when you are planning to launch a mobile application of your own, you want to expand your audience base.

Also, when you are developing an app it’s natural to plan it across platforms for reaching a larger set of customers. Ionic framework gives you the chance to do that more conveniently as app conversion from one operating system to another is easier. Just in case you choose a native language, more time will be required to develop apps for individual platforms.

Open Source and Free

Ionic framework is entirely free and open source to use. There are small barriers to entry. Basically, anybody around the world with an idea, a PC and an internet connection can start developing mobile apps.

When powerful frameworks like Ionic are provided free, the cost of app development reduces to a great extent.

What’s more in store here? You can actually visualize your dream project come to reality when you choose a mobile app with Ionic Framework!

Ingenious User Interface

Yes, the UI of Ionic apps looks out of the box. It comes with predefined styling for different components, so all the elements you choose for your mobile app look and feel like native elements.

Not only that but they will look native even across different platforms. For instance, on Android the items will get the Material Design touch and on iOS the current iOS look.

Native Plugins

A question might pop up in your head. How to get access to device features with JavaScript? The answer is Cordova.

It is in-built in Ionic mobile app framework, packages the app into a webview and develops a native project once a certain command is started. Furthermore, through a Cordova bridge, native device features can be easily accessed such as camera, email client and almost everything else that you can imagine.

Ionic app development has also become simpler due to a package called Ionic Native. It wraps Cordova plugins into a more friendly Angular way so as to use them easily and naturally inside the app.

Benefits of Ionic Framework App Development

Powerful yet Simple CLI

It comes with a very handy command line interface. Whenever it comes to creating a new project, compiling to native projects or implementing anything else inside the project, CLI will offer great support.

Want to create new files and folders in your app? Let CLI handle that, so you automatically follow the right architecture!

Need to preview your Ionic app? A live reload server with preview can display even the styling for different platforms and that too inside your browser!

CLI is a tool belt for Ionic and comes with amazing tools to make your life easier!

Development and Testing Speed

If you are aware about native applications, you know it takes a lot of time to develop and debug because you always have to re deploy your app to a simulator or device.

This entire process is so much faster with Ionic!

As already discussed before, Ionic framework has a feature called “Ionic lab” that will bring up your browser, show how your app will look on different platforms and even side by side. Furthermore, when you make changes to the code, live reload is triggered and everything is updated automatically.

Ionic feels like the most “Native” App

Ionic is not only fast, smooth and responsive but also has built in tools to perform fast and efficiently on a mobile device. Some points that you should consider are

  • Handles “dreaded tap delay” by default. Also use ‘tappable’ directive.
  • Large lists can be scrolled smoothly.
  • Hardware accelerated animations are built in
  • Common components such as tabs, side menu etc are prebuilt and work efficiently.
  • Recent updates like lazy loading, Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation are the reasons for drastic improvements.
  • Angular production mode makes it really really responsive and fast even on browser platforms.
Benefits of Ionic Framework App Development

Enterprises Choose Ionic App Development

Not only small business houses give Ionic a try, but when large enterprises and brands feel the pressure to change their mobile landscape, they turn towards Ionic!

And last but not the least?

You have got an Amazing Community to talk too!

You can measure how good a framework is by how active the community is. Guess what? Ionic Developers' community can turn out to be extremely helpful!

Ionic app development seems suitable for your project? Know more at now!

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