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KODY Technolab is a leading software development service provider in Ahmedabad India, USA. At KODY, we strongly believe in client satisfaction. Thus, we deliver the end product only after carrying out various Quality Assurance checks required in the project to avoid hurdles after deployment. Quality assurance checks before delivery and constant support after deployment are the keys to our long-term relationships with the clients.

Why Choose us?

Faster Time to Market

Automated tests can be carried out faster as compared to a group of manual test engineers. Tests can be run parallelly on multiple devices, platforms or browsers ultimately reducing the total testing time.

Cost Efficient

New coding can break the flow of things, so period regression testing is a necessity. To ensure quality, automated tests can be run as many times as needed. Our proficient team of testers usually prefers Automation testing over manual to cut down on costs if it is beneficial to the project.

Complicated Business Logic

Automation testing makes it possible to test complicated business logic in a reliable manner, saving efforts. All the time and efforts saved with automation testing can be slowly seen turning into cost saving as well.

Human Error

A person carrying out lengthy or repetitive testing can incidentally miss out on a scenario step or forget to make note of an error. Automation testing improves the quality of the final product as the tests can be run in a completely consistent manner.

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We Have Top Automation Tester Testing For Your Custom QA Testing.

Customized Testing Services

Let’s have a glance through the range of services offered by us!

Regression Testing Services

Regression testing ensures that the original functions of the application are retained in their new versions. Carrying out in-house regression testing can turn out to be resource intensive for businesses. However, our team of testers has substantial expertise and experience in the field making it easier for us to provide you with top-notch regression testing services.

Web Application Testing

Using Automation testing we render our clients with web applications that are exceptional in quality, reliability and security. Our team of testers will create and implement cross-browser UI tests by stimulating real user actions.

Mobile Test Automation

The final deployment of the app from our end is done only after they are thoroughly verified and tested. Our framework Automatically tests mobile apps across all major platforms and devices using proprietary testing standard.

Load Testing

Load testing is carried out to determine a system’s behaviour under normal as well as peak conditions. It is necessary for businesses to ensure that their software can hold up during peak load times without breaking down. KODY has a considerable amount of experience in load testing backed by our qualified testers. Different kinds of load testing can be carried out as per the project necessities.

“We offer bespoke testing services”

Our QA Approach

KODY Technolab is a leading software development service provider in Ahmedabad India, USA. We are strong believers in agile and scrum-based workflows in order to diminish risks and deal with the changing requirements in an efficient manner, although we also support the traditional waterfall process if a project demands it. Sustained by our experience of many years in the industry, our approach emphasizes on early testing, efficient communication and detailed reporting. We are also firm believers of QA Automation and promote implementing a test Automation strategy whenever it is beneficial to the project.