Features of Apple's New iOS 13

The iOS 13 beta version was launched on 3rd June, 2019 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, California (WWDC 2019). But the fully updated version will be available to everyone from September. iOS 13 will be compatible with iPads and iPhone 6s and its later versions.

Let's talk about the innovative changes iOS 13 features will bring to your phone!

The updated Apple operating system will improve your user experience for the better. Here is a list of features that the latest version of iOS has to offer:

Dark Mode

Each time you enable this mode, it gives a new look to your phone’s display. It saves battery life on all OLED display supporting devices such iPhone X and above. It may not work with third party apps but if you hire iOS developers with the required skills, they can build in the compatibility.

Re-designed versions of in-built apps

Apple has brought a few changes to the in built apps as well. We have listed them for you!


Apple has brought a few changes to the in built apps as well. We have listed them for you!


How can they forget the keyboards right? Apple worked on it too! The Apple team enabled swipe type for your iPhones.

Features of Apple's New iOS 13


Browsing is easier on Safari with the latest iOS version. How? The browser has a better performance with instant options to change text size. Moreover, you can adjust your website preferences, sorts and likes for your iPhone.


Is music absolutely important for you? Real time lyric playback has been integrated in the iTunes, music app and music library so that you never go wrong with the lyrics again!


Your same old inbox made interesting! The latest iOS version now supports rich fonts.


Apple notes will offer a better interface with a gallery view and proper folder system.


Apple just made messaging more fun. You can now add animoji or memoji stickers to your contact card and make them visually appealing. Not only that, Apple claims that it will also work with third party apps like WhatsApp.

Photos App

The latest version upgraded the in-built photos app, allows you to edit in multiple ways, eliminating the need for using third party photo editing apps. You can now watch and edit videos as per your convenience.


Share your music on the go! The latest iOS update allows you to share music between two pairs of airpods. Also, Siri will become your saviour here too. It will ensure that you don’t miss out on important updates by reading out messages to you from in-built and third party apps while music streaming.

Apple Health

iOS 13 has newly added metrics in your health app. It is more sensitive about your health. Not only will it warn you about safe volume levels but will also keep a track of your menstrual cycle.

Contact Availability

The updated version has also improved connectivity with your contacts. You will now know whether a specific contact is available or not.

Features of Apple's New iOS 13

Smart Wifi

The smart wifi feature gives priority to stronger wifi networks giving you a seamless surfing experience. Not only it manages the wifi as per location, it will also turn it off to save battery when the user leaves the current wifi covered area.

Now, that you know all about the features, we are listing down some benefits for you!

Optimized battery charging

In the long run, people start facing issues of weak battery. The new iOS update will resolve that. It will render a longer battery life and reduce battery ageing by tracking user behaviour and charging the phone accordingly.

Location hiding

Apple upgraded the location feature to give you complete control on whether you want to share your location or not. You can share the location just once when needed and then the apps will need your permission to access your location information.

Low data mode

The latest iOS update will take care of your data needs. Whenever your data limit is about to expire it will switch to ‘low data mode’. Here, application updates in the background are stopped and data usage is minimized.

Better Performance

Overall, the latest version has a better performance than iOS 12 in more than one way. The Face ID unlock is 30% faster, app installation size is 50% lesser and app updates will be 60% smaller. Last but not the least, app launcher and control center will work at twice the speed.

Let’s Wrap -Up

iOS 13 Beta version with a few of these updates is already available to the users. Even though the full version will be available in September, it has already managed to create a buzz amongst all. iOS 13 will surely change iOS app development for good by rendering the users an upgraded performance with smarter and more user centric apps that have a creative interface, efficient data management and battery usage.

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Jatin Patel

iOS Developer