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Well, you may have a great app development idea, since there are a lot of factors involved in the execution; you can’t do it all alone. And hence, in this situation people either outsource by hiring other people such as freelancers (if they can afford to do so) or trainees or they look out for a reliable tech partner in order to manage things in a better and responsible manner.

So if you have landed on this web page, you are certainly looking for app development business partners and you have no idea how to start with it or how to find app developer partner.

Let's face the fact that there is no guarantee your partnership with a certain app partner will continue to yield profits. However, let me tell you, you aren't alone, there are hundreds of people dealing with the similar issues and today, I am here to guide you in finding an app partner for real Mobile App Development Partnership to sustain longer than expected in the market place and generate good revenue out of it. Let's get started:

A Prospering App Development Partnership Depends on 3 Key Factors:

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1. Similar Visions, Concepts & Strategy Making

Finding a reliable partner is definitely not the easiest thing to do when you have an app development idea, which feels like a multimillion concept.

And hence, there are certain conditions, which must be fulfilled by your app partner that include your visions for your product, targeted goals including the execution strategies, understanding of the app design concept on a deeper level, business operation, etc. There isn’t the need to mention that differences found in any of the above factors may result in loss.

2. Proper Distribution of Responsibilities

It doesn’t matter if you have a team working for you or you have people in Mobile App Development Partnership with you, it’s crucial that each member has their roles, duties or responsibilities figured out in order to keep a smooth work flow. Moreover, there is no point in hiring or partnering with people who possess similar skills.

And hence, while you are trying hard to locate the right Mobile app development partner for your company, ensure keeping in mind the below-mentioned points:

Partnering with people who have a similar skill set that you already possess won't be the best thing to go for as it won't be of much help to you. For example, if don't see yourself as a tech person or lack operational versatility, it would be complementing for you to have a tech partner who is good at solving tech-related issues for you and provide value with her/his skill set.

If you aren't good at coding or product marketing or management or sales, etc. partnering with people who have the capacity to bridge the gap for you could be the best suggestion here. And hence, ensure taking a serious approach by putting enough effort and time in order to think & choose the correct person keeping in mind the bigger picture.

Mobile App Development Partnership

3. Allocation of your Business Shares Rationally

Since there are no future predictions when it comes to a business partnership, a fair allocation of your business shares among the people in Mobile App Development Partnership is crucial.

And hence, a signed contract, which has the shares’ percentage included, should be kept as a secure option that is going to not only benefit you but your app partner as well in the long run.

5 Platforms to Find an App Development Partner

1. FounderDating

Pricing:Free of cost

With the motto "ACHIEVE. BUILD. CREATE. GROW. COLLABORATE.” FounderDating allows you to find app developer partner for your company. It includes networking with entrepreneurs, partnering with a reliable co-founder, and searching for or being an adviser for the growth of your business.

2. CoFoundersLab

Pricing:freemium (with access to limited features), the full pack starts at $15 for one month

CoFoundersLab is a huge startup platform across the web, which allows you access to more than 400,000 potential cofounders, advisors or team members in order to grow your business and make a name in your market place. This platform further helps you in finding Mobile App Development Partnership, validating your vision or ideas, providing templates for your business and building relationships with the use of their entrepreneurial community.

3. VentureStorm

Pricing:Free sign up and listing when it comes to a developer, freemium when it comes to an individual entrepreneur (includes limited functions), up from $30 a month for startups.

VentureStorm is among the best platforms, which aims at helping people to find an App Development Partner or other depending upon what they require. For example, you might be a tech-intelligent startup, which is looking for a software developer; VentureStorm will help you do that with the use of its filters such as skill-filter, reviews, geographical filter, a detailed profile or more.

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4. Waxidea

Pricing:100% free

With a tagline that says, "We shape your project like wax, through two effective sales paths to lead your business to success," Waxidea has an aim to help teams for modeling their visions or ideas just like wax. Apart from that, what makes it the best among other websites or platforms is the thing about any type of business or App Development Partnership or startup ranging from high-tech to manufacturing, and from local retail shops to businesses across the web, are able to utilize this platform for growth in their respective market places.

5. Startup Weekend

Pricing:Startup Weekend is 100% free of cost, however, you will require paying while you are trying to sign up for any events on the platform.

At Startup Weekend, which is a well-known platform among the others for finding a business partner or so, you are able to connect or network with people like investors, mentors, sponsors, or people who are driven to create something that is not known yet, moreover, you can learn via workshops, discover events relevant to startups, pitch your vision or idea, and start faster.

Final Words

Looking for the right app partner isn't an easy task, especially when a huge amount of investment goes into a project; however, if you are able to find people with a similarity in your vision for business or idea, you are at a good start. So make sure to follow the above-mentioned factors for a better Mobile app development partner match.

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