App Development Company Vs. Freelancer

The world of business has grown to become a competitive one. To run a business and make it a successful one, everyone needs to have better ideas than their competitors. An on-demand Mobile App Development for business is one of the cutting edge solutions to overcome the competitors. One key element of every business these days is digital marketing and an online presence. This online presence can be in the form of a website or a mobile app.

With the crazy development of the smartphone industry, having a mobile application for your business is becoming a necessity. If you are new to a business and need an app, you might be confused to choose from a development company or a freelancer to develop your app. Well, before you hire a Mobile app development agency or Freelance Developers, ensure knowing who will be beneficial for your project.

In this article, we will look at the difference between App Development Company vs Freelancer Developers. Since they are crucial for Mobile App Development, at first, we will see who is better. We shall be discussing 9 Crucial Factors to keep into account while choosing an App Development Firm or Freelancer Developers. Moreover, all of these factors will further help you in making your decision. So, let’s get into it without any wait:

1. Agencies Recruit Pre-screened Staffs

This is the biggest advantage if you go for a mobile app development company, and that is why it's on top. Companies have their standards set and they hire staff after so much refinement. Employees in companies have to go through a long process of screening to get the job. Companies offer jobs only to those candidates who meet their eligibility criteria.

Apart from that, these eligibility criteria deal with the elements like education and communication skills of the candidate. In the case, if you go to hire on-demand app developers, the chances are rare that he has been through any screening process.

And this is a clear difference here when we get confused about whom to appoint an App Development Firm or Freelancer Developers. Freelancer website picks up freelancers from all over the country. Getting your work done from a freelancer might result in a real hustle. Moreover, there is another thing that must be kept in mind that not all freelancers are equally qualified to build a great app.

2. Best-in-Class Services

Diffrence beetween App Development Company Vs. Freelancer Develoeprs

App development agencies have the upper hand in terms of having screened candidates as their employees are interviewed by experts. This directly affects the agencies positively. Moreover, the quality of work offered by all development companies is far better than what freelancers offer. Along with better employees, the overall experience is also more in the case of all Mobile Application Development Agencies.

Talking about the freelancer mobile app developers, they might be good in terms of educational qualification. However, they don't usually have experience of working with big brands as the Mobile Application Development Agency has got. Also, freelance mobile app developers take multiple projects at a time that directly affects the quality of the output.

This is because they don’t usually have a team working on the client project. They are 1-3 people at max working from their respective places. When it comes to a Mobile Application Development company, it can make teams work on separate projects. They can handle deadlines better along with the desired quality.

3. Efficiency - App Development Company vs Freelancer

When you hire a mobile app development agency for your project, the agency handles it in a professional way. Mobile application development agencies study the project thoroughly beforehand. After that, they appoint their employees according to your mobile app project’s work. Furthermore, Mobile Application Development companies take care of each and every factor related to app development projects. Also, they know the potential of every employee that is working on the particular app development project.

On the other hand, mobile app development freelancers usually take whatever project they get in hand. Although if you know that the freelancer you hired is reliable, you can get good output. Many freelancers complete their projects by putting in great effort. And hence, it becomes challenging sometimes to choose among an app development firm or Freelancer Developers.

4. Location of an App Development Firm or Freelancer Developers

Location is an extremely important aspect when looking forward to choosing an app development firm or Freelancer Developers. Now, if you are working with a freelance mobile app developer that is in a different geographical location it might be difficult for you to monitor the work. You have to rely on whatever information you are provided by the concerned individual.

Well, this is a clear fact, which also applies to an agency that you hire for mobile app development. If the agency is located far, you may end up getting what you are given unless you invest your time and money into some meetings with the team. However, in the case of some good app development companies, they have a fixed point of contact.

Moreover, it is mostly responsible for all the communication work. That point is kept updated with the progress of every task, so that you can have the right information. And hence, this makes the monitoring work easier for you while your app is getting developed. Does it now sound logical? It does, right?

5. Consistency in quality or services

When it comes to the final product, app development companies do their work seriously. If you pay a company for developing your app, the product you receive will be a precise match for your needs. Mobile app development companies tend to put their best employees depending on the type of project. However, with freelancers, you get the advantage of adjusting the final result according to your needs. You can point out the specific details you want to change in the result. But this becomes problematic considering the time it will take.

6. Pricing of an App Development Firm or a Freelancer

This is the point that affects the decision of choosing a Freelancer or a Mobile Application Development Agency difficult. In the case of mobile application development companies or agencies, they have a fixed and stable pricing model. These companies further put a cost to their service depending on the time the project will take and the team required.

Overall, what you end up paying is a hefty amount for getting your app built as per your needs. When it comes to hiring freelance app developers, there is no fixed slab for the pricing. There are numerous factors that alter the cost of hiring a freelancer to make your mobile application. But comparatively, a freelancer is cheaper, due to the competition they face. And hence, you can go for a freelancer developer for your app project if money is what matters to you.

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7. Flexibility factor

Diffrence beetween App Development Company Vs. Freelancer Develoeprs

The factor of flexibility is also considered when you’re looking to make your app and choosing from an App Development Firm or Freelancer Developers. If you are working with a mobile app development company, you have to forget about flexibility. Due to their consistency in the final products, companies don't work this way. So, you can't expect a professional company to deliver the project according to your needs.

In this case, if flexibility is considered, freelancers are way more flexible than the majority of the development agencies. Freelancer developers are ready to get the application development work done according to you. Moreover, it might cost you a little more, but you can have your final product earlier than you demanded.

8. Availability

If you hire a freelancer for your app development work, there are chances that he might not deliver it on time. With the tendency of taking all that comes, most freelancers usually have issues with availability.

When it comes to availability, app development companies are mostly available. The better availability of companies is due to the management they have. Companies handle their projects in the most efficient ways possible.

9. Risk involved

Risk is another considerable factor only when you work with a freelancer developer who has little experience in the app-building. The risk is even greater when you work with a freelancer for the first time. Moreover, there are chances that the person you hired might not submit the work on time or make a mistake. You can't say anything about a freelancer unless and until you have had past experience with him.

On the other hand, when it comes to development firms or companies, they offer a totally risk-free experience. With a well-managed team and overall staff, the factor of risk is negligible.

Final Verdict - App Development Company vs Freelancer

Diffrence beetween App Development Company Vs. Freelancer Develoeprs

Considering the factors (differentiating points between the app development with both companies and freelancers), they are enough to help you make up your mind. So, whom you choose between both depends totally on your project requirements. If you want reliability, timely completion of your project, you should go with a trustable app development company.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a flexible and are concerned more about money, you should hire mobile app developers.

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