difference between angular js and node js

It’s not necessary that all of you might be aware of the basics of Angular Js and Node Js. So let’s discuss the basic questions regarding both the languages and then we will move to the ultimate NodeJs vs AngularJs comparison.

What is Node Js?

It is a cross platform runtime library and environment to run Javascript applications outside the browser. NodeJs is a free and open source tool used to create server side Javascript applications.

The node js applications are written in javascript. These applications can run within the Node.Js runtime on Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Furthermore, the node,js framework provides a rich library of various Javascript modules to simplify the entire web development process.

What is AngularJs?

AngularJs is a structural web application framework to develop dynamic applications. It enables developers to use HTML as a template language and allows HTML’s syntax to present the components of application briefly and clearly.

AngularJs is a JavaScript framework with complete set of features with the aim of simplification. It provides complete support to develop dynamic single page application and model view control programming structure.

comparison between angularjs vs node js

Features of NodeJs

It is Asynchronous & Event Driven

All the APIs of node js library are non blocking. It means that the Node js based server does not wait for an API to return the data. Server moves on to the next API and a notification mechanism of events of node.js helped the server to get a response from previous API call.

Amazingly Fast

As it is being developed on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, Node.js is amazingly efficient and quick in execution of code.

Single Threaded but Highly Scalable

It makes use of single threaded model with event looping. Event mechanism in nodejs helps the server to respond in an asynchronous manner and makes the server highly scalable as compared to traditional servers like Apache that can create limited threads to handle requests.

No Buffering

The node js applications don’t buffer any data but simply output the data in chunks.

Open Source

Node.js has an open source community that contributes in creating exceptional modules to improve the overall node.js development process.

Unit Testing

Node.Js supports out of the box unit testing and you can use any unit testing framework to test your node.js code.

Due to all these features some of the big names in the industry such as eBay, Paypal, Godaddy, Yahoo etc rely on Node for all their server side programming requirements.

comparison between angularjs vs node js

Features of AngularJs

The MVC Framework

Angular development provides the developers with “Model View Control” architecture which is perfect for dynamic modelling. Any application is built by combining modules and these modules work using different logics that are initialized as per individual needs.

Developers have to build the components separately and then combine them with code. MVC with AngularJs makes it easy for the developers to develop client side applications.


The AngularJs architecture is gifted with the Model-View-Whatever architecture and is capable enough to support other patterns like Model-View-Controller or Model-View-View Mode. The view modifies and manipulates DOM to update data and behaviour. But in the case of AngularJs development, DOM manipulation is the task of directives and not the view.

HTML User Interface

Another great feature of AngularJs is that it uses HTML language to build UI. HTML is a common and declarative language with short tags which are simple to understand. It leads to a more organised and simple UI. If you want a solution that is simple, quick and easy to use the AngularJs is for you!

Access to POJO Model

Angularjs makes use of “plain old JavaScript objects” model which is self sufficient and highly functional. Earlier data models had to keep monitoring the data flow in an application, however, the POJO model provides well planned objects and logics.

Angular developers only have to create loops with right properties and try new things to get the best results. It means that the developers can get a clear code needed to develop user friendly and highly interactive web apps.

Behaviour with Directives

Angular extends HTML functionality using directives. Additional elements in the system can be accessed without any need for DOM to simulate additional elements. Moreover, controller doesn’t have to manipulate the DOM directly as it should be done through directives.

Directives provide developers with the element rich HTML they require to make a strong online presence.

Unit Testing

Before Angularjs was done by creating an individual test page and use that page to test the behaviour of each component. It was a tiresome and time consuming process. AngularJs bought a relief to this tiring testing process. The language simply makes use of dependency injection to bind the application together. This feature helps everything to function normally while managing control with simplicity.

Difference between Angular Js and Node Js in Terms of Uses

Uses of Node.Js

I/O bound applications

Serves the web

Data Intensive Real Time Applications

Single Page Applications

Performs communication operation with databases, web sockets, middleware etc.

Uses of AngularJs

Framework written in Javascript language

Manages state of models

Integration with other UI tools

Manipulates DOM

Custom HTML codes can be written

Useful for Javascript developers to create dynamic web pages in less time

Which is better between Angular js vs Node js?

Both the platforms are targeted at developing web applications using JavaScript. However, both are different in terms of architecture and working. Node.js is mainly used for developing server side applications whereas AngularJs is for single page client side web applications. In terms of application size, Node js is an ideal choice for small size projects and Angular js is an amazing choice for large sized projects.

Both the languages are high performing and popular worldwide. So, it is ultimately on your project needs to select a language.

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