Android App Development for Business App

Android Platform - How it boosts your business?

The aim of every organization, be it a start up or a well established business, is to reach a larger audience which is possible only through an attractive mobile application that runs seamlessly on multiple mobile platforms.

Anyone you have a discussion with regarding this will tell you to opt for Android app development. They are not entirely wrong, but if you want to take an informed decision, it is inevitable to know all the reasons to pick Android over iOS app development. Here are a few incontestable reasons to choose Android for your upcoming mobile app development project:

Market Share

In the year 2017, out of the world’s total smart-phones, 86.1% of the devices ran on Android platform.

The number includes operating system for tablet and wearable as well. Two major factors that can be attributed to this are:

  • Android has a greater number of device alternatives available in the market as compared to Apple. More variety in terms of features, usability and budget is available to the end user which has brought about a greater demand for Android in the market.
  • The low Cost per Installation in Android is the sign of greater number of apps in the play store.

High ROI and Low Investment

Android platform offers an easy approach to settle in the market as its tried and tested Software Development Kit is offered for free to the developers. This reduces the app development and licensing costs to a major extent.

The development costs can be classified in three main categories:

  • Application Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment

A single time registration fees needs to be paid by the developers for product distribution. Any computer device can be used by the developers to build the mobile application and test it on their smart-phone. Demonstration of the app at any instant without fuss is possible. Android platform enables easy updation of developed applications.

Being User Friendly is one of the top most requirements for any mobile app to be popular. We will tell you how Android fits in here!

Easy Installation

An Android app can be downloaded from any website and not just Google Play Store. The apps can be hosted on third party website as well apart from the Google Play Store. Android’s software development kit supports this and the ability to install the app directly on device, or from the command line. All these factors make the app available to a larger number of users and a major reason to spend on an Android app development platform.

Open Source

Android platform for mobile app development is open source which means it is royalty free and isn’t restricted to only the Android market. Being open source gives developers the freedom to be innovative and creative. The SDK architecture is a major advantage as it allows you to communicate with the community on further expansions in mobile app development

Android App Development for Business App

The code being free makes the market for Android devices the largest in the world, exceeding iOS, Blackberry and Windows put together.


The primary reason Android rules the mobile app market is its ability to function perfectly well on more devices than its competitors. Android app supporting devices outnumber the iOS app supporting devices. The reason being that an Android device is used by more number of people due to its increased rate of affordability. Therefore, opting for Android app development will prove to be a wiser and more profitable option.

Social Media Optimization

Social media has become an integral part of any online business and Android is known to be best suited for developing social media apps. An Enterprise mobile application must incorporate social media capabilities because it is one of the most influential forms of marketing in the recent times. Android apps are able to better integrate with a wider range of social media websites, which helps the business spread word in a more convenient manner. Linking your app to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram guarantees greater user engagement.

Let’s provide you with some technical details to understand advantages of Android app development better!

Brilliant Graphic Support

The android platform offers a varied range of options for graphic designing needs. The features offered here are way more superior as compared to any other mobile app development platform.

Precisely this is why, when it comes to Game applications development, Android is believed to to be the most amazing platform for facing intuitive and attractive graphic design.

This app development platform renders high built-in support for developing the best 2D and 3D graphics that helps bring more traffic on your website.

Customizable UI

It is a well known fact that UI can make or break an app. Android provides customizable applications and graphics which allow Android developers to portray their creativity and build more interactive and attractive apps.

Moreover, the platform comes with a broad array of easy customization options which allow updation of multimedia tools and data management functions to the mobile application. This factor has a huge contribution in the success of android mobile apps.

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Network Distribution

When you develop on Android platform, you don’t have to rely on a single marketplace to launch your application. There are numerous marketplaces from where your target audience can know about the application. What’s more? It is possible for you to create your own sales and distribution channel for the market. To conclude, the app developers have many options to reach their desired customer segment and increase their market presence by making use of any promotional strategy.

Release and Approval

The Google play store takes lesser time in releasing an app. On average, the time is within hours. On the contrary, Apple takes somewhere between days to weeks to publish an app in the App store.

The situation is similar when it comes to submitting an update in the application. Play store takes less time in accepting the update and making the app live with new or changed features, whereas it takes a lot of time in Apple to update an existing application.

So, when it comes to total time utilization, Android is a clear winner.


Reasons to choose Android platform are manifold and each of them hold some serious merit. The decision to choose a platform can be best made after collaboration amongst various departments, individuals and interests.

Most often Android is the right decision for startups and emerging businesses but it is also fully capable of supporting large scale enterprises on a global level.

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