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Who does not know about the Android operating system? It is one of the most preferred mobile app development platforms that has carved a niche for itself with its versatility and scalability. As per the Statista, there are almost 3 million Android apps for download. There are more Android mobile devices than any other mobile operating systems.

As per the standard demand and supply rule, there is a huge demand for Android developers across the globe. You can hire android developers who have sheer expertise and adequate experience in android app development domain.

However, Android app development is smooth sailing for Android developers due to some of the phenomenal android apps and a set of integrated development environments (IDEs) available for them. When we talk about the android app development tools kit, there is a number of tools that make it to the list.

In this blog, we will discuss some of these Android tools that have made the lives of android developers easy and comfortable. With these tools at hand, android developers can make highly-functional, superior and impeccable android apps in less time and with a few efforts.

Here is a list of android tools that are used by Android developers for Android app development.

Android studio

It is one of the most used android development tools that are loved by Android developers. In fact, it is the official integrated development environment for almost all android apps.

There is so much android studio, one of the best Android developer tools, offers to the developers including code editing, testing tools, debugging and with the superior interface. You can download the studio for free and it is supported by Google as well as a large community of Android app developers.

It was created by Google in 2013 as an official replacement of Eclipse Android Development Tools.

You need it to develop robust and superior android apps.

Android Debug Bridge

You need a powerful medium of communication between Android devices and other computers and the Android Debug Bridge functions as a command line tool or we can say popularly, Bridge between them. You will be using the Android Debug Bridge throughout the development process and QA process.

You just need to connect an Android device to the PC and enter a series of commands to ensure that you can make desired modifications to both devices.

AVD Manager

AVD stands for Android Virtual Device which is one of the most useful tools for Android developers. During the development process, it is very crucial for Android developers that the android apps run on computers and the AVD Manager makes it possible. It works as an emulator to test different features and functionalities of the Android devices including responsiveness and performance of the apps on different versions, screen sizes and resolutions.

Game Maker Studio

If you are an Android Game developer, you will surely need a tool called Gamemaker studio. It is one of the best tools for Android developers who want to develop games. With very little code, you will be able to develop 2D games. The main feature of the Gamemaker studio is its drag and drop interface that makes the tool very user-friendly and supportive.


Testing is one of the most important aspects of Android app development and Genymotion helps developers to test, analyze and review the app on over 3000 device scenarios. Furthermore, it also comes with in-built standard android images and graphics that are used for the testing process. It is a cross-platform Android development tool that supports different other programming languages too.

Android developer tools

IntelliJ Idea

If you are looking for a set of development tools in one tool, IntelliJ Idea is one for you that takes your productivity to the next level. It is extremely fast and efficient to use and was developed by JetBrains.


Bug reporting is also an important aspect of app development and you can do it by using Instabug. If you are a quality analyzer, Instabug allows you to share screen shots and error logs to the developers during the QA and debugging process.

First, you can use a free, trial version of the tool and then you can buy a custom paid version of it for the number of developers, apps and tenure of the project.

Unity 3D

If you are an android game developer, whether a beginner or an expert one, you cannot survive without Unity 3D. It is an expert game engine and IDE that is easy to learn and has a wide range of features and tools for game development. Though you can create a game on Android Studio, Unity 3D is more preferred by the game developers as it is a fast, and user-friendly tool for game development. Also, if you are planning to develop games in a virtual reality framework, it is possible with Unity 3D.


Twitter is based on Fabric and it is one of the android development tools that has a suite of kits to be used for different applications. Developers can choose from a wide range of kits as per their convenience and requirements. The fabric has kits for beta testing, debugging, marketing and advertising tools.

In 2017, Google purchased Fabric from Twitter and since then, it was used to develop mobile apps for giant companies such as Spotify, Uber, Groupon and Yelp.


If you come to know about any memory leaks at the later stage of the app development, it might jeopardize your app functionality and other crucial features too. You need to have a mechanism that instantly alerts you when there is a serious memory leak in the application. LeakCanary is an open source Java library that makes it possible. It also has a built-in stake trace that will identify the memory leak and help the developers to fix the issue immediately. It is available on GitHub.

Visual Studio with Xamarin

It is one of the best free tools for Android developers that supports several programming languages. It is Microsoft's own integrated development environment that is free for Android developers to use and when it is combined with Xamarin, you can create new, native Windows, Android and iOS mobile applications.

If you want to create cross-platform mobile apps and games, it is your go-getter tool that will make things easy for you.


There are many other best Android tools that developers across the globe use to make quick, effective, bug-free android apps with superior user interface and unparalleled user experience. Which app tools to use solely depend on the working methodologies of the Android app developers and their personal choices and preferences.

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