Kidsy was developed keeping in mind the fun learning aspect as well as the safety of children. Although the game is based on augmented reality, it is completely safe for kids as they don’t have to walk around searching for numbers or alphabets.

Project idea

Kidsy is an ingenious AR alphabet learning app which manages to keep children engaged and curious to learn more of numbers and letters.

Target audience

As the app contains only basic alphabets and numbers, it is for the kids between the ages of 6 to 8 years who are just starting to learn the same in school too.

Project Challenges

  • Transition Animations for screen redirection
  • Random numbers and alphabets plotting
  • AR node animation


The client was delivered an easy to use and attractive iOS mobile app for kids to learn and identify different alphabets and numbers.


The client provided us insights on:
  • Aim of the application
  • Value proposition for users
  • Revenue model
Analysis of the project idea resulted in:
  • Brainstorming sessions with the iOS team
  • A month of research and planning
  • Requirement gathering for the project
After internal discussions, the outcome was:
  • A precise requirement document
  • UI/UX design
  • Project estimation

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Wireframe & Design

Once the requirement document was prepared, our expert designers had brainstorming sessions to make this alphabet learning app for kids engaging and interactive

Main Features of the Project

After the design stage was over, our proficient developers began their work on the number and alphabet learning app development.


Attractive UI & Animation

UI design is one of the key factors in making any app successful. To make this app interesting for kids, the designing team not only carried out extensive research but also implemented Animation to keep the kids attracted to it in the long run.


Learn Alphabets & Numbers with Different Difficulty Levels

Different difficulty levels act as a motivation for the kids to play better every time. Such motivation will increase their knowledge too. Therefore, we implemented different difficulty levels to fulfill the primary aim of this application.



A scorecard is definitely a motivation for the kids as well as informative for the parents as they can know the progress of their children.

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Technology stack

Here are some technologies that helped us develop an interesting augmented reality learning app!

Delbert V. Collins

Owner, Kidsy

“Since the very beginning, the team at Kody Technolab was attentive and responsive to our requirements. They left no stone unturned in providing us with an application that not only met our requirements but was also flawless.”

Jatin Patel

Project manager

“As the game is based on Augmented reality, the primary challenge was to randomly plot numbers and alphabets. Secondly, creating a game that was not dangerous in any manner to the kids.“