Business Needs a Custom Software

Entrepreneurs have come to the realization that software is the backbone of any business in the modern era.

Over 75% of the businesses are constantly incorporating software in their daily business activities.

With a lot of ready made software being available in the market, implementing a custom software might seem to be unnecessary at first instance. But there can be unique requirements of your business in which if a custom software is implemented, the overall performance and efficiency can be improved.

So, how will you know if its the time to implement a custom solution? Here are a few signs to look out for

Low Adoption Rate of Existing Systems

When your employees start to find excuses to avoid using the current software, it’s a sign that you need a better one.

Employees should be able to rely on the software to carry out their job, that’s unlikely to happen if it is inefficient or difficult to use. Ready made software do provide a familiar user environment but things get complicated if the specific business needs are not fulfilled.

Custom software is precisely what it sounds like. It is tailored to meet the requirements of your organization and employees.

It’s build right from the scratch to meet the specific set of requirements ensuring complete adoption of the system. When the employees of your organization get a say in the development of tools they need to do their job, a higher adoption rate can be expected.

Lack of Visibility into Key Business Data

Data is one of the most valuable assets of your organization and that’s why you need to be able to utilize its full potential. If you are unable to make sense of the huge data you are generating, you will miss out on many opportunities. Your business practices can be optimized by evaluating the valuable business data gathered from various business departments and help you attain a competitive edge.

The main challenge in case of appropriate utilization of the data lies in the fact that it is generated from numerous sources.

Google analytics is definitely useful to track the performance of your website, but you also need to keep a track on other things such as social media feedback, customer sentiments etc. All of this can be tracked with the help of a custom software.

Business Needs a Custom Software

Low Customer Satisfaction Rates

It’s an impossible task to satisfy all your customers completely. However, customer satisfaction pattern shouldn’t be on a low at all times. It can become a limitation in your efforts of staying on top of the competition. While you are taking action to increase customer satisfaction, you may also want to consider how a customized software can make your business processes more efficient and improve customer experience.

A custom solution might help you speed up service time, improvise communication or eliminate human errors. Whatever your needs are, they are generally catered to by a custom application.

Technology is Leaving your Business Behind

Business requirements constantly evolve. You started your business with a software that was doing a good job but now you feel that the other companies in your industry are offering more than you are able to.

At present, your business could benefit from the functionalities that your old software fails to offer or your software can’t cope up with the increased amount of data.

It’s a definite sign that you need to invest in a business custom application that will help you retain your customers as well as increase the customer base.

Your Software Presents as many Problems as Solutions

You bought a software couple of years ago, yes, it takes care of most of your daily tasks but it is also slow, freezes up and has permanently lost some of your important data.

Maybe it’s difficult to use so your staff completely abandoned it. This is a sign for change. Either you invest in new software development tools that offer only solutions or hire a professional to develop a custom solution that is tailored to perfectly fit in your business.

As a customer you are part of the development process right from the beginning and with business custom application, you can create a product to perfectly align with your vision.

Business Needs a Custom Software

Multiple Programs for a Single Process

If there are multiple programs to complete a single process then your business has a redundancy problem that can be solved with the implementation of a custom software - especially when these programs cannot be synchronized with each other.

Although combining a few programs to complete a process appears as a cost efficient option than buying a new software, in many cases its not true.

If your employees spend more time shifting from one program to another for the information they need or if they have to input the same information in multiple places - the time spent in the process is not worth it.

When a single process involves multiple programs, the chances of errors increase. It could be a data entry problem or hours spent trying to fix a problem if something goes amiss. This problem could worsen if it impacts your relationship with the clients.

You need a Competitive Advantage

If there’s a hurdle in your industry that can’t be overcome with a ready made software, then its advantageous to go for custom app development irrespective of whether its a customer-related problem or an internal process one.

In the end, what matters most is the kind of customer service you provide. If it’s easier for customers to do business with you or if certain processes are improved for the clients, you have already achieved an edge over your competitors.

Irrespective of whether its a custom app that makes a part of the process more accessible or an entire software that changes the way you do business, there is something about being called an innovator in your industry.

People notice and you can develop a loyal customer base

Furthermore, if the internal processes are fixed it’s easier for your sales and business development team to render better services to the clients. A satisfied staff results in better employee retention and customer service.

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