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Apple Shooter Review.

When I first came across apple shooter my first thought was “sweet” what a fun way to spend a few minutes. The game isn’t overly addicting, but is great for if your just wanting to kill some time, kill a man, or kill a vegetable. The scene in apple shooter takes place in a late night medieval looking kinda field. You the archer, and the NPC the inevitable sufferer of “arrow in the face” syndrome. Starting apple shooter you maybe a little surprised at how easy it is to split the apple, but keep playing, as you move further and further away from the target the apple becomes smaller, and smaller and smaller. You get the point. Eventually you’ll find yourself having to focus more and more, making sure your precision is just a little better than the previous shot, then release and the moment of truth awaits! Apple Shooter, made by Wolf Games, takes the classic tale of a man shooting an apple from another man’s head and makes it into a simple and fun flash game. You are the bowman and you choose the power and angle at which you would like to shoot the arrow. There is no penalty for missing except for an arrow stuck into the wall, reminding you of your miss.

apple shooter master

A level is complete when you shoot the apple. If you hit the guy with the arrow, you lose the game and have to start back from level one. The game lets on the impression that there is an unlimited number of levels. However, level 16 is impossible to complete. Even if you put the angle as close to 45 as possible, which should give you the greatest distance, and put the power on maximum, the arrow will not make it far enough.

Online Game Apple Shooter.

The game is both humorous and morbid in the death of the guy. When you shoot the guy with the arrow, there is a graphical display of the guy bleeding. There are over 4 different ways the guy can die, all depending on where the arrow was shot.

Another bug in the game is when you put the mouse behind the bowman. The trajectory will show the arrow going forward but when you let go you in fact see the arrow going in the opposite direction.

I would rate this game a 6/10. The game is addictive and you may just spend an hour shooting the actual guy. Passing the levels is fun and losing is upsetting as you have to start from the beginning. Out of frustration, you may just end up closing the game and opening it back up in a few hours to give it another go. Getting to level 16 takes about 5 minutes of perfect shooting. You get the biggest upset when you realize that level 16 is the last level and there is no real end.

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There are also a few side touches id like to point out about the apple shooter. Sometimes when lining up a long distance shot a little flatulence audio slips in which amused me. For a flash game you get a decent feel for the distance as you move further and further away. Another entertaining factor about apple shooter can be found just by simply ignoring the apple and using the man as your pin cushion, the physics are mediocre enough to have a little fun, there are also some default actions if you shoot him in the right places!

All in all, apple shooter is definitely worth giving a try, who doesn’t want to shoot an apple off a mans head? If those people exist I don’t want to know them.

Solitaire Game Rules

Solitaire Game RulesSolitaire Rules

The different piles

There are four various types of piles played in Solitaire. They’re:

•The Stock: The piles of facedown cards mainly in the left upper corner.

•The Waste: The face-up pile next to a Stock in the left upper corner.

•The Foundations: The main four piles normally in the right upper corner.

•The Tableau: The other seven piles which make up the game’s main table.

The setup

The Tableau piles normally are numbered from digits 1 to 7, first pile has 1 card, second pile has 2 cards as the trend goes on. The top card placed on each Tableau is turned face well up, the cards remaining below are also turned but face down. The cards which are left after this set up Tableau are carefully placed in that Stock, face down as per the game rules. The Waste and Foundations begin off empty.

The objective

To win Solitaire, one must get all cards onto the main Foundation piles. These are ordered by rank and suit, each Foundation has a single suit and one must put their cards onto them orderly Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack then Queen and finally King. To get here, one can use the below described moves.

Allowed moves

• Flip cards from available Stock onto the left Waste. You can flip 1 or 3 cards onto the Waste from the stock. The number may be configured easily in Options.

• Move a card cleverly from the Waste available onto the Foundations. In case the top card in the Waste can be played onto one of the available Foundations then you may drag it there.

• Move any card from the remaining Waste onto Tableau. You may move the top most card of your Waste onto any of the piles of Tableau.

• Move any card from the Foundation back quickly onto the Tableau. One can move the set top card of his Foundation back to Tableau. This isn’t allowed always in Solitaire versions.

• You can flip any face down card of Tableau. If you’ve moved any face up card initially from Tableau piles so now top cards face down, then you could click a face down card then it will be shown face up.

Time and Moves

The game counts all moves you make, as well as measures the time total it takes to end the game, so one can compete against their previous best games easily if they want. Currently there’s no scoring like seen in the Windows’ Solitaire feature.

Who said reaction time is for losers? Play cubefield

Video games, contraire to many mothers’ beliefs across the world, always have something to offer the player in terms of learning or developing a skill. Many gamers today will dismiss some games as quite boring and ugly due to their simplicity.

Nonetheless these retro games always have something to teach us. Mario world, the legend of zelda, Tetris and many more have proven that even across time even without a storyline simple games can be addictive. Any one of the aforementioned games may have consumed many of your hours.

Who said reaction time is for losers? Play cubefieldNow check out
Unblocked Cubefield may be brushed off by many onlooking gamers as an old retro game with nothing to offer. However, if I may, I would compare its addictiveness to the likes of highscore beating games like Temple Run or the infamous Flappy Bird. The game is a highscore beating one based upon how fast you can react to change.

What’s the catch?
The main character, you, is digitally reconstructed on your computer screen as a triangle and your one goal is to survive. Course through a mine field of the superior geometric race of cubes that are there to stop you.

The game tests your ability to react constantly by constantly changing the arrangement of the cubes. This will constantly drive you to make quick decisions at the moment a change takes place, either in the game or in real life.

How to play it?
The game is a lot simpler than you’d expect. You need two buttons on your keyboard and you’re set to go. Zig zag through the cubes using your right and left arrow keys on your keyboard and you’ll be on your way to compete against most of your friends in order to beat their highscore.

That is part of the great appeal of the game. You are pressed to be better than unblocked cubefield developers as well as anyone who dares to challenge your reflexes. The game is beautifully simple with decent graphics and colors for long playing sessions. It is great for those who need a break from fps games or mmorpg’s, games with a lot of neat graphics and storylines but also with a lot more complexity.

There is nothing better to go back to your primal instincts and fending for them. While some may view games like this as dumb and mindnumbing I would prefer to think of them as simple and mind freeing.

Raze 2 – The Most Played Computer Game

Raze 2 - The Most Played Computer GameRaze 2 is now among the most played computer games due to its addictiveness and easiness to learn. It is a game that is suitable for both the experts and beginners. With the various challenging levels involved, raze 2 will definitely keep you glued on your pc for a very long time period. If you are looking for a computer game that is very easy to play and will give you the challenges that you need, this is the game to go for. But what does this game entails?

The Raze 2 involves arming yourself with various kinds of weapons then attacking the opponents that are also equally armed and aiming at eliminating you. As a player, you are required to select a weapon with numbers 1-9 then use it to fight the enemies. Since different weapons will be more appropriate in various positions/levels, it is very important to select a weapon that is efficient enough to kill your opponents quickly. Here is where you can play the game, if you want to learn how to play the game, read below:


The best thing about Raze 2 is that you can either use the arrows keys or a given set of alphabets for movement. By pressing the arrow keys, you will be able to move your player to the same direction pointed by the arrow. As for the alphabets, W is used for upward movement, A for left movement, S for downwards movements and D for rightward movement. Space key is used to jump.


You use 1-9 number keys for selecting various weapons with each number representing a particular weapon. Then letter Q can be used interchangeably with letter E to switch weapon- a task that is also performed by pressing shift or enter. But if you want to aim and shoot, you use the mouse. Other keys involved are F/Ctrl for Use Ability and Esc or letter P to pause the game.

Impossible Quiz – Unlock your intelligence

Its an exciting quiz game to test your knowledge . It is especially made for creative minds. Some answers don’t even make sense but that is something which makes it different from other quiz games . The graphics are user friendly . its works like an anti-brain wash , anti-depression.


Certain instructions are as follows,

1.Try to answer all the questions correct to win. as simple as that!

2.The ‘skip’ option lets you skip a question when you find it too difficult.This option appears when you have answered a certain questions correctly.

3.there would be 3 lives to prevent you from loosing, one wrong question means one life down, with all lives down means ‘GAME OVER’.

4.Bomb questions come with a timer, the time limits can be from 10 seconds to even 1 second, so be alert!.
Certain controls;1.you have

5 skips for going to next level.2.use ‘s’ key to skip instantly.

The questions will appear to be strange but that is the exciting part of quiz game. Think out of the box to get your answers.As you play the game there is also music played alongside which makes it more fun, it has different tracks for different levels.Some questions require insane logic,some are just on guessing.while playing you would think to the deepest ,try all your logic but the answer may turn out to be wrong and at times just a guess is enough for next level.

quest 3

There are also 2 hidden power-ups throughout the quiz so keep eyes of an owl and grab anything useful to win.There is a new feature added to impossible quiz hacked 2, that is ‘fuse stoppers’ which are used to fuse the bombs and give you a bit more time to think.You require mad mouse skills, try to see things not the usual way you use to see.Discover your hidden capabilities.It is totally fine if you don’t get certain answers at least you got to know something unusual but exciting. all you need to do is THINK OUT OF THE BOX . Play often and become a genius different from others , go for it and don’t forget to have FUN.


A WAY TO EXIT ALIVE - HAPPY WHEELSHey guys! Are you ready for action in your wheels. Go and challenge yourself to see if you can reach the exit alive in HAPPY WHEELS FULL VERSION.
Shake and Make your vehicles go happy with Happy wheels. This is far beyond internet racing or vehicle games. You should be more than happy to play happy wheels. Your main goal is to reach the exit.
Happy wheels allows players to create custom levels of their own. It contains plethora of tools and objects for level building. You can upload your map to a public server where you are accessible.
The best part about Happy wheels is that game is best known for its Graphic-Violence.
Choose your vehicle which can be bike, two-wheeler or wheel chair and try to find a way to exit, alive! Make yourself crazy with amusement or torture. Mechanics of the game play vary because of character choice by you and level design. Characters can also eject from their vehicles. Goal in the game differs depending on the level.

Single player
It is a Platform Game.

Most levels follow the goal by reaching a finish line or to collect tokens
As I said goal can be different depending on the level.
Many levels feature alternate or nonexistent goals for you.

You can be shot, or crushed by different obstacles.

Loss of limb and animated blood loss

You have a choice to upload replays of their level attempts, which can be viewed.


1) Arrow keys or Arrow pad- to move or control vehicle
2) Space bar- jump or perform actions
3) Press Z to eject.
(you can also use shift and control key for other actions)

Z= Eject
Space= Primary actions
Shift & Ctrl= Secondary actions

Choose your inadequate prepared racer, and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory.
Go happy with HAPPY WHEELS @ http://happywheelsdemo.us/.

The Return Man 5: Gaming News and Reviews

The Return Man 5, otherwise known as Linebacker, is just an adjustment of the previous version that was dubbed Return Man 3. It boasts dozens of stunning updates and features that seamlessly fit it. In this game, one player is required to confront the entire team.
Nevertheless, in its initial stages, a player has the ball along with four other players who will provide the necessary backing. The other players protect the ball, helping you score in the process and earn a couple of points.

The Return Man 5 - Gaming News and ReviewsWhat is Unique about this Game?
In American football, one of the most crucial aspects of the game is having a good defense. Apparently, this game is designed to test one’s defensive capabilities in real football. The game offers each player a rare opportunity to showcase all their skills and strategies in football.

As a player, you’ll first need to dodge numerous blockers when running back. Once you get a clear pathway, you’ll need to run fast, but with a lot of control to avoid unnecessary risk. Also, it is imperative to pay extra attention to movements of your opponents, because this will allow you to figure out their weak points.

When you get a good opportunity, always try to attack your opponents. Tackle them until you have a clear pathway. However, if you realize that things aren’t working as you’d probably expect, try to run back.

The game encompasses three exceptional moves and techniques, which are absolutely useful as far as the Return Man 5 is concerned. Note that it isn’t easy to utilize the moves before unlocking them.

The game boasts around six controls in total. Utilize the L function when you wish to run right, whereas the J function is for running left. Additionally, the function K is for running back while the function I is used to run forward. To mute the sound, use the function M. The space bar is often used to drive the tackles.

In a nutshell, here’s a quick list of the controls of this game:
-I-Run Forward
-J-Run left
-L-Run right
-K-Run back
-Space Bar-Dive tackles

espn arcadeVerdict
The Return Man 5 is a stunning and contemporary American Football game. It’s designed for all game lovers of diverse ages, and it offers a realistic atmosphere coupled with excellent sound effects. While some players claim the game doesn’t provide top-notch graphics, this game doesn’t require any complex graphics and effects. It is a great game that comes with amazing design, and it’s much better than all the previous versions. Try it now—it’s undoubtedly a rewarding treat.